Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Live from Helix Brewing Co in lovely industrial La Mesa, the Garage Hour goons have assembled to take a whack at Christmas gift shopping, in particular, buying gearhead bits (gifts included) via Craig's List.

FNG cohost Gringo Rich joins .45 Phil and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort to reveal his yearlong investigation/harassment of Craig's scammers, and between sips of fine Helix ales, the three chat up some of the essentials rules for shopping on the cash-and-carry geek goldmine that is the internet.

It's not all ball bearings nowadays, however: there's more desert racing, ORW at TDS 2018, the Helix water system (just say "flume"), dude versus chick Christmas gifts (Black Purses Matter) and the incomprehensible Purse Logic Black Hole, Silent Dennis and Not So Silent Craig, plus #ScrewIt.

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