Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
12.26.09: Classic! Hayabusa Smarts, Holiday Traffic Fails, Weather VS SoCal, 'Vette Flags, DUI for the Holidays, Christmas Truck Parts, Firechicken Cubes, Kimbo Fail, Bad Movies, Bad Colors, Big "O" La Mesa, Ford VS China, and Fluffy VS Pointy

Well, OF COURSE we're going to do that.

It's a full studio in this Garage Hour Reload, chock full of cars and trucks and beers and at least one gun.  Do you like Evos? STis?  Subie parking?  'Vette guys messing up their 'Vettes? Getting truck parts for Christmas?  Kimbo Slice or Mike Tyson?  Menacing people?  How about a little Canoe Reeves and Nick Cage hate?  Unimogs?  Ford Fiestas?  Ford selling Volvo to the Chinese?  GM selling Hummer to the Chinese, and SAAB to Spyker?  How about several reminders about not drinking and driving?  Or perhaps you're just in it for the Hayabusa-powered Smart cars (which is totally understandable...).

It's Hank Freakin' Watson's Garage Hour - have some.

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