Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
04.06.13: So Much Mustang - SN-95 VS Fox, 5.0 VS 301, Boss VS Mach, & Drinking WITH Your Cars, Plus Venture Bros., Nick Cage VS Grizzly Chris, Prius Owners VS Reality, & Overweight Target Shoppers VS "Manatee Grey"

Hilarious Garage Hour - electronified, computerated, dense with laughs and gearhead insight, chock-full of geek power...  From Fox-Bodies and DEW-platform cars and why all SN-95s need a 5.0, to host Justin Fort's little brother (who's on his 10th Mustang) and his collection of Poweredyne blowers; this is the Garage Hour you were looking for.

This episode's so good, at one point the hosts forget which planet they're on.  Adding to the usual car/truck/beer/gun cannon fodder, the Garage Hour goons (including Agent Aya, SuperMeg and Wes Luthor) dip into everything else you care about - Chuck Norris, bad aim at good ranges, Porsche's new 928 Fatbuttamera, pink Ferraris, man cards, bad Russian accents, John Candy and Peter Steele (from Type "O" Negative) and an accounting of exactly what your car says about you (plus a slew of things you'll need to listen to and enjoy).

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