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12.23.15 (MP3): Garagey Kind'a Christmas! Fools in the Rain (SoCal Drivers VS the Liquid Lobotomy), Duct Tape Halfshafts, Powerstroke Fords, New Star Wars Heckling, Life of a Farm Truck, + Hawkeyes VS Gophers & Homemade Grill Repairs w/ Rebar

When you get gearheads together for good talk radio, you know what to expect: a whole lot of random awesomesauce like blown bushings, auto repair with timber, Murphy's Law, snowboard versus ski, filthy 4Runners, long-range shooting, rebar barbecues (a rebarbecue), Big Government VS your hobbies, Jabba the Hut and whatever the Hell a camper rifle is - and that's before the caffeine sets in.

So many tales of Garage Hours past…  Get a newb cohost and the old gems come percolating back to the surface - Majid from GSR joins Houstus Maximus Justin Fort for a Christmas Eve Eve attempt at analysis of the roadways' dire state at the hands of a wet San Diego winter, and everything descends into Trooper parts and gunshot residue.

From there, the Garage Hour goons go for gearhead: farm trucks, iron pall versus trichinosis, weird laptop Mitsubishi vans, blowtorches and remarketing, the free speech of warning other motorists about a speed trap with your headlights, whether the pizza guy will get to your house faster than the police when you call, the hilarity that is a DUI checkpoint, and the shame that is how the CHP leaves crash shrapnel on the roadway to be cleaned up by your tires.

Oh, and yes, this is our Christmas episode, so we're extra festive.  If you'd like the high-res snooty M4A version of this episode, look for the same date without an "MP3" tag on it.

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