Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
02.06.15: Garage Hour Lite: Ales & Spirits, Making & Partaking in Fine Adult Beverages, Oaked Rye for Fun & Pleasure, Brewery Machinery Guide, Plus NJ, PA, Carolina Drinking Shouts Out & Tasty Sips @ Twisted Manzanita

From the hardware in the brewhouse to soft liquor made for the ladies, this abbreviated Garage Hour is heavy on sipping power.  Whether you're a Manz fan, you just like the craft ale and booze scene, or you're from New Jersey, Pennsylvania or either of the Carolinas (Brew Thru!), this is a killer episode to dip your toes in the burgeoning East County brewing biz.

Like so may Garage Hours, the show runs afoul of the script quickly, but how far can you run when you're broadcasting from a fully loaded still?  Enjoy the introduction of a new show intro too - we're still experimenting, so hold your fire until we choose a new one fer shur.

Chatting up the supersauce from Twisted Manzanita are Jake the Head Distiller, Dan the Head Brewer and Nina (Major Marketing Minion), who join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohosts .45 Phil and Chef Jeff on-air.  Be sure to grab the bomber version of this night's brewcast when you're through this 12oz version, which includes surprise cohosts and more of the usual cars/trucks/beers/guns Garage Houring.  Cheers!

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