Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
10.06.12: Oktoberfest & the 'Squatch Run, Economy of Sports Cars VS Hybrid Propagandization, Bathurst Road-Race Awesomeness VS F1 Lament, Villains Cage Match (Khan VS Lord Humongous), Pet Shop Boys & Korn & King's X

From gun lubrication to Isuzus needing lubricating, and from Auntie Entity to Dilbert, it's GOT to be the Garage Hour.  We know gearhead, and we are geeksauce.

This might be one of our best episodes ever, with beer, the Garage Hour goons' advice column, Mitt "Chainsaw" Romney, freefall Red Bull daredevils, lots of good rock and roll, promotions of the upcoming Sasquatch Run and our Oktoberfest drinking session at Maxwell's House of Books.  From there, it's economical cars and foreign cars and performance cars hybrid cars, upon which we heap mountains of disdain and encouragement and some bad FIAT jokes and even worse Russian accents.  It all ends with great discussions of racing at Bathurst in Australia (Supercar = awesomesauce) and some pity for the wreckage of Michael Schumacher's F1 career.

There's also a massive Villains' Cage Match discussion, with Lord Humongous of Road Warrior fame versus Khan Noonien Singh from Star Trek's "Wrath of Khan", plus a revisitation of previous battles and some unfinished villain business.

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