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08.27.11 (MP3): Low-Fi German-Infested Twilight VS Apocalypse Bear Attack Awesomeness, Plus Bender's Musings (Must Kill All Humans), Toyota Recalls, Boba Choking, Jap Tsunami Cars, Abercrombie Zombies, Manz Kegging, SD Beer Week & Ford FE Blocks

Ahhh, yes, a show to end all shows (or just this one).  With almost no tracking of topics and the digression tsunami the Garage Hour goons are famous for, this episode doesn't want for good stuff: from 5.0 blocks to pig hunting in Campo, plus Top Gear's Tesla train wreck, 911 calls for Sasquatch, Targa Trophy reports from Mr. Dustin, to kegging stories from Jeff at Manzanita Brewing, we've got it all.  Sorry.

There's more to it than just those goodies: bear attacks, Nick Cage VS cohost Grizzly Chris (and the sad tale of Nick Cage's son, Foolistophecles), bullet 'Birds, skirts VS cranks, exploding cargo, Russians (and FPS Russia), sex in space, and a big about rusty cars, Toyota warranty fails, and tsunami cars from post-Tohoku Japan.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is joined on-air by friend-of-show Matt Walsh (of Matt Walsh Wood Floors), plus Black Ryan, Barrister "Daniel" Hilton, with call-ins from Mr. Dustin and Jeff Trevaskis of Manzanita Brewing.

If you'd like the M4A version of this show, grab the podcast with a matching date and no "MP3" in the title.

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