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07.06.13: First Two-Hour Garage Hour! Auto-Detailing Attack, Filner Grope-Attack, Hipster Attack, DUI Attack, Manz Attacks, Germans Attack, Hillary Attack, Attacking Bureaucracy, Plus Lightning Attack Windmills

First-ever two-hour Garage Hour right here, and it's all you'd expect from the best kind of AM talk - gearhead talk.  Enjoy auto detailing? Want to hear about Mayor Bob "Gropomatic" Filner and Mayor Art "Drinkomatic" Madrid?  Going to Manzanita's upcoming third-annniversary party?  Interested in shotgun history, like trench guns VS ze Germans? What do you know about geek VS nerd?  Ever crashed a motorcycle?  How does Anthrax compare to metal?  Hope Diane Feinstein and the NSA eat each other?  Are you a conservatives or the GOP? Drink custom beers?  Where do you come down on bureaucracy VS freedom?  Think new wind turbines are out to get nature?


Larry and Nina from Manzanita Brewing join Crag Maxwell of Maxwell's House of Books in La Mesa, CA, Agent Aya of the KGB and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort on-air.

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