Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
11.05.11: Flux Capacitor Day! Also Guy Fawkes Day (For Real?) & 100%-Everything Attack on Occupy Idiots (Occupuke? Occupoop? Yummy Occupie?), w/ Occupy VS Cops, VS Volcanos & VS Themselves, +Jon Lovitz & Ship High In Transit

So much good stuff! The Garage Hour goons go after the usual fools in the Occupy idiots (remember all that astroturf?) with unusual relish in this episode of the show.  There's some honest-to-goodness background on the hypocricy that is a 1%er whining about her iPad being stolen at an Occupy encampment, plus a short list of the biggest FAILS to populate the Occufoo movement.  They put a lid on all that with some love (and a spirited defense) for Herman Cain, the most interesting presidential candidate who didn't get a date.

Have no fear, it's all gearhead, even when your favorite gearheads have their boots on the necks of the Occupee weirdos...  This episode's also got Dr. Emmett Brown's flux capacitor, beadlocks, Rhino Linings, SEMA, Donald Trump, off-road trucks, chrome auto paint, McRibs and Soviet and Nazi war leftovers.

Alongside that, the men with faces for radio discuss Dirty Dave's hatred of Rick Perry, Grizzly Chris's disdain for Jesse Jackson, Mr. Dustin's careless treatment of Slimer's paint, Barrister Hilton's interest in Michael Richards' dirty words (ala Jon Lovitz) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort's inability to get the Brown Note generator down to the Occupiers (of Decency) in time for a mass movement they're never forget.

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