Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
12.13.14: In-Garage Hour! Live from the Garage w/ On-Air Brake Repair, Mel VS Max Brooks, Beer Tasting, Bingewatching Reviews, Queens VS Clutch VS Ministry VS AIC Concerts, Garage Etiquette, Truck Racks, Woodies & The First Ever On-Air Swear

The Garage Hour: ready or not, we're coming in!  The episode's experimental new Pure Podcast sound-test worked better than expected, so we made a show with it.

It's 100% garage-action in this first-ever Pure Podcast, which was recorded during a night of hangoutery and tool spinning in Hostus Maximus Justin Fort's private garage.  This ain't no poseur garage - between swapping rotors on the host's canyon carving STi to a discussion of the value of inch-pound 18-volt DeWalt impact guns, it's all gearhead, all the time.  Friends-of-show Chef Jeff from The Hills and Eastbound restaurants in San Diego, Jaime of Off-Road.com fame, and minivan-wielding Surfer Greg join Justin in the garage.

Have no fear, it's all Garage Hour, so there's enough "other" to plug the hole in the Titanic: sci-fi, Made in the USA, the art of podcasting, music called "Garage Hour", hunting dogs, parties with homemade moonshine, probable Sasquatch Runs for fun and buzz, ringing ears, minivan mods, rusty cars, Jewish humor, Tractor Supply Company, BFGoodrich's Nacho and his tire-grooving terrors, the pervy things Disney artists drew into their kids' movies, and, of course, hipster abuse.

It's a podcast, so we warned you (as we do it in the show) - there's one swear word.  Just one.  You can't miss it, but you might miss the outtakes - this show doesn't end until it ends.  Now get some.

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