Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
01.19.13: Junkyard Parts, Bilstein & the Nurburgring, Trap League @ P2K, GH Show & Tell, Beers & Birthdays, Gen. McChrystal Conspiracies, Ted Nugent VS Piers Morgan (Plus Jesse Ventura), Gun Appreciation Day, Merkava 4 @ Tank of the Week, & 1911s

Sometimes your inner gearhead screams for tires and wrenches and pistons, and other times it wants to geek out elsewhere - guns, beers, politics, military junk, rock and/or roll, and/or other good stuff.  This episode of the Garage Hour has both.

Start with some real firearm appreciation (the NRA, fighting gun ignorance, guns in Jacumba and 1911s from the Philippines), and add a few rifle tips and tricks to the pile of goodness that is .45 Phil's Tank of the Week - the Israeli Merkava 4.  Alongside that is a call to the Nuge to take apart CNN Failmaster Piers Morgan (or Jesse Ventura, if you just want to scare Morgan white). After that, it's back to the well - gearheads at the junkyard, gearheads and Miatas, gearheads and beer, gearheads off-roading, gearheads and Bilsteins, gearheads on the McChrystal conspiracies, plus gearheads talking historic birthdays (Robert E. Lee, Ben Franklin or Martin Luther King Jr., anyone?).  Oh, and titanium.

With cohosts .45 Phil and Crag Maxwell on-air and support from superfans like Battleship Dan and Sheri from Diehardland, it's just a lot of good stuff.  Have some.

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