Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
12.29.12: F-150 & Junkyards Stories, A-10s VS Tanks, NY's Mama Bloomberg, Beer & Dirt Season, Porter VS Stout, Deep Purple & Deadbolt, BLEEP Fails On-Air & A Serious Chat About Movies' & Video Games' Part in People Behaving Badly

With a reassuring intro from the most dangerous show in the world, Hank Watson's Garage Hour gets right down to gearhead, with Fords, junkyards (like A&B and 67 Truck in San Diego), tales of fine salvage, and the DUIs that get some of those vehicles there.  The plan falls apart after that, with a Crag-infested BLEEPing roll-in that Mayor Bloomberg would like to ban, followed by hobbits.  Yeah.  .45 Phil likes hobbits.

There's also a bit of seriousness in this episode, as Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohosts Crag Maxwell and .45 Phil speak up about some of the unspoken truths of the Sandy Hook shooting, including the need for the media and video game makers to admit that they're popularizing violence, and parents' need to assert their role as parent and not their kids' best friends.

Not to keep it too dark, the Garage Hour goons rocket back to the Gearhead Planet with not so smart meters, Phil's Tank of the Week (the nasty Soviet Tunguska), and America's solution to Ruskie tanks, the A-10.  Then it's all dogfights and Spads and beer and Bilsteins.

Damn right you want it.

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