Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

From the fancy "nomnom" intro (because food-truck BLT) to the battle of one-upmanship that kills the session (because VW powa!), it's a great time for gearhead talk.  The Garage Hour goons assemble the consultancy for an hour about the Great American Beer Festival and diesel tuning ensued (Maximum Gearhead), but that's okay - you'd have done the same.

Joining the usual suspects (.45 Phil, Chef Jeff and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort) on-air were Instagram sensation "SDBeerTour" founder, Rob Strudel, as well as Garage Hour groupie sensations Jennifer and Blaire.  Why would we assemble this dreadnaught of talk-radio charm?  Because of new beers at Helix Brewing Co., the annual gathering of small glasses that is the Great American Beer Fest in Denver, wild and crazy beers versus asparagus beer (yup!), as well as Americans' irrational hatred of Miatas, the latest bush-fire rampage in San Diego, as well as a little taste of desert season and the how-big-is-your-engine melee that ruined everything.

Why not?  Because gearhead.

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