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09.05.09: Classic! Off-Road @ CO & CleveNat, CO4RJ, Dude Food @ Labor Day (Boneless Chicken & Watermelon Margaritas), Rob Zombie & Nailgun Tales, Plus Breaking  4Runner Parts & Priuses

Whether you're flexing your retro terror or just want to get a glimpse of the Garage Hour's roots, this is a great episode to dive in to the what we call old school.

Grizzly Chris and host Justin Fort spend an entire episode trying to relate a few Dude Food recipes (Justin's boneless chicken w/ a top-secret marinade and Chris's watermelon margaritas), but the goons detour in classic Garage Hour fashion, hitting everything from Dazed & Confused (the movie) to Ahhhnold impresisons, Rob Zombie and nailgun lawsuits, the heat in San Diego (112?) and the Unabomber in a ten-by-ten shack.

It's not all wanderlust, however, because you can't keep a good gearhead down: there's also Grand Cherokee trail rollovers, off-roading in Colorado and the Cleveland National Forest in SoCal, 4Runner parts and how long they don't last, Priuses and how they still can't off-road, Unimogs, and some freaky Unimog-4Runner mutant that roams Colorado doing its best impression of a sasquatch (because everyone's heard of it and no one's seen it).

Why not?  It's the Garage Hour.  Have some.

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