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12.05.09 (MP3): Classic! Rock & Roll VS Drunk Drivers? Rev. Heat VS Liberace, Rollins VS Fans, Deadbolt VS CO, Velvet Acid Christ VS Hunter S., Hemmingway & Hendrix & Staley & Snoop, Plus Sopwith Camels & Chasing Drunk Drivers to Their Garage

From Horton Heat to DUI attorneys, and ether martinis to dogfighting, from Admiral Ackbar to Hillary Clinton, and Hunter S. Thompson to Gonzo host Justin Fort, this Garage Hour will not disappoint.  This is a great old Garage Hour reload - all of the excellent topics, all of the digression, and you can really feel the on-air talent figuring out if they've got any.

Dip into this one for something special - a truly schitzo journel with rock and rollers, getting lost in the woods with cohost Grizzly Chris, "Fun with Drugs" (it's a song - no hateful emails, please), cylinder control in the Sopwith Camel, Michael Medved versus Charlie, My Other Brain (and sometime cohost), and the all-loving topic of [not] chasing drunk drivers on the 5 south right into their garages.  Seriously, the rich fool parked her 'Benz at 30mph and then wanted it to be OUR fault.  Screw you, lady.

We're going to try something new with this episode - you can grab the iTunes-friendly M4A from the same date as this MP3, but it's not marked "MP3".  The exact protocol for the go-here/go-there links isn't figured out yet, though, so bear with us.  The Garage Hour will make it work, and if we need to force it (or use the force), well, we're the guys to do it.

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