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03.17.12: Gearheads Love Westerns! Best Movies & Actors, Best Bad Guys, From Good to Bad & Ugly to Mag 7, Blazing Saddles & True Grit, It's In There (Plus MechaWesterns & Space Westerns)

If you're any movie fan, you know that lots of what's called "film" today has its roots in American Westerns (some of which, ironically, have their roots in other genres...).  That said, who can't quote a line from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly or Tombstone? The Garage Hour goons got all worked up for this one, cataloging all the best cowboy and Western cinema (and Western-derived) action, from the Magnficent SevenOnce Upon a Time in the WestCity SlickersSilveradoEldoradoButch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid3:10 to Yuma and everything between, plus all of the mecha Westerns (Road Warrior, anyone?) and space Westerns (Firefly), plus cartoon Westerns like Trigun and Western television shows like DeadwoodThe Rifleman and Brisco County.

On top of all that are copious ratings of the best good guys, and more importantly, the best bad guys, from Lee Van Cleef's Angel Eyes (and Henry Fonda's interpretation of the same role) to Brian Denehey's bad town boss in Silverado.

While we're at it, R.I.P. Eli Wallach (the "Ugly" in the epic Good, Bad & Ugly spaghetti Western), who shuffled on in June of 2014.  You were the best.

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01.12.13: Show & Tell (Cool Gearhead & Geek Bits Like Titanium Ore & Blown Turbos), Junkyard Truck Parts, Beer VS Captain, Laws VS Criminals, 2A VS Politicians, Monty VS Rommel, Plus Piers Morgan's Fail, NY's Bloomberg Fail & SD's Bob Failner

Geeks do the best show & tell - let the Garage Hour tell you how.  We've got everything from a blown quad piston (13:1 compression on av-gas will do that), fragged spider gears (from a fragged SN-95 diff), intake shrapnel (the cast Edelbrock intake didn't like that much juice), wheel chunks from a CORR race truck, to a five-inch naval shell cut and polished into a fine ashtray, the official K-Bar US Constitution (pocket-sized, of course), and titanium ore needles.

It's the Garage Hour - what did you expect?  Boring?  We don't have that.

It's also gearhead radio, so we deep-dove on our usual medley of historic, awesome and intelligent lunacy, including a full-frontal assault on big government (leave the Second Amendment alone, you leeches), plus a duscussion of fradulent pot supporters, real beer supporters (plus Captain Morgan), fun junkyard parts for fun and Phil, a second assault on epic douche and all-around limey to threaten Piers Morgan, wiring stereos versus wiring IEDs, and a whole truckload of World War Two stuff.  That's just for starters: yes, have some Garage Hour.

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