Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

It’s Christmastime, so why not grab the punching handle by the blondes and try the Home Depot China Challenge yourself?  …Because the gearheads in your life like what we like, we have ideas:  fine waxes (Zymol), special sips (Gilark Creekwater rye whiskey, Axe & Oak, and 291), good tools (used or new, it’s about the function), obscure watches (make the effort), tint and clear-bra from E.A.S., slot cars, Atari and N64, and the gift of babysitting (so folks can make some time).  Most importantly, shop local and seek something that’s better than expected.

While we’re at it:  How about a fistfight over chablis at the Broadmoor?  How about Subie politics and 4Runner douchebaggery on the Front Range?  Who isn’t two degrees from a Cutlass?  …And why do all the racoons have knives?

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