Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
12.17.11: GH VS PBID! Small Business VS La Mesa Mayor, Old Trucks, Military History, Sean Connery, Skateboard Sawing, Jaegermeister VS Beer VS Dirndls, Crimey Businesses, Warm Beer & British Teeth,  Plus Tales of DUIs & Mayors

The Garage Hour goons dig into some neighborhood charm and explore a local manifestation of Big Government in Chicago By The Sea, otherwise known as the Jewel in the Hills, La Mesa, CA.

Joined by La Mesa businessfolk Craig "Elect My Muscles" Maxwell, Bill "British Make Things Too" Jaynes and Deena "I'm Here to Make These Guys Look Good" While, Hostus Maximus Justin Fort talks through the "no" side of the city's attempted business-improvement district (PBID), otherwise as the El Cajonification of La Mesa.  Needless to say, the locals ain't big fans, y'know, because they like to do things like earn a living and afford their rent.  There's also an exploration of how "improved" business districts attract crime but not income.

Promise: we've got the usual Garage Hour charm in this one.  There's British jokes, British cars, British - heh, Scottish - actors, drinking jokes (La Mesa's mayor tends to invite them), DUI seriousness (don't), tinpot dictators marked for death, tinpot mouthpieces marked for a role in the Kardashian White House, the unmanned US-Mexico border, and how many old trucks we can cram into one conversation.

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