Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
12.18.10: Classic! Top Gear VS Garage Hour, Rainy Traffic Fail, Installing Gauges, Century Clubbing, Absinthe VS Jagermeister, Little Brothers, Gun Bans VS Crime Rates, and Quantum Mechanics

Uberexcellent early Garage Hour: all of the madness, in a portable old-school one-hour size.

An aborted attempt at discussing how poorly Californians drive (in the rain) leads to a ricochet conversation on everything from how the Garage Hour goons could make an excellent Top Gear, to rock and roll, the Century Club and why you probably ought to avoid it, boost gauges and how to install them with a Sharpie, David Lozeau's Christmas party, geek versus nerd, Assange versus Zuckerberg, little brothers burying their Dodges up to the axles in mud, gun stores like Fine Firearms of La Mesa, CA, and crime rates in cities like Chicago versus towns that let honest civilians defend themselves.  It all ends with tales of Grizzly Chris's liver (it is evil and must be punished) and a chat about quantum mechanics, physics, Tiger Tiger and wildebeastses.

Dirty Dave, DSM (cum Mr.) Dustin and Black Ryan join host Justin Fort in-studio to remind you: create less chaos for Christmas and buy less crap!

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