Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
11.12.11: Rainy Traffic Crap Salad! Wet Weather Fails VS San Diego Fires, Tires/Wipers/Headlights (Oh My), Junkyard Adventures, Hybrids @ 88mph, Slow-Exploding Volts, Cartel Truck Tanks, + Deadbolt, Fatso Jetson & Secret Samurai

In this episode, the gearhead goons go after the liquid lobotomy that is SoCal traffic during the rain - any rain.  When did you last check your tires?  Your wipers?  Your headlights?  Don't let Mr. Murphy make an example of you...  We also cruise local junkyards for seatbelts and discuss the merits of cordless Sawzalls (sorry, "reciprocating saws"), chat up David Lozeau's Christmas party, discuss how to have fun driving in the rain, and them slide off to our impending "Gearhead Movie Night" and the latest horror to spring up from south of the border, which would be the cartels building tanks out of dump trucks.  Seriously.

After our standard searing kickoff, it's stolen Viper parts (yup, Hennessey again - go figure), hybrids and their inability to not suck on the freeway, and electric car batteries and their ability to explode a month after a fender-bender.  Of course, it's the Garage Hour, so there's also rock and roll (including our recent visit to a Fatso Jetson/Secret Samurai show) and, just because, Beavis & Butthead.

There's also an over-the-shoulder look at Veterans' Day (despite both the show's vets being down and out).  Hank Watson's Garage Hour - we promise we're not part of the problem, though we may have caused it.

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