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08.14.10: Classic! Pranks for Gearheads, Off-Roady FJs, Drifting HMMTs & Work Vans, Progressive Politicians Running Over Bikers, Engine Swaps, Miatas @ Midwest, In-Flight Freakouts, Snatch VS Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, & A Warning About Your Belt

A big pile of Garage Hour jackassery right here: off-roading, our friends at Off-Road.com and FJs for fun and breakage, messing with cars to make a point without damaging them, folks freaking out mid-flight and what you should do about it, how not to nut yourself with your own belt, a sorry progressive politician in Wisconsin named Fred Clarke and why he ran over a bicyclist, plus Miatas, drifiting military equipment and work vans, soccer players, Garage Hour letters, tracks and videos for gearheads, and hanging out with the ricers.

It's gearhead.

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02.23.13: AR-15 & Swap Meet Awesomeness (w/ AR Function & Esthetics, Plus Swap Tools & Junk), w/ Biden Duncery, Hippie Hypocrisy, White House Kleptocracy, Eugene Stoner History, Amon Tobin Sophistry, & RINOs VS Conservatives

Ahhhh, the AR-15 - like the Second Amendment, a touchstone of so many of the what's-wrongs infesting the current inhabitants of the White House.  The Garage Hour and its intrepid cohosts spend a good hunk of this episode gearheading it up about a few of the two-faced, fictionalized or just plain fabricated feelings forced on free Americans by the festering fraud now festooning the funked up face of our fantastic nation.  How?  We introduce you to some Armalite Rifle history, its designer (Eugene Stoner), its variations (and what it's a variation of), its features and its awesomeness, mainly because it's a damn fine rifle which everyone should own.  Two.

In honor of San Diego's Big Three Swaps (which we just missed, dammit...), this Garage Hour also dips into the gearhead Candyland that is a swap meet, with every bit and piece and thing you did and did not know you needed, all available in slightly suspiciously good condition...  We've been there, and we'll remind you why you should be too.

With eveything from Garage Hour birthdays, hobos versus hippies, traffic thank yous, Amon Tobin VS Cujo and crap German accents, this is the blue-collar talk radio you want - have some.

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