Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
12.04.10: Classic! Christmas Holiday Traffic Rage & Lane-Change Logic, Don't Feed the Hippies, Rating Idiot VS Stupid, Bob Hansen & Quadalcanal, Cat VS Gator, Plus the Happy Patrol & Animal House's Eat Me Special (a.k.a. the Deathmobile)

When you're this good, who needs a plan? From the scattered intro to the return of Grizzly Chris, this one's pure Garage Hour.  There's Grizzlies Gone Wild, Mr. Dustin's (Top Earner) report from Irwindale Speedway, Dirty Dave and Black Ryan, plus big new truck bumpers and where we're going to put them (in a Prius), plus the Happy Patrol, how to rate an idiot's stupidity, Juan Williams versus Howard Dean (we all lose), fraternity chef and Guadalcanal first-wave Bob Hansen, and that's just to get things rolling.

Once the Garage Hour's crack team of gearhead consultants get started on the retrograde traffic of the silly season, it's all ball bearings - Miata rage, bumper rage, lane-change rage, Ryan rage, grizzly rage, and then it's conserving ammunition, shotguns, the Deathmobile, Wikileaks, and the government taking over the web (we warned you - didn't we warn you?).

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