Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Caffiene and Christmas go together (because you can’t handle one without the other), and the Gearhead Consultancy is up to its gills in it to get through this episode.  P.K. outrovert Caleb of EAS and Radar Mark, Porsche man and sticker fan, joined Hostus Maximus Justin “Type A” Fort for this pre-holiday freeforall, and it’s got everything.  Buying a beater but not falling into the “too nice” trap, wailing on expensive cars and because why not, battleships and their powder, rifles and their tuning, horny bucks and their antlers, left-eye dominance and its downsides, flagging noboby and who cares, Bring- A-Trailer and its stalkers, and psychic iTunes and its creepiness.

What, more?  Border Patrol Raptors, used FJs, Beetles and Vanagons and pickups (oh my), abusing Porsches for fun and employment, new Broncos (not so much), and a black P1800.

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