Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
12.15.12: Gearheads VS Christmas Traffic, Off-Road Damage & Mods & Trails, Return of Convertibles, Military/Battleship/Tank Shout-Outs, Holed Race Tires, Charlie Brown Christmas, Salt Flats VS DTM, Sauce VS Marinade, Plus Real VS Fake Christmas Trees

So much sauce, so little time. The Garage Hour goons take a flying leap at getting traffucked in the stupid soup that is Christmas and holiday driving in rainy San Diego and Southern California; from an assault on skinny jeans to worshipping Lee Iacocca, we've got your gearhead right here.

Because it's awesomesauce, cohosts Dirty Dave and .45 Phil also helo Hostus Maximus Justin Fort slice and dice on beers, skully artist David Lozeau's Christmas show, blown motors, flattening BFG KDs, DUI season, trail mods for Dirty Dave Super Trooper and .45 Phil's F-150, a blown Bilstein for Justin's dirtastic 4Runner (there's your explosion), trail updates for Tierra Del Sol, the annual Superstition Run, Ocotillo Wells and Corral Canyon, and a chat about the need to ensure estate planning for your firearms.

Oh yeah, there are also railguns and battleships, because Garage Hour.

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