Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
12.05.09 (MP3): Classic! Rock & Roll VS Drunk Drivers? Rev. Heat VS Liberace, Rollins VS Fans, Deadbolt VS CO, Velvet Acid Christ VS Hunter S., Hemmingway & Hendrix & Staley & Snoop, Plus Sopwith Camels & Chasing Drunk Drivers to Their Garage

From Horton Heat to DUI attorneys, and ether martinis to dogfighting, from Admiral Ackbar to Hillary Clinton, and Hunter S. Thompson to Gonzo host Justin Fort, this Garage Hour will not disappoint.  This is a great old Garage Hour reload - all of the excellent topics, all of the digression, and you can really feel the on-air talent figuring out if they've got any.

Dip into this one for something special - a truly schitzo journel with rock and rollers, getting lost in the woods with cohost Grizzly Chris, "Fun with Drugs" (it's a song - no hateful emails, please), cylinder control in the Sopwith Camel, Michael Medved versus Charlie, My Other Brain (and sometime cohost), and the all-loving topic of [not] chasing drunk drivers on the 5 south right into their garages.  Seriously, the rich fool parked her 'Benz at 30mph and then wanted it to be OUR fault.  Screw you, lady.

We're going to try something new with this episode - you can grab the iTunes-friendly M4A from the same date as this MP3, but it's not marked "MP3".  The exact protocol for the go-here/go-there links isn't figured out yet, though, so bear with us.  The Garage Hour will make it work, and if we need to force it (or use the force), well, we're the guys to do it.

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12.05.09: Classic! Rock & Roll VS Drunk Drivers? Rev. Heat VS Liberace, Rollins VS Fans, Deadbolt VS CO, Velvet Acid Christ VS Hunter S., Hemmingway & Hendrix & Staley & Snoop, Plus Sopwith Camels & Chasing Drunk Drivers To Their Garage

From Horton Heat to DUI attorneys, and ether martinis to dogfighting, from Admiral Ackbar to Hillary Clinton, and Hunter S. Thompson to Gonzo host Justin Fort, this Garage Hour will not disappoint.  This is a great old Garage Hour reload - all of the excellent topics, all of the digression, and you can really feel the on-air talent figuring out if they've got any.

Dip into this one for something special - a truly schitzo journel with rock and rollers, getting lost in the woods with cohost Grizzly Chris, "Fun with Drugs" (it's a song - no hateful emails, please), cylinder control in the Sopwith Camel, Michael Medved versus Charlie, My Other Brain (and sometime cohost), and the all-loving topic of [not] chasing drunk drivers on the 5 south right into their garages.  Seriously, the rich fool parked her 'Benz at 30mph and then wanted it to be OUR fault.  Screw you, lady.

We're going to try something new with this episode - you can grab the iTunes-friendly version here, or the MP3 at the matching upload of the same date.  The exact protocol for the go-here/go-there links isn't figured out yet, though, so bear with us.  The Garage Hour will make it work, and if we need to force it (or use the force), well, we're the guys to do it.

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11.28.09: Classic! Thanksgiving Shoots, Off-Road Cube, Tundra Recall, GM's SAAB Fail, Edward R. Murrow, Glamis Drags & "Nobody Cares Until LifeFlight Shows Up", Old Guns, Sherlock Holmes VS Air America, + Tiger "I LIke Hookers" Woods VS The Nine Iron

Killer throwback shows! This post-Thanksgiving episode has the Dukes of Hazzard, desert shooting (a family that shoots together survives the zombie apocalypse together), all-terrain tires, gun and target fun in the rocky Socal desert, why LifeFlight is a sign that you're a bad parent, plus GM's inability to sell SAAB to rich guys in Sweden (Koenigsegg) and Saturn to rich guys in America (Penske), and why Sherlock Holmes is cooler when Watson breaks things and shoots stuff.  Then it's all about the A-Team and Clash of the Titans remakes, commuter trucks versus actual "pro" trucks in the desert, the wisdom of Edward R. Murrow, the lack thereof of Tiger "She Won't Mind" Woods and hand-thrown clay targets, and the multidimensional awesomeness that is the Large Hadron Collider and the magical disappearing truon.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and lowbrow/skully artist David Lozeau demonstrate the Garage Hour form that got the show on the airwaves: wit, intelligence, ricochet topic acquisition, breadth of topic knowledge (and the ability to admit when they don't know), and a willingness to shoot holes in things, just because.

A late-show call-in from superfan Jesse "Tile Guy" also segues the Garage Hour goons into how to make Jesse's newest toy - a Nissan "I'm a dad now" Cube - capable of getting around off-road and in the sand at Glamis, and inspires the debate of whether drilling holes in a perfectly good roof is a good idea.

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07.11.09: Classic! Distracted Driving Fails, Gov't Motors & Chrysler Jokes, GM Lawsuit & Red Bull VS F1 Predictions, Buffalo VS Humvee, Honda VS Porsche, Shelby VS Saleen Bankruptcy Battle, Texting VS Drunk Driving, Goatsnake & the Rolling Bomb

Maxi-early Garage Hour right here: Dirty Dave and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort continue their adventures in big AM talk with their sixth-ever show. It's also one of the early seguefests, with repeated attempts to dig into the device-addled shame that is distracted driving thwarted by IEDs andTV versus AM and the unending debate that is double-A batteries versus 5.56.

With visits to Carroll Shelby and Steve Saleen's... bankruptcies... (who's more broke?), Lutz versus Leno, Max "I Love Hitler" Mosley versus Ari Vattanen and Jean Todt, Ralph Nader and Vince Neil, the birth of the Garage Hour's broadcast superiority is under way.  It's all optimism, though, as the Garage Hour goons make their level best effort to find the sunny side of things, even if that thing is our prescienct visions for Red China's disturbing expansionism in the Pacific.

It's not just that good stuff, though - we've got 4Runner brake swaps, Tundra parts for small Toyotas, the F-22, Miata spring & swap swaps, ugly rockers, Goatsnake awesomeness ("Burial at Sea", anyone?), Texas's solution to its idiots, Darmwin's love for the same, and Honda's battle with Brawn F1 and Porsche.

Remember, just because you don't advocate violence doesn't mean you can't enjoy it.

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12.14.13: Gearheadulation! Bullet Points Join Garage Hour for Gearhead Gifting, Thanksgiving VS Xmas, Justin VS REI, FDE VS OD, AR-AK VS Red Ryder, Lando VS Han Solo, Pickups VS Pterodactyls, Plus Zep, Vultures, & the Intergalactic Smiley Face

Epic Garage Hour: gearhead gifting, speed parts, guns, pterodactyls, political soothsaying, Arnold's 9mm pizza and Italian versus Russian jokes (In ReSoviet Russia, president assasinates you!); just a taste.

Tyler and Peter from The Bullet Points join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and Agent Aya for one of the most thorough, most complete Garage Hours ever put to podcast, and they talk through a host of the fantastic tomfoolery you care about.  Black Friday versus your new Tazer?  Microdots versus a vacuum?  John Paul Jones versus awesomeness?  Obamacare versus a kick in the nuts?  What about REI and Sierra Nevada versus your trail access rights?  Vinyl?  Cassettes?  White versus dark meat?  Ant that's before the Bloody Marys have a chance to kick in.

There's also the cornucopia of excellent that would be the Garage Hour's unintended topics: blown MTRs, flimsy atomic super golf carts, wrecked Dregs-class Rangers, Chuck Norris, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, ammo gifting, the UTS-15 failmachine, Tesla versus Edison, modular Mustang parts (P and PE heads, anyone?), the GT-40 at LeMans, one versus two-way slings, and how Metallica helped win the Battle of Athens.

So much awesome.  Have some.

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11.26.11: Superstition Run @ El Centro (w/ SD 4Wheelers), Ferd FTeenthousand VS X-90 Trucklet, Klingon Fiveheads, Hoosier Eric's Brat 2.2 EJ Swap, Black Ryan's Copper Wire & Bargaining Humor, Mr. Dustin's XJ, N. County VS E. County, w/ Eggnog!

From beard wookies to Star Trek tricycles, it's the Garage Hour - so much good stuff.  Want to EJ your Subaru Brat?  Need to do donuts in the desert?  Like watching the repo man try to haul away a forty foor toy hauler in deep sand?  How about Barrett-Jackson?  The true definition of "SWAG"?

The crux of this episode - which the Garage Hour goons rapidly chuck out the window - was promoting San Diego Four-Wheelers' annual Superstition Run, held in the Chocolate Mountains west of El Centro. Black Ryan, Barrister Hilton and Dirty Dave helped Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and ultracohost Rod Gilmore from SD4Wheelers, with call-ins from Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Hoosier Eric.

Remember, if you're still listening, you're as bad as we are.

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05.28.15: An Hour @ Helm's Brewing: San Diego Beer VS the World, the Booming Beer Biz, Gov't Tracking of Your Mileage, bin Laden's Reading List, Shopping .22 Rifles, Plus Ministry, STP, Primus  & Mars Volta

Cars, trucks, beers, guns!  It's the Garage Hour - go figure.  This week, we pried ourselves out of the garage to put together another one of our adventure episodes, sitting down for an hour of sipping and salacious talk with the folks from Helm's Brewing, most notably GM Matt Johnson.  There's a good chat about the business of craft/micro/up-and-coming brewing, and where San Diego's excellent beer scene stands in relation to the rest of the world's beer (definitely not on the bottom rung).

We've also got a discussion of pros and cons to consider when picking up a .22-cal rifle for plinking duty, a visit with Osama bin Laden's reading list (lots of porn to go with his leftist and terrorist topics), and we briefly (far too briefly) visit with the pending epic fail that is state-mandated mileage taxes and what you can do to stop it (or how low-information fools let it happen).  Along with those goodies are rock/roll in the form of big-time weirdness from Mars Volta, stuff we're missing (Pixies annd The Smiths), and plane-Jane goodness like Primus, Ministry and the Stone Temple Pilot's kickoff, Core.  

On-air for this one with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and Matt from Helm's were .45 Phil, Chef Jeff, Rick McElroy, Kurtis from JBA Speed Shop and Majid from GSR. Download us immediately.

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12.04.10: Classic! Christmas Holiday Traffic Rage & Lane-Change Logic, Don't Feed the Hippies, Rating Idiot VS Stupid, Bob Hansen & Quadalcanal, Cat VS Gator, Plus the Happy Patrol & Animal House's Eat Me Special (a.k.a. the Deathmobile)

When you're this good, who needs a plan? From the scattered intro to the return of Grizzly Chris, this one's pure Garage Hour.  There's Grizzlies Gone Wild, Mr. Dustin's (Top Earner) report from Irwindale Speedway, Dirty Dave and Black Ryan, plus big new truck bumpers and where we're going to put them (in a Prius), plus the Happy Patrol, how to rate an idiot's stupidity, Juan Williams versus Howard Dean (we all lose), fraternity chef and Guadalcanal first-wave Bob Hansen, and that's just to get things rolling.

Once the Garage Hour's crack team of gearhead consultants get started on the retrograde traffic of the silly season, it's all ball bearings - Miata rage, bumper rage, lane-change rage, Ryan rage, grizzly rage, and then it's conserving ammunition, shotguns, the Deathmobile, Wikileaks, and the government taking over the web (we warned you - didn't we warn you?).

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11.05.11: Flux Capacitor Day! Also Guy Fawkes Day (For Real?) & 100%-Everything Attack on Occupy Idiots (Occupuke? Occupoop? Yummy Occupie?), w/ Occupy VS Cops, VS Volcanos & VS Themselves, +Jon Lovitz & Ship High In Transit

So much good stuff! The Garage Hour goons go after the usual fools in the Occupy idiots (remember all that astroturf?) with unusual relish in this episode of the show.  There's some honest-to-goodness background on the hypocricy that is a 1%er whining about her iPad being stolen at an Occupy encampment, plus a short list of the biggest FAILS to populate the Occufoo movement.  They put a lid on all that with some love (and a spirited defense) for Herman Cain, the most interesting presidential candidate who didn't get a date.

Have no fear, it's all gearhead, even when your favorite gearheads have their boots on the necks of the Occupee weirdos...  This episode's also got Dr. Emmett Brown's flux capacitor, beadlocks, Rhino Linings, SEMA, Donald Trump, off-road trucks, chrome auto paint, McRibs and Soviet and Nazi war leftovers.

Alongside that, the men with faces for radio discuss Dirty Dave's hatred of Rick Perry, Grizzly Chris's disdain for Jesse Jackson, Mr. Dustin's careless treatment of Slimer's paint, Barrister Hilton's interest in Michael Richards' dirty words (ala Jon Lovitz) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort's inability to get the Brown Note generator down to the Occupiers (of Decency) in time for a mass movement they're never forget.

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11.12.11: Rainy Traffic Crap Salad! Wet Weather Fails VS San Diego Fires, Tires/Wipers/Headlights (Oh My), Junkyard Adventures, Hybrids @ 88mph, Slow-Exploding Volts, Cartel Truck Tanks, + Deadbolt, Fatso Jetson & Secret Samurai

In this episode, the gearhead goons go after the liquid lobotomy that is SoCal traffic during the rain - any rain.  When did you last check your tires?  Your wipers?  Your headlights?  Don't let Mr. Murphy make an example of you...  We also cruise local junkyards for seatbelts and discuss the merits of cordless Sawzalls (sorry, "reciprocating saws"), chat up David Lozeau's Christmas party, discuss how to have fun driving in the rain, and them slide off to our impending "Gearhead Movie Night" and the latest horror to spring up from south of the border, which would be the cartels building tanks out of dump trucks.  Seriously.

After our standard searing kickoff, it's stolen Viper parts (yup, Hennessey again - go figure), hybrids and their inability to not suck on the freeway, and electric car batteries and their ability to explode a month after a fender-bender.  Of course, it's the Garage Hour, so there's also rock and roll (including our recent visit to a Fatso Jetson/Secret Samurai show) and, just because, Beavis & Butthead.

There's also an over-the-shoulder look at Veterans' Day (despite both the show's vets being down and out).  Hank Watson's Garage Hour - we promise we're not part of the problem, though we may have caused it.

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04.28.15: In-Garage Hour! Live @ Yawsport w/ Track & Street Car Tuning & Setup, Plus Massive Suspension Knowledge, Bilstein's PSS-9, Corner Weighting, Techniques for Balance, Hillclimbing & High-Speed Solo 2-Style Competition @ The Lone Pine Trials

So much tech!  This live in-garage episode of the Garage Hour is dense with answers to your suspension-setup questions, including coilvers versus struts versus shocks, springs and perches, adjustable valve and suspension tuning, compression versus rebound, vehicle setup, diagonal weighting, the state of the high-performance shock business, weight jacking and weight relocation, plus the investment of time and energy necessary to be a professional gearhead in regulation-heavy Kalifornistan.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and his canyon-carving Subaru STi join road and race suspension tuner (and driver of note) Bret Norgarrd (or is it Bert Nogood?  Terb Draagron?) at his San Diego/Ramona-based Yawsport Tuning shop for some corner weighting and a Garage Hour-style chat about what it takes to make a good suspension better, in this case the new Bilstein PSS-9 boingers on the in-house STi.

Justin and Bret also chat about Bret's upcoming races (including the big Lone Pine Time Trials) and his campaign plans for the large-by-wide Yawsport SMF Acura TL.

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09.17.11: Truck Parts, Reno Air Race Crash, Death By Gingivitis, Dodge Trucks & Vipers, Alan Specter IS Adm. Ackbar, Hoffa Humor (Shot/Day), Damon VS Seagal, Infantry VS Finance Rangers, Medals of Honor (& Myers VS Giunta), Plus the Bear Zombie Apocalypse

Don't be mad - we warned you: sometimes the Garage Hour goons stay on-topic, and other times it's a 100% mashup trainwreck like this.  Fortunately, we do great trainwrecks.

This episode's got everything from listener mail and perfect barbecue weather to the Champions of Justin and socialist muppet Bernie Sanders, plus the Reverend Horton Heat in San Diego, Led Zeppelin everywhere, the Jaegermeister face, how to improve traffic conditions with a little plague, the Lethal Weapon nailgun scene, bad neighborhoods to fall down and saw off your arm in, cash payments in Iraq and truck bumpers for 4Runners.

It's the Garage Hour.  Who are you to resist?

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02.09.13: GH's 5 Rules for Traffic, LS1s for Ultimas, Ted Nugent VS Nancy Pelosi, Cabela's VS REI, Obama's Sally Jewell VS the Outdoor Industry, Useless Eggheads VS Convicts, Plus Invading Russia & .45 Phil's Tank of the Week

So much yum! This gearhead romp into the geekiverse is another great Garage Hour goonfest.  Do you like the Nuge?  Cabelas?  Off-roading?  High-powered component (kit) cars or new places to stuff an LS motor?  How about the idea of arming all liquor store owners?  Caddyshack?  AR-based rifles?  Monster trucks?  Swap meets?  Tanks?  What about caffeine or Israel?  Have we got an episode for you.

From .45 Phil's Tank of the Week (the Israeli M-51 Super Sherman) and some basic rules to live by when coping with the sheeple in traffic to Hostus Maximus Justin Fort's ongoing battle with REI's "no throttle" policy, it's in there.

Like we always tell you, there's two sides (at least) to every conversation: do you dislike Piers (Peers? Peirs?) Morgan?  Sally Jewell from the Interior department?  REI?  Invading Russia in the winter?  Flash mobs?  Pointless bureaucrats?  We'll help you feel good about it, because we can't stand 'em either.

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10.06.12: Oktoberfest & the 'Squatch Run, Economy of Sports Cars VS Hybrid Propagandization, Bathurst Road-Race Awesomeness VS F1 Lament, Villains Cage Match (Khan VS Lord Humongous), Pet Shop Boys & Korn & King's X

From gun lubrication to Isuzus needing lubricating, and from Auntie Entity to Dilbert, it's GOT to be the Garage Hour.  We know gearhead, and we are geeksauce.

This might be one of our best episodes ever, with beer, the Garage Hour goons' advice column, Mitt "Chainsaw" Romney, freefall Red Bull daredevils, lots of good rock and roll, promotions of the upcoming Sasquatch Run and our Oktoberfest drinking session at Maxwell's House of Books.  From there, it's economical cars and foreign cars and performance cars hybrid cars, upon which we heap mountains of disdain and encouragement and some bad FIAT jokes and even worse Russian accents.  It all ends with great discussions of racing at Bathurst in Australia (Supercar = awesomesauce) and some pity for the wreckage of Michael Schumacher's F1 career.

There's also a massive Villains' Cage Match discussion, with Lord Humongous of Road Warrior fame versus Khan Noonien Singh from Star Trek's "Wrath of Khan", plus a revisitation of previous battles and some unfinished villain business.

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07.04.09: Classic! July 4 Dude Food Excellence, Trail-Access & Off-Road Advocacy (& What You Can Do), Broken CA, Hummers & Vintage Desert Racing, Conservative Conservationism, Plus Testament, Ministry, Lemmy & Ugly Rockers #1

This early Garage Hour is a fine example of the banter-beating delivery that hallmarks the show's festival-of-digression style - from off-road and trail-access issues that affect everyone with knobby tires to burger recipies and how to make the 72lb pack of frozen sausages from Costco work for you, it's in there.

There's also a healthy dose of prognostication from the Garage Hour goons, as they forsee a bunch of the bad stuff coming down the pike from both federal and CA state bureaucracies as it relates to your ability to drive on trails and enjoy your backwoods self without restriction.  The hosts with the most speeding tickets also dig into SpecWar, machine guns, the H1 and H2 guys, why rock & rollers are usually ugly, infighting in Formula 1, all of it kicked off balance by a call-in from Dave Stall.

This episode was the Garage Hour's One-Month Anniversary, so join the cohosts in their universal state of stunned that it lasted this long.  On-air with Hostus Newguystus Justin Fort is none other than Dirty Dave.

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04.06.15: 'Hour @ the Still! Robot Cars, Truck Parts, Dude Food, Turbines & Beerguns, Litter Rage VS Hipster Thrashing (w/ Betting), Beer Tourists & Junkyards, Plus Fine Sips & Distilling Tech w/ Twisted Manzanita Spirits

From ratty Tacos to good food, this Garage Hour runs the gamut, with fine liquor tasting and aging techniques at Twisted Manzanita Distillery, commie capitalism, our collective disdain for littering, and we run over some hipsters on the way.  Then it's all about beer-delivery drones and Twisted Manzanita's beer turbine, with a big segue into Pacific Beach dining, AR rifles for ladies, ball versus IMR powder and the M-14 versus the M-16 in Somalia, why the pickleback is an insult to every stage of the brewing and distilling industry, computer-controlled cars, junkyard Toyota parts, and what kind of vehicles are driven by the hosts and cohosts of the Garage Hour.  That's just the beginning - tune in if you want to hear about hipster betting (it's like betting on horses, without the respect), drink recipies, Skynyrds Innyrds, National Ammo Week and Stare at a Hybrid Owner Like Something Is Wrong With Them Month.

This is the second of two broadcasts from the back room at Twisted Manzanita Brewing & Distillery.  The Garage Hour goons are surrounded by fine folks and Manz fans, including Jake Pitman (Head Distiller), Nina from the marketing department, and Ashleigh (Ashley? - Wearer of Many Hats) from the distillery.  .45 Phil and Chef Jeff join in for the ride, along with whomver else was brave enough to approach the mic.

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10.01.11: Animals Attack the Garage Hour (Again)... Bears VS 'Jersey, Bear Tax VS Bear Patrol, Piranhas VS Tourists, Crocs VS Locals (Pet It With a Buick!), Plus Hydraulics VS Chinooks, Bender & the Beatles, & Hellfire VS al Awlaki (Take That!)

It's on those days when we're just gearheaded out that the Garage Hour goons take a stroll down Digression Lane.  This episode's chock full of those crazy stories you read about of bears beating up hikers, Iran beating up hikers, piranhas eating up tourists and crocodiles eating up the natives.  Then it's Hellfire-missiles for San Diego's favorite terrorist, Ospreys falling out of the sky (the plane, not the bird, though we suppose the birds do too), and how you can tell when a Chinook is out of hydraulic fluid - it stops leaking.

After that, there's more bears (always with the bears), plus Bender, the "Impson" family, the Beatles versus Eric Crapton (sorry, Clapton), a schtick about celebrities being eaten by bears, and a farewell to the kitchen-pooping celebrity bear of Tahoe, Bubba.  The bear dogs finally got him.

Cohosts Dirty Dave, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Matt Walsh, of Matt Walsh Wood Floors, join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort to make this Garage Hour good.

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10.23.10: Hour at the 'Port Classic! Hoptoberfest Live, Beer Reviews of Port Truck Stout & Fresh-Hopped IPAs, SoCal Traffic, Trying On Guns @ Fine Firearms, Hieroglyphed Mausers, Chupacabras, Heckling Hecklers, Plus Junior Seau & Chargers VS Raiders

A Garage Hour Reload worth loading: Garage hour unhinged!  Live from Hoptoberfest, the Garage Hour goons enjoy beer and pizza tasting at the Pizza Port's annual celebration, and roll around in a debate over Junior Seau's troubles and some prognostications regarding the Chargers' and Raiders' futures.  Then, it's all about beer and guns and BMW owners who can't park, as well as the need to try a handgun on before purchase, plus pork, scary things roaming around at the Texas/Mexico border, chimps attacking the police, the upcoming Strong Ale Festival, why rainy weather makes San Diegans something something, and why the public can be a dick.

At one point, the 'Port's full-time brewing sublord and sometime cohost Boston Rich goes after background hecklers (hey, we don't like skaters either), while additional cohosts David Lozeau and Alex Hunt help Hostus Maximus Justin Fort debate the flaws in every skater's childhood.  Good times.

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05.28.11: A Little Levity On Memorial Day, XJs and WRXs, Venture Bros. & Metalocalypse, F1 Quals & NASCAR Goons, Salt Crocs & Huge Catfish, Home-Invasion Sasquatch & Neighborhood Sharks, Plus A Few of the Garage Hour's Scary Fans

"From awesome to suck in three seconds!" If you're ready for one of the edgey early Garage Hours, this is it.  Want to know where the Sasquatch Runs were born?  Want to hear one of our earliest Dude Food segments?  Need to know the best way to mispronounce "Jamacha"?  Keep finding yourself choosing between jerks and assholes in NASCAR?  Think some F1 drivers' heads are strangely huge?  Sick and tired of the fallacy of "unintended" acceleration?  Us too.

With special guest cohost Meatwad (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohosts Dirty Dave and Black Ryan embark on a superb sample of the best sort of train-of-thought talk radio.  Remember, Hank Watson's Garage Hour - we digress.  Man-eating catfish, armored sturgeon, Cherokees and Wagoneers, cartoons for grownups, Prowlers and Howlers, and Dirty Dave creates a new slogan for his hometown: "Solana Beach - Our Sharks Eat People".

Because we're awesome.

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12.29.12: F-150 & Junkyards Stories, A-10s VS Tanks, NY's Mama Bloomberg, Beer & Dirt Season, Porter VS Stout, Deep Purple & Deadbolt, BLEEP Fails On-Air & A Serious Chat About Movies' & Video Games' Part in People Behaving Badly

With a reassuring intro from the most dangerous show in the world, Hank Watson's Garage Hour gets right down to gearhead, with Fords, junkyards (like A&B and 67 Truck in San Diego), tales of fine salvage, and the DUIs that get some of those vehicles there.  The plan falls apart after that, with a Crag-infested BLEEPing roll-in that Mayor Bloomberg would like to ban, followed by hobbits.  Yeah.  .45 Phil likes hobbits.

There's also a bit of seriousness in this episode, as Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohosts Crag Maxwell and .45 Phil speak up about some of the unspoken truths of the Sandy Hook shooting, including the need for the media and video game makers to admit that they're popularizing violence, and parents' need to assert their role as parent and not their kids' best friends.

Not to keep it too dark, the Garage Hour goons rocket back to the Gearhead Planet with not so smart meters, Phil's Tank of the Week (the nasty Soviet Tunguska), and America's solution to Ruskie tanks, the A-10.  Then it's all dogfights and Spads and beer and Bilsteins.

Damn right you want it.

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04.14.12: Bad Driving Special! Cops In-Studio, What's Legal in Traffic, Hybrid Owner Fails, DUI Checkpoint Tales, Kids Who Crash & Parents Who Should Know Better, Plus #1 Lane Anger & What You Can Do About It

Garage Hour = gearhead hilarity.  In one of our funniest (and best armed) episodes ever, we go toe-to-to with the Johnnies about all of the questions you've always wanted to ask the fuzz, and they answer.

Sooooo, do you want to know if high-beaming the slowpoke in the #1 lane is legal?  We did.  How about cat-calling folks with your PA?  Is "Keep Right Except to Pass" enforceable?  Do people care that there's laws against texting and driving?  Do the police really mess with victims motorists when they're pulled over?  We ask it all of our buddy Mark McCullough from the San Diego Police, and he tells us everything - he's the information officer, after all, so he'd better have some.

On top of that supercake, we pour on the usual Garagesauce: tax-day wallet pain, hybrid owners' moral narcissm, when it's legal to eat roadkill (and if you need tags to take that deer), deer hunting from your driveway, and that guy with the burgundy 'Vette in Lakeside who cohost Black Ryan is planning to T-bar.  Additional cohost Mr. Dustin (Mr. 1%) and several secret couch-dwellers join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for this episode as well.

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04.13.13: Drag Racing, F1 & NASCAR, Raptor Fails, Steekers!, Commie BS (& Red Bob Failner), Helmet & Blue Oyster Cult, Blues Brothers, Tanks, Eugene Sledge, Bears & Snakes & Bees (Oh My), & Goodbye to the Iron Lady

From the most dangerous studio in the world, another wicked-dense 100%-everything Garage Hour for you.

From the Russian-rich intro, with local commie sycophants and hidden leftists (we list a few - are they near you?), the Garage Hour goons run straight to gearheadopia with jumping Raptors (you have no one to blame but yourself), trucks, tanks and racing, and veer straight into the need for fear-based leadership (especially when managing a Radio Shack in Yuma).

Don't worry - as usual (suspects), there's so much more.  We've got the Marines in WW2 Pacific (and Eugene Sledge, author of "With the Old Breed"), Blue Oyster Cult, Helmet and the Blues Brothers, as well as bears in San Diego, pigs that need hunting, and snake loads for your revolver.  Then it's all Venture Bros. this and Archer that, plus the Guild of Calamitous Intent and a heartfelt goodbye to one of the great archetypes of Cold War strength, Margaret "Iron Lady" Thatcher.

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01.19.13: Junkyard Parts, Bilstein & the Nurburgring, Trap League @ P2K, GH Show & Tell, Beers & Birthdays, Gen. McChrystal Conspiracies, Ted Nugent VS Piers Morgan (Plus Jesse Ventura), Gun Appreciation Day, Merkava 4 @ Tank of the Week, & 1911s

Sometimes your inner gearhead screams for tires and wrenches and pistons, and other times it wants to geek out elsewhere - guns, beers, politics, military junk, rock and/or roll, and/or other good stuff.  This episode of the Garage Hour has both.

Start with some real firearm appreciation (the NRA, fighting gun ignorance, guns in Jacumba and 1911s from the Philippines), and add a few rifle tips and tricks to the pile of goodness that is .45 Phil's Tank of the Week - the Israeli Merkava 4.  Alongside that is a call to the Nuge to take apart CNN Failmaster Piers Morgan (or Jesse Ventura, if you just want to scare Morgan white). After that, it's back to the well - gearheads at the junkyard, gearheads and Miatas, gearheads and beer, gearheads off-roading, gearheads and Bilsteins, gearheads on the McChrystal conspiracies, plus gearheads talking historic birthdays (Robert E. Lee, Ben Franklin or Martin Luther King Jr., anyone?).  Oh, and titanium.

With cohosts .45 Phil and Crag Maxwell on-air and support from superfans like Battleship Dan and Sheri from Diehardland, it's just a lot of good stuff.  Have some.

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11.06.10: Classic! Rednecks & Machine Guns, F4 Flyby (You're All Gonna Die), Happy Birthday @ Marines, Electronica, Old Rock & Die Krupps, Mr. Dustin's SEMA Report, Wreckage in Pro 5.0, & the GH's Official CA Voter WTF?

One of the most requested, replayed and reccoculous Garage Hours ever: our post-election freakout and firepower binge following the bipolar electoral results in 2010, where just about every state in the union went red but California... where we're based.  F!

With everything from President Pickle's transplant speech to the Marines' birthday (hooah!), from Colorado Garage Hour fans to the electoral wasteland headed by Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown and Gavin Newsbag, ultraphone cohost Nacho from the frozen wastes of Wisco and Mr. Dustin in the wilds of Nevada, plus drag racing Volvos, crashes in Pro 5.0, the tale of a hapless biker-killin' progressive politician named Fred "Clarkey" Clarke, and a lesson on shooting an M1919 from the hip, redneck-style.

Don't hate us because we're pretty.  Because we're not.  This is the Garage Hour - faces made for radio.  


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08.14.10: Classic! Pranks for Gearheads, Off-Roady FJs, Drifting HMMTs & Work Vans, Progressive Politicians Running Over Bikers, Engine Swaps, Miatas @ Midwest, In-Flight Freakouts, Snatch VS Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, & A Warning About Your Belt

A big pile of Garage Hour jackassery right here: off-roading, our friends at Off-Road.com and FJs for fun and breakage, messing with cars to make a point without damaging them, folks freaking out mid-flight and what you should do about it, how not to nut yourself with your own belt, a sorry progressive politician in Wisconsin named Fred Clarke and why he ran over a bicyclist, plus Miatas, drifiting military equipment and work vans, soccer players, Garage Hour letters, tracks and videos for gearheads, and hanging out with the ricers.

It's gearhead.

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02.23.13: AR-15 & Swap Meet Awesomeness (w/ AR Function & Esthetics, Plus Swap Tools & Junk), w/ Biden Duncery, Hippie Hypocrisy, White House Kleptocracy, Eugene Stoner History, Amon Tobin Sophistry, & RINOs VS Conservatives

Ahhhh, the AR-15 - like the Second Amendment, a touchstone of so many of the what's-wrongs infesting the current inhabitants of the White House.  The Garage Hour and its intrepid cohosts spend a good hunk of this episode gearheading it up about a few of the two-faced, fictionalized or just plain fabricated feelings forced on free Americans by the festering fraud now festooning the funked up face of our fantastic nation.  How?  We introduce you to some Armalite Rifle history, its designer (Eugene Stoner), its variations (and what it's a variation of), its features and its awesomeness, mainly because it's a damn fine rifle which everyone should own.  Two.

In honor of San Diego's Big Three Swaps (which we just missed, dammit...), this Garage Hour also dips into the gearhead Candyland that is a swap meet, with every bit and piece and thing you did and did not know you needed, all available in slightly suspiciously good condition...  We've been there, and we'll remind you why you should be too.

With eveything from Garage Hour birthdays, hobos versus hippies, traffic thank yous, Amon Tobin VS Cujo and crap German accents, this is the blue-collar talk radio you want - have some.

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04.06.13: So Much Mustang - SN-95 VS Fox, 5.0 VS 301, Boss VS Mach, & Drinking WITH Your Cars, Plus Venture Bros., Nick Cage VS Grizzly Chris, Prius Owners VS Reality, & Overweight Target Shoppers VS "Manatee Grey"

Hilarious Garage Hour - electronified, computerated, dense with laughs and gearhead insight, chock-full of geek power...  From Fox-Bodies and DEW-platform cars and why all SN-95s need a 5.0, to host Justin Fort's little brother (who's on his 10th Mustang) and his collection of Poweredyne blowers; this is the Garage Hour you were looking for.

This episode's so good, at one point the hosts forget which planet they're on.  Adding to the usual car/truck/beer/gun cannon fodder, the Garage Hour goons (including Agent Aya, SuperMeg and Wes Luthor) dip into everything else you care about - Chuck Norris, bad aim at good ranges, Porsche's new 928 Fatbuttamera, pink Ferraris, man cards, bad Russian accents, John Candy and Peter Steele (from Type "O" Negative) and an accounting of exactly what your car says about you (plus a slew of things you'll need to listen to and enjoy).

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08.20.11: Brawlin' w/ Boris Said, Drinkin' w/ Chrysler Employees, Bangin' w/ Dave Mustaine, Cruise Missilin' w/ the Air Force, Bein' an Idiot w/ Decaprio/Penn/Damon, Trappin' w/ Admiral Akbar, Failin' w/ Big Mac Fans, Plus Conspirin' w/ Fishermen

This Garage Hour is one of the classic free-fire episodes, kicked off right with tales of Boris Said and his plans to beat Greg Biffle's ass, and that sets the tone for the whole rest of the thing.  Hostus Maximus Justin Fort goes after everyone, from people on Rascals to the lunchtime drunks and stoners at Chrysler who were fired for getting...  wait for it... drunk and stoned at lunch.  Of course, the UAW got them their jobs back, so those drunks and stoners are presumably still building Dodges. Dirty Dave takes the time to go after Rick Perry, and then board-opp Barrister Hilton goes after Dirty Dave.

It's not 100% grim, though - there's shouts out to Toyota for their stay-at-home doggedness following the arsing Japan got at the hands of the Fukishima tsunami, the Garage Hour goons applaud the Air Force for parking a cruise missile up China's nose during the Serbian affair, and there's a bunch of good tracks backing this show.

So many targets, so few triggers...  It's the Garage Hour, alright, the rootinest, tootinest, highfalutinest piece of gearhead on air since Top Gear full of beer.

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02.06.15: Garage Hour Lite: Ales & Spirits, Making & Partaking in Fine Adult Beverages, Oaked Rye for Fun & Pleasure, Brewery Machinery Guide, Plus NJ, PA, Carolina Drinking Shouts Out & Tasty Sips @ Twisted Manzanita

From the hardware in the brewhouse to soft liquor made for the ladies, this abbreviated Garage Hour is heavy on sipping power.  Whether you're a Manz fan, you just like the craft ale and booze scene, or you're from New Jersey, Pennsylvania or either of the Carolinas (Brew Thru!), this is a killer episode to dip your toes in the burgeoning East County brewing biz.

Like so may Garage Hours, the show runs afoul of the script quickly, but how far can you run when you're broadcasting from a fully loaded still?  Enjoy the introduction of a new show intro too - we're still experimenting, so hold your fire until we choose a new one fer shur.

Chatting up the supersauce from Twisted Manzanita are Jake the Head Distiller, Dan the Head Brewer and Nina (Major Marketing Minion), who join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohosts .45 Phil and Chef Jeff on-air.  Be sure to grab the bomber version of this night's brewcast when you're through this 12oz version, which includes surprise cohosts and more of the usual cars/trucks/beers/guns Garage Houring.  Cheers!

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12.15.12: Gearheads VS Christmas Traffic, Off-Road Damage & Mods & Trails, Return of Convertibles, Military/Battleship/Tank Shout-Outs, Holed Race Tires, Charlie Brown Christmas, Salt Flats VS DTM, Sauce VS Marinade, Plus Real VS Fake Christmas Trees

So much sauce, so little time. The Garage Hour goons take a flying leap at getting traffucked in the stupid soup that is Christmas and holiday driving in rainy San Diego and Southern California; from an assault on skinny jeans to worshipping Lee Iacocca, we've got your gearhead right here.

Because it's awesomesauce, cohosts Dirty Dave and .45 Phil also helo Hostus Maximus Justin Fort slice and dice on beers, skully artist David Lozeau's Christmas show, blown motors, flattening BFG KDs, DUI season, trail mods for Dirty Dave Super Trooper and .45 Phil's F-150, a blown Bilstein for Justin's dirtastic 4Runner (there's your explosion), trail updates for Tierra Del Sol, the annual Superstition Run, Ocotillo Wells and Corral Canyon, and a chat about the need to ensure estate planning for your firearms.

Oh yeah, there are also railguns and battleships, because Garage Hour.

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09.25.10: Classic! Off-Road & Trail Chicanery @ Holy Jim & Corral Canyon, Toyota VS Jeep, Barfing Cohosts, Barfy Union Vote Rigging, Representative VS Politician, Punishing Rifles, Plus Coronado SpeedFest Promo

So much sturm und drang, so little lead...  The Garage Hour goons - including Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, Charlie (My Other Brain) and Patrick from Fine Firearms La Mesa - set off on one of those episodes that came to define the Garage Hour:  tons of fun topics, somewhat arranged, intriguing, offensive, and never boring.

This one's got gearhead: Jeeps and Toyotas and Hummers and Nissans, off-roading at two choice SoCal pieces of dirt (Holy Jim and Corral Canyon), road racing at the Coronado Speed Festival, Hell's Angels (ball-peen, anyone?), drifers, hovercraft, and it's got lots of other good stuff: lumpia, rifles and tigers and bears, snowboarders, funemployment, union thuggery and vote rigging, Prodigy, common sense versus intelligence, bad politicians versus good representatives, and cohost Black Ryan versus cohost Creature.

Stop pretending you've got awesomesauce - it's right here.  Have some.

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08.08.09: Classic! GH's Cash for Clunkers Exposé (Bad Gov, Bad Biz & Bad Math), Lambo Crashing, NASCAR @ Watkins Glen, NHRA @ Barona, Saleen VS Saleen, Porsche VS Volkswagen, Plus Innertubepalooza & Dr. Craw

Untested host Justin Fort tried one of his rare solo appearances for this Garage Hour, completing an hourlong rant aimed at one of Barry O's first failures, the Cash for Clunkers program (which succeeded in very little beyond taking away good used cars from people who needed them).

Between heady tirades about bad government, bad unions, bad deals for taxpayers and bad Clunkers math, this early Garage Hour also contains early Boris Said and road-racer worship, early emasculation of bankrupting fool Steve Saleen, early promos for Barona dragstrip, and early on-air fail and car crash humor for the Lambo flag in your life.

Try one on - Garage Hours don't get much earlier than this.

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03.16.13: Roadside Finds & Other Gearhead Treasure (Incl. Iraq & Desert Storm), AR Assembly & Ammo Day, Global Threats in the Pacific Theater, Mexican Trucks & US Junkyards, Plus DUIs on St. Patty's

It's one of the great gearhead mysteries: when you see something interesting on the side of the road, do you stop and grab it?

We've all asked ourselves the same question, because we've all seen the awesome things from garages and truck beds that litter the side of the road, be they tools, surfboards, buckets, coolers, truck chains, hubcaps, pineapples or a nice M1 Garand...  On this episode of the Garage Hour, the gearhead goons chat about all of the great things that they've scored on the side of the road, and a bunch more of the things they couldn't grab because they were a Soviet tank that had been holed by a recoilless rifle.

It's a Garage Hour, so have no fear - there's also plenty of digression to keep things spicy: Bathist dead-enders, Twisted Manzanita beers, Soviet bitch tanks (.45 Phil assured us that's a thing), Crazy Nick the Board Opp, reverse voyeurism, Jim Jones and Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson's birthday.

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10.16.10: Classic! Bullitt's Charger VS George Washington's Challenger, 100MPG VS Plymouth Superbirds, Miatas, AWJunkies, Propane & Propane Accessories, Ken Block, BMWs, Plus Hikers in Iran & Hanoi Jane

Got to love the oldies!  Dirty Dave, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Black Ryan back up Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for this epic piece of ricocheting gearhead entertainment.

With everything from Frank Bullitt's Dodge Charger and George Washinton's Dodge Challenger, propane and propane accessories (got to explode something), hicks (just type "redneck" and any other word into YouTube for hours of viewing excitement), San Diego's All-Wheel Junkies (Subie, Evo and AWD guys unite!), Miatas, Superbirds, BMWs and 100mpg cars, to Ken Block's car-control ads, SoCal's crap roadways, La Mesa's sad comedy that is Mayor Art Madrid, anyone dumb enough to go hiking in Iran, and the great fail that is Hanoi Jane, THIS is geargead radio.  Get some.

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07.23.11: In-Shop Live @ Reese Tuning w/ D1 Drifter Andrew Redward, Plus Dyno Pulls, LS Motors, Evo & 'Vette Guys, Preppie Beer Snobs, Range Time, Fatso Jetson & Black Ryan VS Black James

Killer live Garage Hour from San Diego tuner shop Reese Tuning...  Included in this episode is a sporty chat with New Zealand-based D1 drifter Andrew Redward about good places to put an LS6 (like in his FC RX-7), diesel motors and where to put them (in a 4Runner!), fast cars on dynos, racers that are not on the street (ahem!), indominable force versus immovable objects (freight trains versus 20ft snow drifts), Skynyrd's Innyrds frontman Duncan Lancaster, yummy beers at Manzanita Brewing, and handguns versus rifles for fun and pleasure.

On-air with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort are Dirty Dave, Black Ryan, Even Blacker James and Mr. Dustin (Top Earner).

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03.17.12: Gearheads Love Westerns! Best Movies & Actors, Best Bad Guys, From Good to Bad & Ugly to Mag 7, Blazing Saddles & True Grit, It's In There (Plus MechaWesterns & Space Westerns)

If you're any movie fan, you know that lots of what's called "film" today has its roots in American Westerns (some of which, ironically, have their roots in other genres...).  That said, who can't quote a line from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly or Tombstone? The Garage Hour goons got all worked up for this one, cataloging all the best cowboy and Western cinema (and Western-derived) action, from the Magnficent SevenOnce Upon a Time in the WestCity SlickersSilveradoEldoradoButch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid3:10 to Yuma and everything between, plus all of the mecha Westerns (Road Warrior, anyone?) and space Westerns (Firefly), plus cartoon Westerns like Trigun and Western television shows like DeadwoodThe Rifleman and Brisco County.

On top of all that are copious ratings of the best good guys, and more importantly, the best bad guys, from Lee Van Cleef's Angel Eyes (and Henry Fonda's interpretation of the same role) to Brian Denehey's bad town boss in Silverado.

While we're at it, R.I.P. Eli Wallach (the "Ugly" in the epic Good, Bad & Ugly spaghetti Western), who shuffled on in June of 2014.  You were the best.

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01.12.13: Show & Tell (Cool Gearhead & Geek Bits Like Titanium Ore & Blown Turbos), Junkyard Truck Parts, Beer VS Captain, Laws VS Criminals, 2A VS Politicians, Monty VS Rommel, Plus Piers Morgan's Fail, NY's Bloomberg Fail & SD's Bob Failner

Geeks do the best show & tell - let the Garage Hour tell you how.  We've got everything from a blown quad piston (13:1 compression on av-gas will do that), fragged spider gears (from a fragged SN-95 diff), intake shrapnel (the cast Edelbrock intake didn't like that much juice), wheel chunks from a CORR race truck, to a five-inch naval shell cut and polished into a fine ashtray, the official K-Bar US Constitution (pocket-sized, of course), and titanium ore needles.

It's the Garage Hour - what did you expect?  Boring?  We don't have that.

It's also gearhead radio, so we deep-dove on our usual medley of historic, awesome and intelligent lunacy, including a full-frontal assault on big government (leave the Second Amendment alone, you leeches), plus a duscussion of fradulent pot supporters, real beer supporters (plus Captain Morgan), fun junkyard parts for fun and Phil, a second assault on epic douche and all-around limey to threaten Piers Morgan, wiring stereos versus wiring IEDs, and a whole truckload of World War Two stuff.  That's just for starters: yes, have some Garage Hour.

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03.30.13: Prius VS Prius Owners, Gov Money VS Fisker Fails, Henschel VS Porsche, Shermans VS Tigers & .45 Phil's Tank of the Week, the Martini Bong, Plus Cohost Battles: Creature VS .45 Phil & Dirty Dave VS (Almost) Agent Aya

If you're a gearhead or geek of any sort, this is the episode for you - the Garage Hour gang has stacked this one to the rafters with a little bit of everything good, from Al Gore's carbon footprint (and his big fat footprint) to the Reverend Horton Heat, Hellcats and Pershings and Sheridans and the dreaded Tiger, plus the epic fail that is hybrid and electric cars when their government funding is missing.  There's also Big Goverment's love of square pegs for round hols, small-town cop fails (coming to a city near you), battling cohosts, heaps of bad accents (and a few good ones), and tales of fails regarding Middle East fighters' inability to understand and/or learn modern Western combat skills (with the noted exception of the Afghanis - credit where credit's due).  Then it's all martini bongs and bumper stickers and VW carb tuning.

Must be the Garage Hour.  Hostus Maximus is joined in the studio by Crag Maxwell, .45 Phil and (Almost) Agent Aya.

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11.03.12: Gearhead Attack on CA Politics (w/ Richard Rider), Plus Optima Street Car Challenge, Diesel Swaps, Pretty Shooting, Ugly Reporters, Comrade Filner & Other Pinko Threats

YEEEARRRRGH!  So much information, so little filter.  Instead of displaying their collective ignorance (not really), the Garage Hour goons brought California political observer/wiseguy Richard Rider (Tax Fighter) into the studio to tell us what's what with the screwball systems that power the People's Republic of Kalifornia (which we heard humorously referred to as Kaliforniastan a few days ago) and keep the self-loating eat-all suicidal monster that is the capitol in Sacramento in business perpetuating itself. Richard also helps the show puzzle through some of the propositions that appeared on CA's 2012 ballot, and how the Sacramenticians work their hardest to make a mess of CA once-vaunted proposition system too.

Wow, sounds a little negative.  It was supposed to sound a lot...  On a positive, the gearheads also get a good chat going about diesel, the Optima Battery Street Car Challenge, 50-state crate motors from GM (hey, they're getting exactly that right), Mr. Dustin's Viper problem, and they take a few stabs at San Diego's mayoral race, which was as bad as you heard.

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12.22.12: Gearhead Xmas! Gifting, Shopping & Traffic Terrorism for Gearheads, 'Vette Flags, Lambo Crashes, F-150 Parts, Estate Sales, Jaws VS Barbosa, Plus Serious Looks at Violence & Culture

So much good stuff...  Pile up some layers of gearhead fun for the silly season: truck parts and car parts, tools and estate sales, Corvette guys and Lambo guys, reading tires, reading firearms, beers and villains, Rutger Hauer, Aussie humor and flipping poles (science!).  Add to that some sharp words about Al Sharpton (you're a bad, bad man), and a serious conversation about the root causes of the Newton shooting, and it's got to be an episode of Hank Watson's Garage Hour.

Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and .45 Phil cohost with Justin Fort.

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11.10.12: Celebrating Veterans Day & Marines Birthday, Drifting Semi Tractors, Computer Tattlers,  Swingline Staplers, Corrosion of Conformity, Mr. Dustin's SEMA Experience, Plus Shocking Post-Election Lament & Understanding Proto-Socialists

Uggh! So much venting, so much post-electoral disdain as the Garage Hour goons get the re-election of President Pickle out of their systems... On top of their cries are heaped the last gasps of low-information progressive and socialist votes in the People's Republic of Kalifornia, which put a supermajority of leftist nutballs in the state capitol, and several deeply flawed pinkos like San Diego's Bob Failner in the mayor's office. Sorry, had to get that out.

This episode was meant to be a celebration of America's fighting men and women, plus a nod to the US Marines' birthday, so on top of some good road-race tales and a good look at the automotive orgasm that is Las Vegas's SEMA show from cohost Mr. Dustin, there's General Petreaus's fall, threats to our Second Amendment, Fatso Jetson, "It's wafer-thin!", a Richard Ryder redux, Bob "Catfish" Failner, leftists-progressives-socialists-communists connections, Bilstein suspensions and shooting at P2K Range. .45 Phil, Crag Maxwell and Dirty Dave also join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in-studio for this rousing episode.

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04.16.11: Zombies! Original GH Apocalypse Special, w/ Top-10 To-Be-Eatens, Escape Drivers, Prep List, Weaponry, & Zombie Fighters, Plus Bad Monster Movies & Killing Sparkly Vampires (Just Because)

It took years to get to our first Zombie Apocalypse Special, but it was worth the wait - everything from napalm to snowplows come up in this first adventure in redeading the undead, which also includes shotguns, Thompsons, a mace, escape vehicles, Danica VS Stewart, modern zombie theories, and a discussion about to-cyborg or not-to-cycborg.  The zombies can't keep a good gearhead down, because the Garage Hour goons also figure out the best get-eveners and zombie-resistance personnel, and help you feel better about it all with a list of ideas on how to take out your undead-killing frustration on sparkly vampires.

The Top Men supporting Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in this fine outing of Gearheads Off Topic are none other than Dirty Dave, Grizzly Chris and Mr. Dustin (Top Earner).

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12.13.14: In-Garage Hour! Live from the Garage w/ On-Air Brake Repair, Mel VS Max Brooks, Beer Tasting, Bingewatching Reviews, Queens VS Clutch VS Ministry VS AIC Concerts, Garage Etiquette, Truck Racks, Woodies & The First Ever On-Air Swear

The Garage Hour: ready or not, we're coming in!  The episode's experimental new Pure Podcast sound-test worked better than expected, so we made a show with it.

It's 100% garage-action in this first-ever Pure Podcast, which was recorded during a night of hangoutery and tool spinning in Hostus Maximus Justin Fort's private garage.  This ain't no poseur garage - between swapping rotors on the host's canyon carving STi to a discussion of the value of inch-pound 18-volt DeWalt impact guns, it's all gearhead, all the time.  Friends-of-show Chef Jeff from The Hills and Eastbound restaurants in San Diego, Jaime of Off-Road.com fame, and minivan-wielding Surfer Greg join Justin in the garage.

Have no fear, it's all Garage Hour, so there's enough "other" to plug the hole in the Titanic: sci-fi, Made in the USA, the art of podcasting, music called "Garage Hour", hunting dogs, parties with homemade moonshine, probable Sasquatch Runs for fun and buzz, ringing ears, minivan mods, rusty cars, Jewish humor, Tractor Supply Company, BFGoodrich's Nacho and his tire-grooving terrors, the pervy things Disney artists drew into their kids' movies, and, of course, hipster abuse.

It's a podcast, so we warned you (as we do it in the show) - there's one swear word.  Just one.  You can't miss it, but you might miss the outtakes - this show doesn't end until it ends.  Now get some.

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04.20.13: Big Gov VS Americans' Rights, Up-Armored Police VS Disarmed Americans, Raptor Run Report (w/ Bison), Justin's 4-20 Rant, Domestic Terrorists & Barry Obama, Knives & Guns, Boston Bombing Details & the Texas Fertilizer Explosion, & .45 Phil's Tank

Stunningly good episode - some of the best gearhead talk the Garage Hour goons have ever done.  THIS is big-AM radio.

If you're a gearhead who thinks about more than car and truck parts, this is your Garage Hour.  If you're a geek of any sort who wants to expand your mind with a bunch of other geeks, this is your Garage Hour.  From smart comparisons of the Bostom marathon bombing with the Texas fertilizer explosion, including historic references, to a far-reaching look at the constitutional rights that stand athwart of Massachusetts' efforts to hunt down the Boston bombers, and how local cops are beginning to look a lot like federal agents and the military, this is big-brain blue-collar talksauce - have some.  In addition, it's hard to avoid being a gearhead - this episode's also got .45 Phil's Tank of the Week (WW2 Japan's Hago jungle tank), Hoosier Eric's Raptor Run Report (including a buffalo attack), Clutch, Zach Wilde, Freedom Rock (turn it up!), a little remider about Barry Obama's buddy Bill Ayers, and why it's important to wear running shoes in bear country.

Crag Maxwell, .45 Phil and Agent Aya help Hostus Maximus Justin Fort blow the doors off this one.  KILLER talk radio right here.

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11.07.09: Classic! A Little Everything w/ Skully & Lowbrow Artist David Lozeau, Plus F-150s & Cash/Clunkers, 2WD Xterras, Homer Simpson, James Bonds, Beers @ Hamilton's, Beta Band, and Bridge @ River Kwai

Fantastic Garage Hour Reload: beer, burgers, Arlen Specter and Admiral Ackbar, the Beta Band, vintage movies (roots of our must-see list), The Saint, breaking the studio, Cash for Clunkers and how much sense it didn't make, Explorer VS Commander VS Xterra, remodelling at the Fletcher Hills compound, ranking the James Bonds, worshipping Homer Simspon, Halloween parties and DDing, the All-Wheel Junkies, the Guild of Calamitous Intent, and Chargers VS Raiders.

Up and coming skully and lowbrow artist David Lozeau - longtime drinking and shooting friend of the show - finally makes his way to the broadcast booth for this episode, talking his art, his techniques and his penchant for trucks that don't make sense.

By the by, vintage cohost Grizzly Chris also joins David "Don't Call Me Dave" Lozeau and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the Garage Hour studio for this one.  Now download some.

Direct download: HWGH110709.m4a
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12.26.09: Classic! Hayabusa Smarts, Holiday Traffic Fails, Weather VS SoCal, 'Vette Flags, DUI for the Holidays, Christmas Truck Parts, Firechicken Cubes, Kimbo Fail, Bad Movies, Bad Colors, Big "O" La Mesa, Ford VS China, and Fluffy VS Pointy

Well, OF COURSE we're going to do that.

It's a full studio in this Garage Hour Reload, chock full of cars and trucks and beers and at least one gun.  Do you like Evos? STis?  Subie parking?  'Vette guys messing up their 'Vettes? Getting truck parts for Christmas?  Kimbo Slice or Mike Tyson?  Menacing people?  How about a little Canoe Reeves and Nick Cage hate?  Unimogs?  Ford Fiestas?  Ford selling Volvo to the Chinese?  GM selling Hummer to the Chinese, and SAAB to Spyker?  How about several reminders about not drinking and driving?  Or perhaps you're just in it for the Hayabusa-powered Smart cars (which is totally understandable...).

It's Hank Freakin' Watson's Garage Hour - have some.

Direct download: HWGH122609.m4a
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05.04.13: Tanks & Slayer's Jeff Hanneman (RIP), Bombers VS Boston, CA & Barry VS 2A, UK VS US Media, Blue VS Red States, Blues Brothers VS Venture Bros, Finns VS Russia, Plus Baader-Meinhof VS Lead Coffins

So much good stuff! The Garage Hour goons dig in to the slobbering populist US media and slobbering Ismalic fundamentalists, the importance of where you bury your bodies (and the fancy lead-weighted coffins made for the Baader-Meinhof gang), and a minor comparison of Marines and Chicken of the Sea by the show's resident Master Guns, .45 Phil.

It's not all fun and games, though - most of this is even better.  There's a sporty Garage Hour sendup for Slayer string-maven Jeff Hanneman, plus a less reverent flamejob for Communist State of CA's most recent attempts at ignoring the Second Amendment.  Beyond that, well, it's the Garage Hour, so just like cohosts Agent Aya, Crag Maxwell, .45 Phil and Barrister Hilton - with Master of Disaster Justin Fort - you can count on cars, trucks, beers and guns, tanks and sasquatches, the Venture Bros and the Blues Brothers, and that's just for an appetizer.  This is is gearhead-talk radio at its finest.

Direct download: HWGH050413.m4a
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04.24.10: Classic! Evos & Off-Road, Broken FJs & Tijuana Paint Jobs, Mac 10s & AKs & The Suitcase Gun, Sasquatch VS Beer, Turbo 4Runners, Slayer & High On Fire & Die Krupps, Anza-Borrego Earthquakes

Pure gearhead talk superiority right here:  the Garage Hour goons hit every target with this episode.  Cars, trucks, beers and guns, sasquatch ballistics and FJ ignition, hippie hunting and Supra turbo-powered 4Runners, Funco buggies, missing remote controls, heavy rock and sludgy metal, Bilstein suspensions, Mexican paint jobs for rorty SS Camaros, fire damage in Ramona and earthquake damage in the San Diego desert.  That's just for starters - get this one if you like it fast, dense and gearhead.

Direct download: HWGH042410.m4a
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06.13.09: Classic! Second-Ever Garage Hour, w/ Harley Letner & Cory Halopoff & Goodyear Racing, Crap Orange County Traffic, Good Clay Bar Detailing, Formula 1 VS F1 Manufacturers, GM VS the U.S. Taxpayer, Plus Hummer & SAAB Say FU

Holy schnikeys, that's an old one!  This Garage Hour Reload is the second-ever episode of the show, and man, does it stink.  No, actually, it doesn't, but it does do a lot to show how Hank Watson's Garage Hour has evolved over the years - just grab a freshie from 2014 and play 'em back to back.

Dirty Dave and Hostus Newguy Justin Fort did their first big interview for this one, chatting with Goodyear Racing's Cory Halopoff and Harley Letner, who'd just days earlier won the Baja 500 in their Class One, even beating the motorcycles.  This interview was on the heels of a big rules scandal that had taken perennial cheaters like Robbie Gordon off the podium for speeding on public roads and cutting the course, and Harley and Cory had plenty to say about it.

In addition, the Garage Hour goons chatted the usual gearhead goodness - auto detailing and the clay bar, Formula 1 and its FIA-addled battle with Formula 1 manufacturers, the abysmal state of San Diego traffic and why it's Orange County's fault, and the gradual breakdown of government-owned General Motors.

Direct download: HWGTH061309.m4a
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09.10.11: Southern Fried Garage Hour, w/ Skynyrd's Innyrds, Off-Roading, Chuck Norris Jokes, P2K & the Tornado, San Diego Beer Week, Manzanita Brewing, Lifted Subies, the AWJunkies, Plus Zach Wylde VS James Hetfield

Epic early Garage Hour...  Everything from San Diego Beer Week and Manzanita Brewing's one-year birthday party to Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band Skynyrd's Innyrds lead Duncan Lancaster and lifted Subaru STis in the dirt - yuuuuuuup, we checked.  It's Hank Watson's Garage Hour.

Joining host Justin Fort in the Garage Hour studio (alongside East County joke machine Duncan Lancaster) are cohosting veterans Dirty Dave and Black Ryan.  The show's pointed chatter and debatery is sighted squarely at rock and/or roll, beer and/or booze, off-roading options, the All-Wheel Junkies, how to land a plane during a blackout and more San Diego power-outage humor (it's the best), and a little bit of love for our fans in Colorado.

Hell yes - have some.  It's the Garage Hour

Direct download: HWGH091011.m4a
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09.21.13: Garage Hour Lite w/ The Bullet Points, Plus Volvette, the Coronado Classics, Sandwich Testing the AR-AK, Blackout Season in San Diego, Post-War Rifles, A Little Gun Racism & Feature Fear

Shortened Garage Hours suck, especially when it's a Garage Half-Hour.  Arizombies ate off 3/4 of the show this week, so Hostus Maximus Justin Fort has a hard time getting in to the thick of things The Bullet Points guys (Peter, Tyler and Bort) and Eryk from CalGuns.net.  What a shame, too - they were prepared for everything, including preparedness, rifles, bagels, batteries and bullets, as well as Volvette, chicken bakes, the funk exchange, and Hello Kitty AR-15s (hey, at least they're not black).

Next time.  As for this time, download the briefest Garage Hour ever, 'cause they broke the mold after this one.  Thank goodness.

Direct download: HWGH092113.m4a
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09.05.09: Classic! Off-Road @ CO & CleveNat, CO4RJ, Dude Food @ Labor Day (Boneless Chicken & Watermelon Margaritas), Rob Zombie & Nailgun Tales, Plus Breaking  4Runner Parts & Priuses

Whether you're flexing your retro terror or just want to get a glimpse of the Garage Hour's roots, this is a great episode to dive in to the what we call old school.

Grizzly Chris and host Justin Fort spend an entire episode trying to relate a few Dude Food recipes (Justin's boneless chicken w/ a top-secret marinade and Chris's watermelon margaritas), but the goons detour in classic Garage Hour fashion, hitting everything from Dazed & Confused (the movie) to Ahhhnold impresisons, Rob Zombie and nailgun lawsuits, the heat in San Diego (112?) and the Unabomber in a ten-by-ten shack.

It's not all wanderlust, however, because you can't keep a good gearhead down: there's also Grand Cherokee trail rollovers, off-roading in Colorado and the Cleveland National Forest in SoCal, 4Runner parts and how long they don't last, Priuses and how they still can't off-road, Unimogs, and some freaky Unimog-4Runner mutant that roams Colorado doing its best impression of a sasquatch (because everyone's heard of it and no one's seen it).

Why not?  It's the Garage Hour.  Have some.

Direct download: HWGH090509.m4a
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05.05.12: Chuck Norris Episode, Plus Motor Mounts, Turn Signals, Miatas & Tornadoes, Old Kung Fu Asskickers, New Viper VS Old, Pedal Footwork, Creature's Truck Wreck, Grilled Cheese, Saigas, Bullet Buttons, & Robin Trower

THIS is a hysterical Garage Hour, with all the back and forth gearhead tomfoolery you've come to expect from the best of the Garage Hour goons.  So much good stuff.

And Yes, you may have heard, this is the Chuck Norris episode, chock full of Chuck facts and witticisms that drive women crazy and cohosts mad...  It's not all ball bearings, however, because it's the Garage Hour - we digress.  There's local dining at Tiger Tiger, Russian shotguns, the new Viper versus the old one, Chuck Norris, turn signals, Evolutions and motorhomes, Chuck Norris, the Indiana report with Hoosier Eric, STi motor mounts, driving Tail of the Dragon, couches and Jerusalem, old kung fu asskickers and new art from David Lozeau, Chuck Norris, Dan Gurney, a tough guy montage, and the tale of sometime cohost Creature  wrecking his Super Duty.

Dirty Dave, Black Ryan, Garrett the Couch and Don't Die Brian help Hostus Maximus Justin Fort Chuck this one up.  Soooooo much good stuff.

Direct download: HWGH050512.m4a
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05.25.13: Garage Hour Fan-Mail (w/ Haters!), KGB Humor, Sid Vicious VS Garbage VS King's X, .45 Phil's Tank of the Week, Memorial Day Dos & DUI Don'ts, Hybrid Hypocrisy, #1 Lane Fails, Gun Control = Two Hands, Plus Cool Battleship Stuff

A very high-Q Garage Hour right here: KGB and Russians, the tanks that defeated them, sunken passenger ships and the battleships that didn't, a thoughtful reminiscence of Memorial Day and the men and women who made it possible, and Charles Bronson's Death Wish remodelled for the Andy Griffith show, courtesy of the Simpsons.

Like we promised, though, throughout the show is a hearty review of recent Garage Hour fanmail and listener correspondence (plus one fine hater) by .45 Phil, Crag Maxwell (who introduced his alter-ego, Mag Craxwell, in this episode), Agent Aya (who brought along her handler, one "Angela Black"), and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, who, despite all of the KGB agents in the studio, was only threatened once.

There's also a goodly heap of rock and roll awesomesauce, including a discussion of the little-known Sid Vicious/Garbage/King's X tour.  Or not.  Oh yeah, the Garage hour goons also make fun of hybrids, but that's like shooting at the side of a barn - you're going to hit it, you're just not sure when.  Then it's a bunch of prattling on about DUIs and how the cops will stick it to you - don't be a fool, and don't drink and drive.

Direct download: HWGH052513.m4a
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07.20.13: Gearheads Talk Auto Mechanics & How to Trust a Garage, SeeBees, Car VS Book Geeks, Tactical Shooter Training for Home Defense, The Low-Information Apocalypse, Scientologists, Bad Behavior @ the IRS, Plus Deadbolt & The Graveyard Farmers

Ultra topic Garage Hour: how to pick, know, and trust the people who keep your car on the road (and how to know you're being screwed).  Everything comes across the bench, from how to identify an honest wrench to avoiding being treated like a girl when seeking auto repair, plus a few insightful car-care tricks and the importance of getting a second opinion.

Because Garage Hour (duhhh), the show also deep-dives the same itches you like to scratch: IRS illegitimacy, kill-house versus range shooting, how progressivism is next to communism, NASA history, barn finds in old houses, the creeping fungus that is Scientology, detailing Crag's Model T, a few more well-targeted shots at the Bret Stalbaum's nauseating gun-tracking app, and a happy dose of good old fashioned rockabilly.

Matt Klier, Lead Instructor @ Active Shooter Defense School, who also happens to be an ASE-certified mechanic, joins Agent Aya, Crag Maxwell (of Maxwell's House of Books in downtown La Mesa, CA) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort on this excellent episode of Hank Watson's Garage Hour.

Direct download: HWGH072013.m4a
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07.03.10: Hour @ the 'Port Classic! Beer Tasting & Beer Terms (Trube!), Evo & WRX VS Porsche, Magic Bullet & Original .50-Cal Ricochet Debate, Shooting iPhones, Ford & Toyota Recalls, Plus Boston's Kennedy Problem

Live radio from the brewery: it's an Hour at the 'Port, with the Garage Hour goons joining forces with Pizza Port Carlsbad for one of our first beerhead shows.  Everything from beer tasting - Night Stalker, Good Grief Brown, Coffee Monster, and all the fun beer words that made it happen, including floculate and trube - to Toyota and Ford recalls, an assault on iPhones, earthquakes, Orosco Range, flying children, Miatas, Barona Drags, and a fine pile of Kennnedy humor in honor of guest cohost Boston Rich.

Speaking of, Pizza Port brewer Boston Rich sits down with Dirty Dave, Grizzly Chris, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort on the 'Port's porch for this one, and rest assured, this is one.

Direct download: HWGH070310.m4a
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02.11.12: Hybrid Hatred, Fisker VS Leaf, Stimulus Fund Fails, Trap "Speed Rounds" @ P2K, NASCAR VS F1 VS Prototypes VS Bathurst, King of Hammers, T-Bird Recalls, Plus Vomiting Mayors

Too much good stuff!  Starting with the hybrid hatred (well, it's closer to pity: Fiskers and Leafs es no bueno) and running headlong into UFOs and the new T-Bird recalls, the Garage Hour goons lit it on fire for this one.

Left in the wake of Justin Fort, Dirty Dave, Crag Maxwell and Silent Brian is a pile of topics: "Coexist", Crusaders, Deadbolt (the band, not the door), crack kills (Whitney Houston), barfing mayors, unique old towns, dishonest municipalities, Ozzy and Mr. T, and geek VS dork.  That's followed by the usual Garage Hour suspects: speed rounds at P2K, elk rifles, auto racing (everything from F1 to NASCAR to Prototypes to Bathurst to King of Hammers), garage-built rigs for KOH, and pimping for pizzas.

It's not a living.

Direct download: HWGH021112.m4a
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05.11.13: Tanks & Trucks, Bilsteins & ARs, Doc Holliday's Street Howitzer, Expensive Stereotypes, German Planes @ WW2, Zep VS Keith Moon, Plus Scary Movies VS American Literature & Hillary VS Benghazi

The Garage Hour is not complete without an occasional episode that actually demonstrates our actual intelligence.  This is one of those, short on the usual ricochet hillarity and leveraged pretty heavily with the brains of the operation.  Everything from Doc Holliday and his street howitzer to the consumption that ate up he and his fellow lungers.  There's rock and/or roll with Fatso Jetson, Led Zeppelin, Keith Moon (and his handfuls of pills), and a tour down Memory Lane with Nikita Khrushchev.  We also take some pot shots at Hillary's pending Benghazi doom and discuss fine literature and "the American novel".

Beyond the big words and pretty pictures, the Garage Hour goons don't skimp on the necessities: Japan's thirst for 5.56, ARs, scary movies, and birthday wishes to real American guy and president, Harry Truman.  Oh, and there's also a little bit of the Simpsons, knives at gunfights, P2K Range, the Graveyard Farmers, Iowa farmers, and when it's okay to shoot your neighbor's dog.

To have an episode of this magnitude, you need the smart guys: cohost Crag Maxwell, resident bookmonger of Maxwell's House of Books in downtown La Mesa, plus noted history buff .45 Phil join noted satirist and Hostus Maximus, Justin Fort in the studio.

Direct download: HWGH051113.m4a
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01.08.11: Tahoe's New Year's Riots, Prius Angst, Track Days for Beaters, 4Runners on Five Holes, the Indiana Report, Earth's Magnetic Poles, Leftist Hypocrisy, and New Year's Resolution Fails

Hank Watson's Garage Hour asks South Tahoe "Why the Hell are you idiots rioting?", plus 100 more questions about Heavenly (a.k.a. Hill Envy) and the whole area's messed up New Year's scene.

That's just the beginning, because this is gearhead radio: track time, WRX parts, Prius angst and No, you can't have your wedding in Costa Rica.  After that, the false humanity that are New Year's resolutions, more broken 4Runner parts (because Toyota!), double taxation, Juan Williams VS NPR, all-wheel drive donuts, your 2A rights, the Earth's shifting magnetic poles (f@*& your compass), the fool that is State Senator Williams from Colorado and Do As I  Say elitism.

Hell yes - it's the Garage Hour.

Direct download: HWGH010811.m4a
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10.24.09: Classic! Mogs & Pinzgauers @ Mogfest, District 9, Braun F1, Robbie Knievel, QOTSA & Fatso Jetson, Remodeling Angst & Conservative Conservationism

Vintage supersauce: this Garage Hour Reload is the good old stuff.  From the music-fail intro, F1 and District 9 to the roots of our disdain for Nick Cage and our limitless adoration of Queens of the Stone Age, this one's full of it.  Grizzly Chris and Dirty Dave join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in-studio.

Once past the basics, the Garage Hour goons also peel away a few layers of their psyche with everything from Mogfest (Unimogs and Pinzgauers, and how easy they are to break on-trail), Deliverance, Robbie Knievel jumping Obama voters with a D9 bulldozer, Led Zeppelin for fun and snowboarding, the joy and agony that is your remodel, treading light on-trail, Richard Nixon on Futurama, exploding truck parts, and an undying hatred of the Cash for Clunkers program.

Remember, conservative conservationism is more than just saving ammo - take care of your resources before someone does it for you.

Direct download: HWGH102409.m4a
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07.13.13: Combo Episode: Auto Detailing & Wartime Politics! Off-Road Advocacy, Cruise Missile Diplomacy, Car Washing Humor, East County Dining, Plus Bret "Statist Nozzle" Stalbaum

Another grand experiment in gearhead radio: the Garage Hours' Auto Detailing & Wartime Politics episode, or how we learned to stop worrying and love Cruise Missile Diplomacy.  Also included in this killer pile of smart-guy awesomesauce are such gems as "every Iran deserves a battleship (sitting a few miles offshore)", the anti-gun Stalbaum bashfest, and the introduction of .45 Phil's latest app: the "People Phil Needs to Slap Around" app.

It's not all fun and games, however.  Phil, Crag Maxwell and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort get into off-road advocacy, and auto detailing... details... like car wax, clay bars, and the Two Bucket Method.  The official Garage Hour gullets also Dude Food it up with a fine selection of East County eateries, and talk a little about gun safety before recounting how World War One doughboys used to shoot German hand grenades like it was pigeon season (plus ze Germans) with their scary American shotgun skills.  Then Crag quotes Hobbes and makes the rest of the Garage Hour goons look stupid. Er.

Direct download: HWGH071313.m4a
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01.22.11: 4Runner Trail Damage, Ammo Laws, GH Fanmail, GH Parenting, Cows & Kids, Anti-Job Smelt? Led Zeppelin, Hulk VS Batman? Voyager=Awesome, Railguns & Lasers, Plus WW2 in the Pacific ala "With the Old Breed"

One of THOSE episodes of the Garage Hour...  All of the good gearhead stuff, crammed into a one-hour talk show clown car piloted by the Garage Hour goons: trucks, sports, Charger ownership hatred, the Raiders, FaceSlave, Black Ryan and green clothes, ammunition laws in the commie state of CA, rich guys, fan letters, tiger moms, Garage Hour parenting rules, parenting for farmers, turkeys in Ramona (CA - the state, not the person), stupid laws, the smelt versus your job, Barrett-Jackson, CA's awful senators, Led Zeppelin's Wanton Song, Hulk, Batman and Bane, the Voyager probe at the edge of the solar system, railguns, lasers, Avaturd, Hurt Locker, and all about WW2 in the Pacific ala "With the Old Breed".

Yeah, all of that, a bag of chips, Dirty Dave and Justin Fort.

Direct download: HWGH012211.m4a
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10.25.14: Mustangs, Movember & Manly Cancer Awareness Month! We Chat Beer, Batteries and Bullets, IT & Information Security, Plus Curvy Roads & Unphoning Yourself

With topics like potatoes, .45 ACP, Mustangs, mustaches, Manly Cancer Awareness Month (better known as Movember), ebola, preparedness and making musclecars dance, it's got to be another episode of the Garage Hour.  This was a semi-special show, because we finally got the guys from Movember and Stachepoint Education (deployed in San Diego for your beer and poker-lovin' pleasure) to join us to chat about the importance of dudes not being afraid to check with the doc about the condition of their brass now and again.  Also, get off the couch, Fatty.

Between details of Movember events in San Diego (including the November 1 Stache Bash - beer, barbecue and giveaways at Helm's Brewing) and tales of ales sipped, the Garage Hour goons do their gearhead 100%-ricochet best with topics ranging from bullets, batteries, a little bit of prepping (it is ebola season, after all) and the wonderment that is turning off your freakin' phone once in a while.

Infosec legend/newb cohost Rick McElroy joined Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in-studio and is already beggin' for a nickname, so this might be one of the better pieces of sheeeeow in Garage Hour history.  Download some. 

Direct download: HWGH102514.m4a
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07.06.13: First Two-Hour Garage Hour! Auto-Detailing Attack, Filner Grope-Attack, Hipster Attack, DUI Attack, Manz Attacks, Germans Attack, Hillary Attack, Attacking Bureaucracy, Plus Lightning Attack Windmills

First-ever two-hour Garage Hour right here, and it's all you'd expect from the best kind of AM talk - gearhead talk.  Enjoy auto detailing? Want to hear about Mayor Bob "Gropomatic" Filner and Mayor Art "Drinkomatic" Madrid?  Going to Manzanita's upcoming third-annniversary party?  Interested in shotgun history, like trench guns VS ze Germans? What do you know about geek VS nerd?  Ever crashed a motorcycle?  How does Anthrax compare to metal?  Hope Diane Feinstein and the NSA eat each other?  Are you a conservatives or the GOP? Drink custom beers?  Where do you come down on bureaucracy VS freedom?  Think new wind turbines are out to get nature?


Larry and Nina from Manzanita Brewing join Crag Maxwell of Maxwell's House of Books in La Mesa, CA, Agent Aya of the KGB and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort on-air.

Direct download: HWGH070613.m4a
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07.10.10: Classic! Impalas & Bars in Milwaukee, Office VS Military Pranks, Jeeper VS PT Cruiser Death, Clutch, Tobin & Sasquatch, Trail Plans for Corral Canyon, Plus the Latest List of Secret Scientologists

This Garage Hour Reload pits some good old cohosts (Dirty Dave and Grizzly Chris, with host Justin Fort) against some of the Garage Hour's good old nemeses: our pal Gravedigger's '67 Impala, off-roading in Corral Canyon, drag racing at Barona, Dr. Tooth, Sasquatch, Clutch, office pranks, and Scientologists.

That's right, in addition to the usual parade of cruising the bars in a 25.1C'd alcohol-huffing Impala, Jeeper death, PT Cruiser death, Amon Tobin, Five Horse Johnson and Mogs, the Garage Hour goons tackle the latest list of the Church of Strange Alienology's ongoing members and pending suckers (courtesy of Cracked Magazine), and you WILL be surprised by whom we discovered.  Or possibly not.

Direct download: HWGH071010.m4a
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10.18.14: Mexican (Dude) Food @ San Diego, Commuting on Race Tires, Local Hillclimbing, Polymer AR Lowers, Shoe Goo, Plus Tex-Mex VS Cal-Mex & Bar VS Restaurant, and the Wonderment That is the California Burrito

If you like Mexican food and live in the Garage Hour's home city of San Diego (last bastion of sanity in the glorious People's Republic of California), then this Dude Food episode is right up your alley.  Mr. Dustin (Top Earner and retrosauce cohost) joins Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for the best (and not so awesome) Mexican joints, restaurants, drive-throughs and general munchie action in San Diego, plus a little bit of thought on Tex-Mex versus Cal-Mex, carne asada, the California Burrito, and the big question: is Taco Bell still Mexican food?

Of course, there's a truckload of the usual Garage Hour fun in this truncated episode too, like commuting on race tires (on-ramps need love too), hillclimbs in SoCal (race Palomar, anyone?), polymer AR lowers, the miracle that is Shoe Goo (fix those Copas) and National Stare at a Hybrid Owner Like Something's Wrong With Them Month (coming up in November).

Direct download: HWGH101814.m4a
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05.18.13: AR-15 Is Your Friend, Building ARs, Gun Racism, Watching Cannonball Run, Salt Flat Fly-Bys, Dick Trickle (RIP), the State of Barry O's White House, Reloading Ammo, Plus Drunken Sailors & Instigatism of the Idiotlings

It's the second of many Garage Hour AR-15 episodes, this with the boys from Wilde Built Tactical - a fine collection of AR building, AR styles, AR sources, AR-15 versus AR-10, and some of the crackpottery pretending to be laws that states like the People's Republic of California keep putting into play, hoping it'll stick this time.  Remember, the AR-15 is your friend - don't succumb to gun racism.

Have no fear - it's the Garage Hour - so there's also a fine load of gearhead chatter, tomfoolery and explosions too, including sounds from the salt flats, the .50-cal ricochet, Ghostbusters versus Zombieland, the must-see that is Cannonball Run, 9mm and .223/5.56 tales, some words of respect for NASCAR legend Dick Trickle, and a few thoughts about life as the KGB by the Garage Hour's very own Agent Aya, plus .45 Phil, Bryan and Charles from Wilde Built, and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

Direct download: HWGH051813.m4a
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10.11.14: Road-Racing & Crisis Prepping (Combo Episode!), 24 Hours of Lemons @ Thunderhill, Disaster Awareness, Celebrating Columbus Day and Stare at a Hybrid Month, P2K Safe & Membership Giveaway, & the DOT in your Car (Gettin' Tickets & Sh!t)

Can the Garage Hour goons pull off the ultimate two-faced episode? Two great gearhead topics - road-racing with the 24 Hours of Lemons gang at Thunderhil,l and a little bit of basic "prepping" so you won't need to fight with the low-information idiots at Wal-Mart over a can of Spam - can we do it?

We start with the racing - how can't we? - and the crapcan series nationally known as the 24 Hours of Lemons, and their latest rustastic assault on Thunderhill: everything from adventures in wiring, Civic fails (because of that wiring), rampant cheating and misadventure on and off-course, and how not to win.  Fast Guy and sometime cohost Cram Grebneseir then regales us with tales of his plan to LS1 a 3-Series BMW (cram, indeed), which we approve of wholeheartedly.

Sandwiched between tales of smoking wiring looms is an analysis of what you need to be prepared for a little bit of disaster if the low-information hordes manage to collapse society in your neighborhood - here and there - during the coming Year of the Idiot.  Because you're a Garage Hour listener, we expect you've got the firearms part of the equation figured out (likely overfigured, we bet), so our focus is on the bagels, the batteries and the Band-Aids.  You can handle the bullets.

Cram joins Hostus Maximus Nitsuj Trof and cohosts .45 Lihp and Ekim the Kcud in-studio as they also celebrate Columbus Day, National Stare at a Hybrid Owner Like Something is Wrong with Them Month, and every other holiday that gets in their way.

Direct download: HWGH101114.m4a
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06.01.13: Truck Parts In-Studio, Gearhead Boycotts, Turbos VS Superchargers, Hunter S. Thompson, Sterling M. Archer, Working on Fuel Tanks, Drug-Driving Idiots, Enthusiastic Beveraging, and Mazda Miata for Everyone

So much sauce, so few hours...  This is one of the most entertaining Garage Hours ever, with special guest host 220,000-Mile 4Runner Fuel Filter and regular cohost Agent Aya supporting Hostus Maximus Justin Fort as they wade through Archer, the lives and deaths of fuel filters, turbo-supercharging versus mechanical-supercharging, Orgy (the band), Everything Beautiful Rusts (the album), the Garage Hour's official Miata count (we're at eight), boycotting REI, Sierra Nevada and Staples, Toyota truck suspension parts, Hunter S. Thompson stunts, Bilstein Boy Brett's Yawsport grand opening, Diggstown, a visit from Mic the Mike, Dave Stall, and a call-in from DPRK leader and sociopath-in-chief Kim Jong Uno.

Justin and Aya also delve into a few of the basic fast-guy skills that he will be teaching her on her first canyon run the next morning (at whereabouts unknown).

Direct download: HWGH060113.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 10:32pm EST

12.18.10: Classic! Top Gear VS Garage Hour, Rainy Traffic Fail, Installing Gauges, Century Clubbing, Absinthe VS Jagermeister, Little Brothers, Gun Bans VS Crime Rates, and Quantum Mechanics

Uberexcellent early Garage Hour: all of the madness, in a portable old-school one-hour size.

An aborted attempt at discussing how poorly Californians drive (in the rain) leads to a ricochet conversation on everything from how the Garage Hour goons could make an excellent Top Gear, to rock and roll, the Century Club and why you probably ought to avoid it, boost gauges and how to install them with a Sharpie, David Lozeau's Christmas party, geek versus nerd, Assange versus Zuckerberg, little brothers burying their Dodges up to the axles in mud, gun stores like Fine Firearms of La Mesa, CA, and crime rates in cities like Chicago versus towns that let honest civilians defend themselves.  It all ends with tales of Grizzly Chris's liver (it is evil and must be punished) and a chat about quantum mechanics, physics, Tiger Tiger and wildebeastses.

Dirty Dave, DSM (cum Mr.) Dustin and Black Ryan join host Justin Fort in-studio to remind you: create less chaos for Christmas and buy less crap!

Direct download: 01_Hank_Watsons_Garage_Hour_121810.mp3
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 3:27am EST

07.27.13: Hillclimbing, Off-Roading, Dennis Farina Sendoff, Must-Watch Movies for Americans, World War Z Fail, Terminators, Dude Food, Crashing, and the Tank of the Week

What's the difference between World War Z, Bob Filner and .45 Phil's makeup?  Nothing, if you're the Garage Hour goons - everything's a target.  Grab this podcast of a killer episode, chock full of gearhead goodness (including hillclimbing, off-roading, race manners, Minis, old cars VS new prices, and Object 279), and a pile of other entertaining wreckage (hampster robots, suitcase guns, drinking games, Filner VS Popadich, conspiracies, DARPA, and a whole mess of movies that our pet Russian - Agent Aya - needs to see if anyone's going to believe she's not a spy), plus a proper sendoff for awesome acting dude Dennis Farina: RIP, sir, you were one of the good ones.

.45 Phil, Agent Aya and Jesse Caverly, zombie expert (it says so on his card) join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in KCBQ's gleaming black towers of broadcast superiority for this episode of the Garage Hour.  50,000 watts of havoc ensues.

Direct download: HWGH072713.m4a
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08.03.13: How You Drive & What It Says About You, Traffic Carma, Boxer VS Fighter, Fast Guy Training, Good Stereotypes and Bad Politics, Plus Leftist Tool Brett Stalbaum

Another one of the Garage Hour's traffic-psychology spectaculars...  Agent Aya and a medicated Dirty Dave join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort to dig into what your driving says about you, and how your treatment of those around you (and yourself) in traffic is about an open a book as there can be regarding your mental state.

There's also a big pile of rock and roll (Clutch and Man or Astro-Man), carma (:)), boxers versus fighters, Justin versus Grizzly Chris, Admiral Ackbar, and Agent Aya's evolving road-race skillset and Justin's tutorship of said show's pet KGB operator.  Manzanita beers, politics (thus the beer), and liberal versus libertarian rear their heads too...  The Garage Hour goons also go after the creater of the "Geo Gun Marker" app, what's creator, Brett Stalbaum of UCSD, wants to be a way for people to publicly label "bad gun places" on the web...  Yes, it's as stupid and unconstitutional and Orwellian as it sounds, and the gearheads give him the what-for, just for you (and reveal places that Brett likes to eat, just so you can say "Hi").

Direct download: HWGH080313.m4a
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09.27.14: Most Dangerous Radio Show in the World? Marines & SEALs & SeaBees & Gearheads Debate Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns, Politics & Your Vote, Plus Race & Adventure Season in San Diego, With Larry Wilske In-Studio

Scratching the itch: the Garage Hour goons join forces with former SEAL Command Master Chief Larry Wilske for two hours of gearheads talking about the big-picture politics that affect your everyday freedoms, and what you (and Larry) need to do to protect them, plus cars, trucks, beers and guns.

If you want to get an good impression of the person you're voting for, listen to them on long-form talk radio - Garage Hour talk radio.  Starting at gearhead - Evolutions and San Diego's race season, plus Coronado Speedfest, Thunderboats and the upcoming Mirimar Air Show, shooting with Assbleyman Brian Jones, Oktoberfest, and a little bit of former Chargers guys like Dan Fouts and Norv Turner - Justin, Larry and company progress into the work of a congressman and what they're supposed to do as your elected representative, and what the likes of carpetbagging Susan Davis isn't doing for San Diego's 53rd.  Joining Larry in-studio are Mr. Dustin (Top Earner), .45 Phil (That Which Goes Bump in the Night), Matt Klier of Active Shooter Defense School, Mike from Barritus Brewery, and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

We also include a sendoff of cohost Mike's nephew, Lt. Nathan Poloski, the pilot who crashed his USS Carl Vinson-attached FA-18 in the Pacific some weeks ago.  R.I.P., airman, you're the best amongst us.

Direct download: HWGH092714.m4a
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06.04.11: Classic! Off-Roading, 'Squatch Goading, German Floozies, Kosher Jokes, CHP @ the 15, Subie & Evo Suspensions, and Pig Hunting in East County

Mmmmmmore reloaded Garage Hour for you - killer off-road and Sasquatch Run fun, plus XJs, Evos and Subies, the Barona Drags, shooting at P2K Range, Germans and their floozies and their jokes, lug nuts, M3s and how to crush them, plus DeLoreans and Wagoneers.

There's also a big old pile of tales of pig and boar hunting in San Diego, with the problems and the solutions and the tags and the snake eating that comes with it.  Black Ryan, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Dirty Dave join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in-studio.

Direct download: HWGH060411.m4a
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06.08.13: Second Amendment in CA, Your Rights VS Bogus Laws, Tower Records, Al Jourgensen VS Ministry, Ammunition & Firearms Retail w/ Wilde Built Tactical

Rock & roll?  Check.  Second Amendment rights?  Check.  Ammo?  Check.  School districts and local cops with MRAPs and APCs?  Check.  Conspiracies and Rachel Madcow?  Check.  Local and national politicians who aren't fans of your Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms?  Better check...

We brought two guys from Wilde Built Tactical - Charles and Bryan - into the studio for this episode, because there was a lot of new anti-2A activity in California's capitol (nation-wide, as well).  You can't fight what you don't understand, you understand?  Agent Aya and .45 Phil revel in their cohost duties in the meantime (with Silent Craig looking on...), making Hostus Maximus Justin Fort look good.

Direct download: HWGH060813.m4a
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09.11.10: Classic! 9-11 Vigilance & Reflection, Moral Behavior, Drag Racing VWs, Desert & Off-Road Season, Trail Access, Lawnmowers, and Playing Football in the Cold; Now, with Informotage!

It's a reloaded Garage Hour from the good (bad) old days of gearhead radio, with a proper discussion of the terrorist attacks from September 11, 2001, plus a little bit about the morality of those involved and how to spot the wrong side of the conflicting persons and pablum stacking up high on each side of the conversation.

Have no fear - this good gearhead radio, so sometime cohost Joe "Creature" Krause joins Dirty Dave and Black Ryan (before he got his nickname) for a sporty hour of off-roading, trail access, drag racing (and the challenge that is launching any sort of Beetle-based drag car), road and track runs that don't kill anyone, Hayabusa tire wear, Fine Firearm's grand opening in downtown La Mesa, CA, and a call-in from cohost Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) for a full report of the Testament/Slayer/Megadeth show that everyone else missed too...  Dammit.

Direct download: HWGH091110.m4a
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11.09.13: Buying & Selling Car & Truck Parts @ Craigslist, Blowing Up Turbos (& Evos), Craftsman VS Gearhead?, Testament Live in LA, Big Guns in Yuma, Tag-Team Tank of the Week, and Selling Agent Aya's Commie Mini

Holy atomic warheads, Hank!  Must be the Garage Hour, because that talk show just ricocheted from battle beards to the big guns on display at the Yuma Proving Grounds, then back to stock 4G Evolution blocks, LA traffic and the big metal sound of Testament live in the Hollywood Bowl.  Oh, and how to buy and sell your car and truck parts (plus all the secret stuff) on Craiglist without being taken for a fool (or worse).  Plus, it's really funny.

Now that's a spicy meatball (or in this case, four of them): Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner), .45 Phil (That Which Goes Bump in the Night), and Eryk from CalGuns.net.  Grab two hours of the best AM talk - gearhead talk - since Top Gear full of beer.

It's not all gearhead, however...  Oh wait, yes it is.  Tanks, tracks, beer and Broncos, Irwindale Speedway and the Sarcasmotron 5000, French tanks and Mexican Beetles, jarheads and the chair force, cyborgs and crack mayors, unphoning and uploading (more podcasts!), and we build the official Communist Party ad for Agent Aya's official CCCP Mini Turbo.

Direct download: HWGH110913.m4a
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05.01.10: Classic! Road Warrior & Aussie Mullets, Big Steam (SF 3751) @ 230psi, Big V8 Sounds @ Salt Flats,  Slayer + Testament + Megadeth VS Fatso Jetson, and Why We Still Love Demon Toyotas

Big steam coming to San Diego - the Garage Hour goons geek on Santa Fe 3751, plus pop a few of the vultures circling Toyota (now, with facts!) and levy a fine defense of a fine automaker (who would believe a vulture, anyway?).  Beyond those stalwart fun bits are more of the good ol' Garage Hour schticks, including a rendition of V8 music, the Road Warrior, burning coils and injectors for fun and pleasure, an indictment of US lawmakers using Mexican illegals as pawns, Freddie Krueger #1 VS #2, plus a ton of rock and roll with Megadeth, Slayer, Testament and Fatso Jetson.

Cohosts Dirty Dave and Grizzly Chris showed up to help Hostus Maximus Justin Fort beat this episode into submission.  Grab it now.

Direct download: HWGH050110.m4a
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09.07.13: Lock the Hatch! Tanks & Bumpers & Chuck Norris & Earth Sounds, Firefly VS Farscape, Dimension Rubbing, Monster Magnet, St. Vitus, Scooby, Yeti, and Israel VS the World, w/ Special Guest Tony Sawaya

Another screaming gearhead radio freakout from Hank Watson's Garage Hour's Industrial Incentive Division, with a studio full of all sorts of geeksauce spectacularity.

This is one of those episodes - everything from tanks hatches (and the birth of the saying "Lock the hatch!"), bumpers (they're for bumping), geek VS nerd, dimension rubbing, railguns and capacitors, zombie shows, sci-fi, real-sci (ever heard of "earth sounds"?), epic villain Scorpio, and the introduction of new cohost Husband Guy and epic show advertiser Tony, of Tony's Lube & Tune in San Diego.

It's not just geek stuff, though: we've got thunderboats, Mr. Dustin's Evolution ("Slimer"), shopping for SRXs, Mini suspsensions, flying tanks, mmore railguns, battleships and a little bit of international politics.  Agent Aya, Eryk from CalGuns and SuperMeg join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the studio.

Direct download: HWGH090713.m4a
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10.29.11: Classic! Torchmate/Goodyear Ultra4 Competitor JT Taylor In-Studio, Building & Racing in Unlimited Buggies, King of Hammers, Fatso Jetson, Zombie Episode Flashback, Toyota & Jeep Stories, Plus Admiral Ackbar

Another great Garage Hour Reload: JT Taylor in-studio for an hour of off-road, race, tires, building, wrecking, winning, shooting and zombies, plus rock and roll groovemasters Fatso Jetson (plus the Deadbolt Report and Secret Samurai), how the Garage Hour has more listeners than Keith Olberman has viewers, how to say "booger" in Italian, and the awesomeness that is a used Toyota.

We get really far into the weeds with JT, talking suspension and setup for Ultra4-style buggies, as well as how he races is on ice, Pike's Peak, and every other track he can find, plus his OEM Goodyear MT/Rs and a good look at Torchmate and Lincoln Welder products.

Direct download: 01_Hank_Watsons_Garage_Hour_102911.mp3
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 3:54pm EST

11.02.13: Off-Roading for Newbies (Get That Truck on the Trail), plus Tires, Tank of the Week, the Crag Report, the 4:44AM Report, Russians and Germans, a Little Prepping for SoCal, and Johnny Lee Hooker

Excellent gearhead chat! Off-roading for newbies is one of those unending topics that we love to talk up - who doesn't have an Exploder, Toyoter or Heep in their driveway that could get them nice and lost - but it's not just off-roading this episode.  There's also SoCal preparedness (don't let them call it prepping - if you ain't a little, you're a fool), some zombie revisitations, crashing bikes, Chargers VS Raiders, raisins and Johnny Lee Hooker.

As for the off-roading, the Garage Hour goons - Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is joined by Big Hunka .45 Phil and Agent Aya of the KGB - for talk about tires, suspension, paying attention to maintenance, off-road recovery annd the importance of the buddy system while off the beaten path.

Direct download: HWGH110213.m4a
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07.17.10: Classic! Toyota VS NHTSA (and Big Gov), Corral Canyon Trail Action, Stuffing a Viper Truck, Mr. Dustin's Evo, Guns & Bears, Burnout Videos and More Obama Fails

Great Garage Hour Reload: Evos, Toyotas, warranties, off-roading, trail damage, Corral Canyon (outside San Diego), guns and bears, boba choking, tennis ball exploding, 511hp at the wheels, Where's Grizzly Chris?, a flipped over burnout fail by an SRT-10 truck still wearing dealer tags, the NHTSA's crony-government attacks on Toyota, five Daves, four Miatas, and the Flat Earth report from Hoosier Eric, who's ironically in SoCal a the time.

Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Dirty Dave appear on-air with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

Direct download: HWGH071710.m4a
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08.30.14: 100% Everything, w/ Black Boxes for Your Car, Aussie Movies (Road Games!), King Crimson and the Beta Band, Diamond Hole Saws, Fort Garage Hour, Eating Vegan(s), Mexican Food, and One Good Prius Guy

So much good stuff crammed into two hours...  Everything from Mexican restaurants in San Diego (Dude Food!) to great movies in Australia, plus cars, trucks, beers and guns.

.45 Phil, Nick the Trick and Justin Fort bore down to the details on a host of gearhead funsauce, including learning to enjoy King Crimson and the Beta Band (but not at the same time), plus finding and using a diamond hole saw for tile, "unhonest" VS "dishonest", the Garage Hour's new fort in the River Thames, old Nazi flak towers (You Shall Not Pass), hissing beetle death, eating vegans (because Phil's going vegan), crashing Bugattis, the government getting into your car (and where it goes, who's in it and how fast you're going), and a little about the upcoming tactical shoot at Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club.

It's a great episode of Hank Watson's Garage Hour - get it now.

Direct download: HWGH083014.m4a
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01.15.11: Classic! Oh Canada (How Dare You?), Dyno VS Road Tuning, Ram Trucks, Goulash, Indiana Weather, Detroit Boo, South Park Abuse, Pro-CCW Evidence, and Maintaining Our East County Cred

Gearhead VS Beerhead? Everything from old hangovers to new dyno tuning (and its arch nemesis, road tuning), plus union disdain, podcasts promises, the Frozen Stuff Report with Indiana-based Hoosier Eric, CCWs and why they work, the ongoing failure of Detroit and other Democrat pits, and, of course, blaming Canada.  We love our nothern neighbors, but you banned a 20-year old Dire Straits song from playing on Canadian radio.  What the Hell is that?

Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Black Ryan join host Justin Fort on the mics. The only thing they're banned from is professionalism.

Direct download: HWGH011511.m4a
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04.28.12: Classic! East County Cred, Car Chases, W VS Obama, W + the Lama, Charger Bashing, Political Freakouts (Local to Global), and Knife VS Butcher

Holy bunch'a politics, Batman! It's not the Garage Hour without a lot of gearhead stuff (including 2012 GM warranty, South China Sea, windmill and solar theories that all came true in 2014...), but Hostus Maximus Justin Fort takes Crag Maxwell, Don't Die Brian and Dirty Dave for a big fat government freakout in this episode.  It's all there - international intrigue, local BS, Obama and Biden and the rest of their commie horde - plus the threat that is the silent majority (and the fail that was a prediction of a Romney landslide in 2012).

Oh well - we're not ALWAYS right.

Direct download: HWGH042812.m4a
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08.23.14: Lot'sa Guns and Lot'sa Bad Driving, Springfield Armory History, Cooking 100,000 Birds, Shooting Improvements (In the Foot), Oktoberfest Planning, and More Scary CA Gun Laws

Ahhhh, the Garage Hour.  Nothing but everything gearhead, with guest cohost Randy from Springfield Armory in the studio to correct all our firearms misconceptions.  Starting from Go, the Garage Hour goons go round and round with new ammo laws, old rifles, new DUIs and old reasons to wear your freakin' seatbelt.

Joining Randy and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the KCBQ studio are none other than .45 Phil, 27-year Marine and That Which Goes Bump in the Night, and Mike from Barritus Brewery, which is 100% warfighter-operated.  Beyond the basics, they also tackle the obscene numbers of birds being destroyed by solar plants around the US (as well as Mike's time playing center for the Ducks with Dan Fouts' hand on his butt).  Of course, the saga of Ben Hueso's DUI is just getting started, but hey, he's a Democrat politician - no one expects him to follow the law.  Then the guys (ironically, with faces for radio) dive back into their unending ugly rocker rant, this time worshipping COC's Pepper Keenan's guitaring ability while lamenting his general appearance.  Shortly thereafter, they pause to lament Justin's shooting appearance.

Oh well - not everyone belongs on TV (including a lot of people on TV).  See you next week.

Direct download: HWGH082314.m4a
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11.19.11: Home Defense Special (Strategies & Laws for Armed Defense in CA), plus Evo Abuse, Miata Abuse, Host Abuse, Crowbars, Spare Keys and Being Nice to Mormons

So much good stuff! Great Garage Hour reload here, straight from 2011: it's all about home-defense, and how you can keep yourself safe from burglaring and home-invading so you don't even neeeeed to shoot anyone (as much as they might deserve it).

Dennis from P2K Range joins Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohosts Dirty Dave and Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) for a great chat about why locking doors, watching your back, ditching the blingy things and keeping your wits about you go a long way to keeping you safe from bad people and their ascribed intents.

Of curse (little wordplay there...), this is the Garage Hour, so it all devolves into tools and cars and beers, including Mr. Dustin's assault on his Evolution, heckling at teenie-bopper vampire movies (bring a Creature), being nice to the people who are nice to you (Mormons at the door come to mind - have they ever not been nice?) and V8 swaps for fun and ridiculousness.

Direct download: HWGH111911.m4a
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08.16.14: Good Mechanics, Bad Politics, Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Accident, Cruise Missile Diplomacy, Cleaning K&Ns, Beer Growlers, Tesla's Infinity Warranty, Republican VS Conservatives Contenders, and Appliance Repair

Want war? Auto racing? Mechanics? Exploding Teslas? Appliance repair? How about beer, or the vodka-swilling troll from under the bridge?  K&N Filters?  Growlers? Conservatives VS Republicans?  This Garage Hour's got it all.

.45 Phil and Scarecrow join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for two hours of a killer romp through all the gearhead adventure you can take, including a serious discussion of the Justin Fort's ongoing development of the "Cruise Missile Diplomacy" theory of international affairs, a gentle conversation about Tony Stewart's awful sprint-car incident with Kevin Ward Jr., how to recognize a good mechanic (and not be taken for a ride by bad ones and fraudsters), plus Tesla's new attempt to put growing warranty fears to rest with the "infinite-mile" warranty (paid for by Elon Musk's ego).

Direct download: HWGH081614.m4a
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06.23.12: Classic! Boris Said, BBQ Marinades, F1 Golfballs, Bacon (Duhh), Crawlers, Miata Ownership, Pig Hunting, Farcebook's Fraud, Progressive Frauds, Rev. Horton Heat

Yummy!  Good radio right here (in podcast form...).  Dirty Dave, Don't Die Brian and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort practice exacting gearhead conversation with a big ball of worship for the road-race awesomesauce that is Boris Said, as well as talk trail crawlers, overheating Miatas, more GM recalls (duhhh), Dave coulthard catching a golfball (off a driver!) in a moving car, as well as hunting pigs for fun and bacon, eating bacon, plus standard off-issue freakouts like Farcebook's fraud on humanity, progressivism's fradulent souls, the Reverend Horton Heat and fixing barbecues (and marinades for meat cooked within them).

Direct download: HWGH062312.m4a
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08.09.14: Curvy Roads in San Diego, Off-Road Adventures in Mammoth (and Shouts Out), Getting Newbies Involved, Toyota Truck Part Mods, Circle Track Racing, Operators Shootin', Fox VS Speedvision, and Tilting (Angrily) at Windmills

Ahhh, that's the stuff - start at cars and trucks (canyon carving in San Diego, serious trail time in Mammoth) and get lost immediately in the shooting sports, windmills killing birds and bats by the thousands, dirt track racing (and trailer racing), the LAPD VS ganstas VS Rampart VS the LA riots, DUIs (not for we), great A-movies and B-movies (redux), drive-throughs, and Toyota lockers and axles and roll bars and spindles and brakes and ratios (oh my).

Aaaaaand because it's the Garage Hour, we promise - there's beers too, plus our howdies to people we meet on our adventures (Mammoth Brewing and Carlsbad Jeeper Guy).  In-studio with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is .45 Phil (27-year Marine and Master Guns) and Seth "Metal" (guitar instructor and off-roader), plus Sort'a Silent Craig and Seriously Silent Misty.


Direct download: HWGH080914.m4a
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06.16.12: Classic! Plentiful Rant Episode w/ Diesel V12s, 24 Hrs of LeMans, Land Engines, Speedvision, Obama Predictions, Crazy Women, Nuke Shutdown Lunacy and Dying Mustangs

You've got to love these 100%-everything episodes, now with more race, more car, more breakdown, more buildup, more diesel, more trike,  and more rants.  Also, this one's hysterical - have some.

Grab this podcast if you're any fan of 24 Hours of LeMans (no lemons here), AJ-USA's Garage Hour discount, Arley Irmy, (Gunny!), nuke plants, stupid kneejerk government behavior, Nissan's LeMans trike, passed out LeMans fans, land engines, Speedvision (RIP) and why it's dumb to wait until you're old to make a bucket list.

Host Justin Fort stars with Dirty Dave and long-lost cohost Don't Die Brian.


Direct download: HWGH061612.m4a
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07.02.11: Classic! VR-4 VS 323 GTX, Time Trials, Sasquatch Runs, Swingline Staplers, Israel VS Hamas, and the Chargers Owners VS San Diegans

Do we call these early Garage Hours "classics" or "reloads"?  It's a fiery argument down at GHHQ, but either way, here's the goods: this one is all about the gearheads.  From VR-4 Mitsu Galants and Mazda's nasty little 323 GTX, and a complete Sasquatch Run report (#1, to be exact, complete with leaking Broncos) VS KCBQ's notorious Swingline stapler, we take it apart and might put it back together.  There's also a look at the upcoming Lone Pine Time Trials, and a review of Team America, just because. Oh yeah, Dirty Dave also lays his "Top Men" list for 2010/2011 on us, also because.

Black Ryan (East County Jew) is in the studio with host Justin Fort, Dirty Dave and Bret Norgaard from Bilstein (or is it Terb Draagron from not Bilstein?), so it's inevitable that the gearhead savants also chat international politics and the sharp spear that is Israel, and why picking fights with the baddest guy in the neighborhood usually doesn't work out - even if you're as mad as the psychos running Gaza.

Direct download: HWGH070211.m4a
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02.12.11: Classic! Subied Boxsters, Off-Road Vans, F1, BAR, VIR + Crashes, Dirty Dave Quits Smoking, and Sh!t My Dad Says

This show's got a little bit of everything, from open-wheel road racing, off-roaded vans, Schumacher love and Danica hate, Subaru-powered Porsche Boxsters, piles of crashes at Virginia International Raceway, Mogs, B.A.R., TDS, the bar VS saloon debate, Hillary + monkeys, the comic genius that is Shatner on Sh!t My Dad Says, spies, art with David Lozeau, guns and bullets at P2K Range, beer at Manzanita, and Dirty Dave quits smoking.

On-air with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort are Garage Hour stalwarts Dirty Dave, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Grizzly Chris.


Direct download: HWGH021211.m4a
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05.14.11: Classic! Off-Road w/ Toy VS Jeep, the Garage Hour Navy, Ducks Unlimited, New Subies, Hillclimbing Lightnings  (Don't), Diesel Drifting, Patton Quotes, and Knife Hunting Pigs

Killer roots Garage Hour right here: everything from broken mics to broken Jeeps, plus Justin and Mr. Dustin's midnight run, side-by-sides VS real trucks, Corral Canyon, battleships and railguns, domestic automaker's San Francisco fail, Subaru BRZs and Toyota FRSs, how to break an SVT Lightning hillclimbing, out of touch Californians, drifting, rifles, Ducks Unlimited, epic full-auto Saigas, hog hunting, pig ambushing and Mr. Dustin and Slimer on the road...  Also, this might be the origin-episode of the Garage Hour's fascination with covering the USS Iowa with railguns.

Joining Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the studio this fine eve are Mr. Dustin, Top Jeeper, and Dirty Dave, Ultrabaggage.

Direct download: HWGH051411.m4a
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07.26.14: Top Sci-Fi Movies (From Serenity to Black Hole) and Railgun Science-Fact w/ US Navy, Plus Sci-Fi VS Near-Fi (and More Movie Rules)

The Garage Hour's sci-fi special: all of the best movies, including Star Wars and Star Trek, the Fifth Element and District 9, Dune and 2001, Blade Runner and Logan's Run, plus dozens more - everything we could think of (including some of the bad ones).  There's also a pile of rules about what's sci-fi and what's not, what's good and what couldn't be, as well as why any movie with Tom Cruise is disqualified unless his character dies repeately.

The Garage Hour goons (including SuperMeg and .45 Phil), were joined in the studio by Mike from Barritus Brewery (dedicated to helping returning warfighters find jobs) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

This episode also helps grow the Garage Hour's long-running love affair with railguns, as the Justin Fort interviews Commander Jason Fox of the US Navy, who's in charge of their growing (and now prototyping!) railgun program.  Cmdr. Fox is a gearhead like the rest of us (though he might not realize it yet), and he shares lots of good details and tech behind the lug-slinging beast now on the back of the USS Millinocket in San Diego Bay (and then tells us what other groovy railgun details are still classified - nuts).


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06.12.10: Classic! Toyota Recall Kickback and GM Recalls "Chevy", NASCAR on Road Courses, Union Suckage, Complicateder Cars, Acetylene Blimps, and Croaking Toads for Fun and Profit

Killer throwback Garage Hour: road-racing with NASCR, toad killing in the Australian outback, tiger-attacked slingshot stoners sue the zoo, face-melting with the Ark of the Covenant, Buick recalls, Toyota recall (plus kickback), more GM recalls including the name "Chevy" (which was unrecalled the next day), plus corporate moronitity and more made up words, shooting with Mr. Dustin, more automaker recalls, union suckage, heavier and complicateder cars, eyeballs are from Shakespear, melting Bill Clinton melting, Jew-hating Helen Thomas (good riddance, Madame Crackpot), acetylene blimps, beer in Baja, militarized Toyotas, and eating your veggies.

Hosted by road-racing mother father Justin Fort and ably cohosted by Miata-wielding beardfan Dirty Dave.

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07.19.14: Gearheads on Chasing Bad Guys, Testing Railguns, Breaking Overdrives, Missing Anthrax, Burning Windmills, Simmering International Tensions, Shooting Springfields, Buying Pistols, Cursing Farcebook

Gearhead-issue Garage Hour target-rich environment: police chases in San Diego, the CDC loosing anthrax and Metallica and Helmet, our upcoming railgun interviews, broken drivetrain parts, input/non-output overdrives, Farcebook spying on us all, windmills burning toxicly in the desert, plus .45 Phil, Jeff from Twisted Manzanita Ales & Spirits, Taylor from Direct Action Solutions, and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

Oh, and just to be thorough, there's also good eatin' on BUK2 missile launchers, beer brewing, turbines, pimping for the upcoming sci-fi episode, shooting Springfield Armory things, and why we're not chicken so we'll happily take up Grade "A" nozzle Eric Holder's challenge to talk about races.  Or racing.  Whatever he wants.


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03.31.12: 100% Everything w/ F1, Alonso & Kimi, Ugly Rockers, Ruger Backorder, Bricking Fiskers, Electric Car Fails, Race Baiters, Anthrax, Helmet, and the Super Pooper

This is one of those Garage Hours where you probably want to stand back - there's everything from the Supreme Court to the Colt 1911, Porsches and Unimogs, wrenching on Dirty Dave's Super Pooper (Trooper) and building homemade electric cars, and no one knows how it'll end.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is joined on-air by Crag Maxwell (owner and proprieter of Maxwell's House of Books in lovely, scenic, unmolested downtown La Mesa) and Dirty Dave (owner and proprieter of an Isuzu Trooper that's so pooper Justin Fort got splinters repairing it at TDS...).

Also coming to lucky podcastees everywhere are tales of Trayvon (lesson: don't jump people), Al Sharpton (race-baiter and teleprompter-hater), Antonin Scalia (Supreme Court machine), F1 when it's fun (or drunk, in Kimi's case), and yes, the Ugly Rocker Report.


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07.12.14: Racer & Fast Guy Special! Hillclimbing and a Potential Palomar Race, Road Racing and the 24 Hours of Lemons, Broken Parts  Show & Tell and How to Get Started

It's another Garage Hour full of fast guys, with factory test driver and host Justin Fort joined in-studio by hillclimb specialist and Yawsport overseer Bret Norgaard, and miserable hot shoe Marc Riesenberg, driving instructor and 24 Hours of Lemons racer.  Norgaard and Riesenberg go all in about their 2014 go-fast events, including the competition at this year's Buttonwillow Lemons 24 and Bret's latest stab at the 2014 Larison Rock Hillclimb.  Justin Fort leads them through details of their efforts, including Riesenberg's into-crash of the team's BMW 318 and their record number of penalties, and Bret gets into the weeds about keeping his wide-by-long TL hillclimber out of the weeds.  The fast guys also talk about how to get yourself started in go-fast fun like hillclimbing and the Lemons 24 series, plus the potential of there being a SoCal hillclimb if Bret's plans for Palomar Mountain bear fruit.

Alteruniverse Garage Hour antihosts Nitsuj Trof, Terb Draagron and Cram Grebneseir also brought Show & Tell for this episode, with broken shocks, holed pistons and bent rods by the boxfull.  Tune in a have some: yes, now.


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05.29.10: Classic! Hour at the 'Port, w/ Ferraris, Lexi, Fords, TPMS, Layoffs, Everest, the Bottle Shop, the Scoupe, Coffee, the Explorer Tire Recall, the Magic Bullet and an Analysis of East Coast People

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort brings you one of the Garage Hour's classic "Hour at the 'Port" episodes from 2010, with a little bit of everything car, truck, beer and gun from such vintage cohosting awesomeness as Boston Rich, Grizzly Chris, plus Mr. Dustin and Dirty Dave. Plus, you get to listen as Justin slowly taste-tests himself into a fine buzz that makes for fun radio...

Now, for the goods:  this Garage Hour's stacked with everything from boston's Rich's new job, the Pizza Port's new joint in Ocean Beach, master brewer Diamond Jeff Bagby his damn self, Poochie the Dog, beer vocabulary, trains, Carlsbad (or worse), a magic bullet, scoupe Story #2, plus Lexuses (Lexi?), Ferraris, Ford Exploders, and how everything in the world is two degrees from the Simpsons.


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