Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Okay, busy boy does gearhead goodness:  good pipes on slushbox BR-Zs (awww), Volvo households and 244s (turbo!), car racism and Tiptronic, automatic trannies for off-road effect, avoiding Chinese tires, new-car reality versus the electric car market and the “Cold Snap Sprint” (home), the 80-40 ice fog freakout, REI (bad) versus four-wheeling (good), and the big Louisiana fog crash (holy shed).

More:  discretion versus valor (pull off and have a burrito), pilots versus shrooms (and 83 counts of attempted murder for Captain Stupid), UFC refuses to learn from Bud Light’s fail, and a big Garage Hour R.I.P. to excellent weirdos Richard Mull (“Bull” from Night Court) and Matthew Perry from Friends (don’t do drugs then hit the hot tub).  …Sounds from Peter Gunn, Vibravoid, God Lives Underwater, and thoughts about sounds from Iron Maiden.

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