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11.14.09 (MP3): Classic! Gearhead Myths? Unintended Acceleration VS Fat Feet, Vega Decapitation VS Showroom Rust, Exploding Pintos & Pickups, Water & Mothballs In the Tank, Hoffa Hubcaps, Why It's Usually the Media's Fault, + Miata VS Miata & Tricky Dick

The explosion experts at Hank Watson's Garage Hour would like to invite you grab this Garage Hour reload from way back in our first year.  Dirty Dave, El Jaime and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort took a walk down Mythbuster Lane and chatted through a few of the best automotive myths, weird automotive facts and strange stories that wind up being someone's fault, whether or not they're held responsible.

So, were fat American feet responsible for the "unintended acceleration" freakout that ruined Audi in the US for 10 years?  Did General Motors really burn the last of the six Grand Sport Corvettes?  Did Pintos explode because they wanted to, or because they had too?  Did saddle-tank Chevys explode because they had to, or because the media rigged them with blasting caps?  Did Vegas decapitate people before or after rusting on the showroom floor?  Is Jimmy Hoffa in the Meadowlands or a Lincoln hubcap?

On top of that smoking pile of wreckage, we've got Miata versus Miata (and Miata versus bulldozer), Tricky Dick on Futurama, Ministry, Testament, boobs, tire pressure and something about mothballs being good for octane. Be sure to click on the M4A version of this podcast for that style of file.

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