Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
11.02.13: Off-Roading for Newbies (Get That Truck on the Trail), plus Tires, Tank of the Week, the Crag Report, the 4:44AM Report, Russians and Germans, a Little Prepping for SoCal, and Johnny Lee Hooker

Excellent gearhead chat! Off-roading for newbies is one of those unending topics that we love to talk up - who doesn't have an Exploder, Toyoter or Heep in their driveway that could get them nice and lost - but it's not just off-roading this episode.  There's also SoCal preparedness (don't let them call it prepping - if you ain't a little, you're a fool), some zombie revisitations, crashing bikes, Chargers VS Raiders, raisins and Johnny Lee Hooker.

As for the off-roading, the Garage Hour goons - Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is joined by Big Hunka .45 Phil and Agent Aya of the KGB - for talk about tires, suspension, paying attention to maintenance, off-road recovery annd the importance of the buddy system while off the beaten path.

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07.17.10: Classic! Toyota VS NHTSA (and Big Gov), Corral Canyon Trail Action, Stuffing a Viper Truck, Mr. Dustin's Evo, Guns & Bears, Burnout Videos and More Obama Fails

Great Garage Hour Reload: Evos, Toyotas, warranties, off-roading, trail damage, Corral Canyon (outside San Diego), guns and bears, boba choking, tennis ball exploding, 511hp at the wheels, Where's Grizzly Chris?, a flipped over burnout fail by an SRT-10 truck still wearing dealer tags, the NHTSA's crony-government attacks on Toyota, five Daves, four Miatas, and the Flat Earth report from Hoosier Eric, who's ironically in SoCal a the time.

Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Dirty Dave appear on-air with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

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08.30.14: 100% Everything, w/ Black Boxes for Your Car, Aussie Movies (Road Games!), King Crimson and the Beta Band, Diamond Hole Saws, Fort Garage Hour, Eating Vegan(s), Mexican Food, and One Good Prius Guy

So much good stuff crammed into two hours...  Everything from Mexican restaurants in San Diego (Dude Food!) to great movies in Australia, plus cars, trucks, beers and guns.

.45 Phil, Nick the Trick and Justin Fort bore down to the details on a host of gearhead funsauce, including learning to enjoy King Crimson and the Beta Band (but not at the same time), plus finding and using a diamond hole saw for tile, "unhonest" VS "dishonest", the Garage Hour's new fort in the River Thames, old Nazi flak towers (You Shall Not Pass), hissing beetle death, eating vegans (because Phil's going vegan), crashing Bugattis, the government getting into your car (and where it goes, who's in it and how fast you're going), and a little about the upcoming tactical shoot at Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club.

It's a great episode of Hank Watson's Garage Hour - get it now.

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01.15.11: Classic! Oh Canada (How Dare You?), Dyno VS Road Tuning, Ram Trucks, Goulash, Indiana Weather, Detroit Boo, South Park Abuse, Pro-CCW Evidence, and Maintaining Our East County Cred

Gearhead VS Beerhead? Everything from old hangovers to new dyno tuning (and its arch nemesis, road tuning), plus union disdain, podcasts promises, the Frozen Stuff Report with Indiana-based Hoosier Eric, CCWs and why they work, the ongoing failure of Detroit and other Democrat pits, and, of course, blaming Canada.  We love our nothern neighbors, but you banned a 20-year old Dire Straits song from playing on Canadian radio.  What the Hell is that?

Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Black Ryan join host Justin Fort on the mics. The only thing they're banned from is professionalism.

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04.28.12: Classic! East County Cred, Car Chases, W VS Obama, W + the Lama, Charger Bashing, Political Freakouts (Local to Global), and Knife VS Butcher

Holy bunch'a politics, Batman! It's not the Garage Hour without a lot of gearhead stuff (including 2012 GM warranty, South China Sea, windmill and solar theories that all came true in 2014...), but Hostus Maximus Justin Fort takes Crag Maxwell, Don't Die Brian and Dirty Dave for a big fat government freakout in this episode.  It's all there - international intrigue, local BS, Obama and Biden and the rest of their commie horde - plus the threat that is the silent majority (and the fail that was a prediction of a Romney landslide in 2012).

Oh well - we're not ALWAYS right.

Direct download: HWGH042812.m4a
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08.23.14: Lot'sa Guns and Lot'sa Bad Driving, Springfield Armory History, Cooking 100,000 Birds, Shooting Improvements (In the Foot), Oktoberfest Planning, and More Scary CA Gun Laws

Ahhhh, the Garage Hour.  Nothing but everything gearhead, with guest cohost Randy from Springfield Armory in the studio to correct all our firearms misconceptions.  Starting from Go, the Garage Hour goons go round and round with new ammo laws, old rifles, new DUIs and old reasons to wear your freakin' seatbelt.

Joining Randy and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the KCBQ studio are none other than .45 Phil, 27-year Marine and That Which Goes Bump in the Night, and Mike from Barritus Brewery, which is 100% warfighter-operated.  Beyond the basics, they also tackle the obscene numbers of birds being destroyed by solar plants around the US (as well as Mike's time playing center for the Ducks with Dan Fouts' hand on his butt).  Of course, the saga of Ben Hueso's DUI is just getting started, but hey, he's a Democrat politician - no one expects him to follow the law.  Then the guys (ironically, with faces for radio) dive back into their unending ugly rocker rant, this time worshipping COC's Pepper Keenan's guitaring ability while lamenting his general appearance.  Shortly thereafter, they pause to lament Justin's shooting appearance.

Oh well - not everyone belongs on TV (including a lot of people on TV).  See you next week.

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11.19.11: Home Defense Special (Strategies & Laws for Armed Defense in CA), plus Evo Abuse, Miata Abuse, Host Abuse, Crowbars, Spare Keys and Being Nice to Mormons

So much good stuff! Great Garage Hour reload here, straight from 2011: it's all about home-defense, and how you can keep yourself safe from burglaring and home-invading so you don't even neeeeed to shoot anyone (as much as they might deserve it).

Dennis from P2K Range joins Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohosts Dirty Dave and Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) for a great chat about why locking doors, watching your back, ditching the blingy things and keeping your wits about you go a long way to keeping you safe from bad people and their ascribed intents.

Of curse (little wordplay there...), this is the Garage Hour, so it all devolves into tools and cars and beers, including Mr. Dustin's assault on his Evolution, heckling at teenie-bopper vampire movies (bring a Creature), being nice to the people who are nice to you (Mormons at the door come to mind - have they ever not been nice?) and V8 swaps for fun and ridiculousness.

Direct download: HWGH111911.m4a
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08.16.14: Good Mechanics, Bad Politics, Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Accident, Cruise Missile Diplomacy, Cleaning K&Ns, Beer Growlers, Tesla's Infinity Warranty, Republican VS Conservatives Contenders, and Appliance Repair

Want war? Auto racing? Mechanics? Exploding Teslas? Appliance repair? How about beer, or the vodka-swilling troll from under the bridge?  K&N Filters?  Growlers? Conservatives VS Republicans?  This Garage Hour's got it all.

.45 Phil and Scarecrow join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for two hours of a killer romp through all the gearhead adventure you can take, including a serious discussion of the Justin Fort's ongoing development of the "Cruise Missile Diplomacy" theory of international affairs, a gentle conversation about Tony Stewart's awful sprint-car incident with Kevin Ward Jr., how to recognize a good mechanic (and not be taken for a ride by bad ones and fraudsters), plus Tesla's new attempt to put growing warranty fears to rest with the "infinite-mile" warranty (paid for by Elon Musk's ego).

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06.23.12: Classic! Boris Said, BBQ Marinades, F1 Golfballs, Bacon (Duhh), Crawlers, Miata Ownership, Pig Hunting, Farcebook's Fraud, Progressive Frauds, Rev. Horton Heat

Yummy!  Good radio right here (in podcast form...).  Dirty Dave, Don't Die Brian and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort practice exacting gearhead conversation with a big ball of worship for the road-race awesomesauce that is Boris Said, as well as talk trail crawlers, overheating Miatas, more GM recalls (duhhh), Dave coulthard catching a golfball (off a driver!) in a moving car, as well as hunting pigs for fun and bacon, eating bacon, plus standard off-issue freakouts like Farcebook's fraud on humanity, progressivism's fradulent souls, the Reverend Horton Heat and fixing barbecues (and marinades for meat cooked within them).

Direct download: HWGH062312.m4a
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08.09.14: Curvy Roads in San Diego, Off-Road Adventures in Mammoth (and Shouts Out), Getting Newbies Involved, Toyota Truck Part Mods, Circle Track Racing, Operators Shootin', Fox VS Speedvision, and Tilting (Angrily) at Windmills

Ahhh, that's the stuff - start at cars and trucks (canyon carving in San Diego, serious trail time in Mammoth) and get lost immediately in the shooting sports, windmills killing birds and bats by the thousands, dirt track racing (and trailer racing), the LAPD VS ganstas VS Rampart VS the LA riots, DUIs (not for we), great A-movies and B-movies (redux), drive-throughs, and Toyota lockers and axles and roll bars and spindles and brakes and ratios (oh my).

Aaaaaand because it's the Garage Hour, we promise - there's beers too, plus our howdies to people we meet on our adventures (Mammoth Brewing and Carlsbad Jeeper Guy).  In-studio with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is .45 Phil (27-year Marine and Master Guns) and Seth "Metal" (guitar instructor and off-roader), plus Sort'a Silent Craig and Seriously Silent Misty.


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06.16.12: Classic! Plentiful Rant Episode w/ Diesel V12s, 24 Hrs of LeMans, Land Engines, Speedvision, Obama Predictions, Crazy Women, Nuke Shutdown Lunacy and Dying Mustangs

You've got to love these 100%-everything episodes, now with more race, more car, more breakdown, more buildup, more diesel, more trike,  and more rants.  Also, this one's hysterical - have some.

Grab this podcast if you're any fan of 24 Hours of LeMans (no lemons here), AJ-USA's Garage Hour discount, Arley Irmy, (Gunny!), nuke plants, stupid kneejerk government behavior, Nissan's LeMans trike, passed out LeMans fans, land engines, Speedvision (RIP) and why it's dumb to wait until you're old to make a bucket list.

Host Justin Fort stars with Dirty Dave and long-lost cohost Don't Die Brian.


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07.02.11: Classic! VR-4 VS 323 GTX, Time Trials, Sasquatch Runs, Swingline Staplers, Israel VS Hamas, and the Chargers Owners VS San Diegans

Do we call these early Garage Hours "classics" or "reloads"?  It's a fiery argument down at GHHQ, but either way, here's the goods: this one is all about the gearheads.  From VR-4 Mitsu Galants and Mazda's nasty little 323 GTX, and a complete Sasquatch Run report (#1, to be exact, complete with leaking Broncos) VS KCBQ's notorious Swingline stapler, we take it apart and might put it back together.  There's also a look at the upcoming Lone Pine Time Trials, and a review of Team America, just because. Oh yeah, Dirty Dave also lays his "Top Men" list for 2010/2011 on us, also because.

Black Ryan (East County Jew) is in the studio with host Justin Fort, Dirty Dave and Bret Norgaard from Bilstein (or is it Terb Draagron from not Bilstein?), so it's inevitable that the gearhead savants also chat international politics and the sharp spear that is Israel, and why picking fights with the baddest guy in the neighborhood usually doesn't work out - even if you're as mad as the psychos running Gaza.

Direct download: HWGH070211.m4a
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02.12.11: Classic! Subied Boxsters, Off-Road Vans, F1, BAR, VIR + Crashes, Dirty Dave Quits Smoking, and Sh!t My Dad Says

This show's got a little bit of everything, from open-wheel road racing, off-roaded vans, Schumacher love and Danica hate, Subaru-powered Porsche Boxsters, piles of crashes at Virginia International Raceway, Mogs, B.A.R., TDS, the bar VS saloon debate, Hillary + monkeys, the comic genius that is Shatner on Sh!t My Dad Says, spies, art with David Lozeau, guns and bullets at P2K Range, beer at Manzanita, and Dirty Dave quits smoking.

On-air with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort are Garage Hour stalwarts Dirty Dave, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Grizzly Chris.


Direct download: HWGH021211.m4a
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05.14.11: Classic! Off-Road w/ Toy VS Jeep, the Garage Hour Navy, Ducks Unlimited, New Subies, Hillclimbing Lightnings  (Don't), Diesel Drifting, Patton Quotes, and Knife Hunting Pigs

Killer roots Garage Hour right here: everything from broken mics to broken Jeeps, plus Justin and Mr. Dustin's midnight run, side-by-sides VS real trucks, Corral Canyon, battleships and railguns, domestic automaker's San Francisco fail, Subaru BRZs and Toyota FRSs, how to break an SVT Lightning hillclimbing, out of touch Californians, drifting, rifles, Ducks Unlimited, epic full-auto Saigas, hog hunting, pig ambushing and Mr. Dustin and Slimer on the road...  Also, this might be the origin-episode of the Garage Hour's fascination with covering the USS Iowa with railguns.

Joining Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the studio this fine eve are Mr. Dustin, Top Jeeper, and Dirty Dave, Ultrabaggage.

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07.26.14: Top Sci-Fi Movies (From Serenity to Black Hole) and Railgun Science-Fact w/ US Navy, Plus Sci-Fi VS Near-Fi (and More Movie Rules)

The Garage Hour's sci-fi special: all of the best movies, including Star Wars and Star Trek, the Fifth Element and District 9, Dune and 2001, Blade Runner and Logan's Run, plus dozens more - everything we could think of (including some of the bad ones).  There's also a pile of rules about what's sci-fi and what's not, what's good and what couldn't be, as well as why any movie with Tom Cruise is disqualified unless his character dies repeately.

The Garage Hour goons (including SuperMeg and .45 Phil), were joined in the studio by Mike from Barritus Brewery (dedicated to helping returning warfighters find jobs) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

This episode also helps grow the Garage Hour's long-running love affair with railguns, as the Justin Fort interviews Commander Jason Fox of the US Navy, who's in charge of their growing (and now prototyping!) railgun program.  Cmdr. Fox is a gearhead like the rest of us (though he might not realize it yet), and he shares lots of good details and tech behind the lug-slinging beast now on the back of the USS Millinocket in San Diego Bay (and then tells us what other groovy railgun details are still classified - nuts).


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06.12.10: Classic! Toyota Recall Kickback and GM Recalls "Chevy", NASCAR on Road Courses, Union Suckage, Complicateder Cars, Acetylene Blimps, and Croaking Toads for Fun and Profit

Killer throwback Garage Hour: road-racing with NASCR, toad killing in the Australian outback, tiger-attacked slingshot stoners sue the zoo, face-melting with the Ark of the Covenant, Buick recalls, Toyota recall (plus kickback), more GM recalls including the name "Chevy" (which was unrecalled the next day), plus corporate moronitity and more made up words, shooting with Mr. Dustin, more automaker recalls, union suckage, heavier and complicateder cars, eyeballs are from Shakespear, melting Bill Clinton melting, Jew-hating Helen Thomas (good riddance, Madame Crackpot), acetylene blimps, beer in Baja, militarized Toyotas, and eating your veggies.

Hosted by road-racing mother father Justin Fort and ably cohosted by Miata-wielding beardfan Dirty Dave.

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07.19.14: Gearheads on Chasing Bad Guys, Testing Railguns, Breaking Overdrives, Missing Anthrax, Burning Windmills, Simmering International Tensions, Shooting Springfields, Buying Pistols, Cursing Farcebook

Gearhead-issue Garage Hour target-rich environment: police chases in San Diego, the CDC loosing anthrax and Metallica and Helmet, our upcoming railgun interviews, broken drivetrain parts, input/non-output overdrives, Farcebook spying on us all, windmills burning toxicly in the desert, plus .45 Phil, Jeff from Twisted Manzanita Ales & Spirits, Taylor from Direct Action Solutions, and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

Oh, and just to be thorough, there's also good eatin' on BUK2 missile launchers, beer brewing, turbines, pimping for the upcoming sci-fi episode, shooting Springfield Armory things, and why we're not chicken so we'll happily take up Grade "A" nozzle Eric Holder's challenge to talk about races.  Or racing.  Whatever he wants.


Direct download: HWGH071914.m4a
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03.31.12: 100% Everything w/ F1, Alonso & Kimi, Ugly Rockers, Ruger Backorder, Bricking Fiskers, Electric Car Fails, Race Baiters, Anthrax, Helmet, and the Super Pooper

This is one of those Garage Hours where you probably want to stand back - there's everything from the Supreme Court to the Colt 1911, Porsches and Unimogs, wrenching on Dirty Dave's Super Pooper (Trooper) and building homemade electric cars, and no one knows how it'll end.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is joined on-air by Crag Maxwell (owner and proprieter of Maxwell's House of Books in lovely, scenic, unmolested downtown La Mesa) and Dirty Dave (owner and proprieter of an Isuzu Trooper that's so pooper Justin Fort got splinters repairing it at TDS...).

Also coming to lucky podcastees everywhere are tales of Trayvon (lesson: don't jump people), Al Sharpton (race-baiter and teleprompter-hater), Antonin Scalia (Supreme Court machine), F1 when it's fun (or drunk, in Kimi's case), and yes, the Ugly Rocker Report.


Direct download: HWGH033112.m4a
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07.12.14: Racer & Fast Guy Special! Hillclimbing and a Potential Palomar Race, Road Racing and the 24 Hours of Lemons, Broken Parts  Show & Tell and How to Get Started

It's another Garage Hour full of fast guys, with factory test driver and host Justin Fort joined in-studio by hillclimb specialist and Yawsport overseer Bret Norgaard, and miserable hot shoe Marc Riesenberg, driving instructor and 24 Hours of Lemons racer.  Norgaard and Riesenberg go all in about their 2014 go-fast events, including the competition at this year's Buttonwillow Lemons 24 and Bret's latest stab at the 2014 Larison Rock Hillclimb.  Justin Fort leads them through details of their efforts, including Riesenberg's into-crash of the team's BMW 318 and their record number of penalties, and Bret gets into the weeds about keeping his wide-by-long TL hillclimber out of the weeds.  The fast guys also talk about how to get yourself started in go-fast fun like hillclimbing and the Lemons 24 series, plus the potential of there being a SoCal hillclimb if Bret's plans for Palomar Mountain bear fruit.

Alteruniverse Garage Hour antihosts Nitsuj Trof, Terb Draagron and Cram Grebneseir also brought Show & Tell for this episode, with broken shocks, holed pistons and bent rods by the boxfull.  Tune in a have some: yes, now.


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05.29.10: Classic! Hour at the 'Port, w/ Ferraris, Lexi, Fords, TPMS, Layoffs, Everest, the Bottle Shop, the Scoupe, Coffee, the Explorer Tire Recall, the Magic Bullet and an Analysis of East Coast People

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort brings you one of the Garage Hour's classic "Hour at the 'Port" episodes from 2010, with a little bit of everything car, truck, beer and gun from such vintage cohosting awesomeness as Boston Rich, Grizzly Chris, plus Mr. Dustin and Dirty Dave. Plus, you get to listen as Justin slowly taste-tests himself into a fine buzz that makes for fun radio...

Now, for the goods:  this Garage Hour's stacked with everything from boston's Rich's new job, the Pizza Port's new joint in Ocean Beach, master brewer Diamond Jeff Bagby his damn self, Poochie the Dog, beer vocabulary, trains, Carlsbad (or worse), a magic bullet, scoupe Story #2, plus Lexuses (Lexi?), Ferraris, Ford Exploders, and how everything in the world is two degrees from the Simpsons.


Direct download: HWGH052910.m4a
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10.26.13: Top Gear, Superstition Run, Cannonball Run, Escape from New York, Escape from Yuma, The Stand, Zombie Batman, Zombie Politicians, Twisted Manzanita Ales & Spirits and Volvos for Everyone!

A Garage Hour for all seasons:  Top Gear - props for the limey edition (Formula Off-Road on water and TVR headaches), the upcoming Superstition Run in San Diego's Chocolate Mountains, the Blue Angels, bill and disteering, shipping beer from coast to coast, new spirits coming from Manz's new distillery, making pumkin beer, a conversation about concealed carry and the balance of good versus evil, Captain Ron, Hal Needham, Steve McQueen, Anthrax, Stephen King, the Coast to Coast bridge, West Coast railroads, Goat Canyon Trestle, zombie stuff, Zombie Batman, jailbreaking phones, Bob Failner and the populist stoplight camera shutdown, off-road tire brands, crashy crashy south-of-the-border Tacos and rebar fixes, new political alignment, Brody's burgers and beer, and Volvos for everyone.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort are joined in-studio by .45 Phil, Dirty Dave (Escaping from Yuma at the south end of a northbound studio) and Jeff Trevaskis of Manzanita Brewing - whoops, Twisted Manzanita - and an empty chair shout-out for missing Agent Aya (KGB), who was scared away by all the warfighters in the studio.


Direct download: HWGH102613.m4a
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07.05.14: 4th of July, Patriotism and Dude Food, Plus Gov Motor's Growing Recall, Breech VS Chamber, Beer in San Diego, Flags in Fletcher Hills, the Scary State of the US's Southern Border, and Our Ongoing Assault on Hipsters

Yummy stuff: on this Fourth (Fifth) of July episode, the Garage Hour goons spend time feeling good about America, watching out for America, talking about America, and then reminiscing about all the great stuff we ate while doing it.

.45 Phil, Chef Jeff from The Hills in La Mesa, CA, and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort discuss chicken, marinades, grilling, peppers (again!), tri-tip, Beth Burgers and all the beers we can enjoy with them before taking a knife to the Oobama-made crisis on America's southern border, taking a bite out of the latest numbers from the massive (MASSIVE) Gov't Motors recall, sticking our toungue out at the crisis of violence that is gun-free Chicago (how's taking guns away from law-abiding citizens working out?), and pinching our nose at the crisis that is hipster culture.

Of course, this is the Fourth (Fifth) of July episode, so we also spent some time on what Independence Day means to each of us, and the sacrifices that got us here (and you'd better start paying attention, or we're going to need to make some more).


Direct download: HWGH070514.m4a
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02.05.11: Classic! Epic Roots GH w/ Genesis of the Jalopy Plan, When Animals Attack, .50-Cal Ricochet, STi VS Evo Midnight Run, Geek VS Nerd, Propane Explosion UberTopics

Holy epic historical Garage Hour: the genesis of so many great things, including Dirty Dave's Jalopy race plan, Justin Fort's fascination with exploding propane and propane accessories, the geek VS neerd continuum, the .unending .50-cal ricochet debate, When Animals Attack the Garage Hour, the Car Tsar (host Justin), the iPhone Tsar (Mr. Dustin), the Connectivity Tsar (Dirty Dave), with call-ins from Mr. Dustin (up to his elbows in stripped Evo) and Black Ryan (up to his elbows in a hangover).

It wouldn't be a Garage Hour without a crapton of segues, including a new segment called "Just Because You're Rich Does Not Mean You're Competent", the supersecret Midnight Run, everything that's wrong with the Egyptian Revolution, Superbowl predictions, Homer Simpson and why Justin fort is awesome at go-karting.

This is a Garage Hour Reload not to be missed.


Direct download: HWGH020511.m4a
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04.17.10: Classic @ Mr. Dustin's Wrenching Palace, w/ Ramona Off-Roading, Prius Punting, the Roadburn Festival, Tax Day Pays, Black Jack Pershing and Jaime's FJ

Hank Watson's Garage Hour: Making a point of making a point.  This GH reload's got everything from the US's southern border, taxes, Jaime's FJ, Ramona trails and our plans to use 'em, the big Roadburn stoner metal festival in Amsterdam, Toyota liability defenses, hybrid hatred, Talk Like a Pirate Day (really?), Black Jack Pershing, updates from Barona Drags, a big LA traffic fail from Dirty Dave, and all of it from Mr. Dustin's Wrenching Palace.

In-studio with host Justin Fort is Grizzly Chris, Dirty Dave and Mr. Dustin, Top Earner.  Have some.


Direct download: HWGH041710.m4a
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06.28.14: Garage Hour International! Democracy VS Bureaucracy, Scary World Crises, Jobs in CA, the Southern Border Freakout, All with Larry Wilske (Running for San Diego's 53rd) In-Studio

We Garage Hour types need to unload more than just ammo - this episode is all about the political madness gripping an uneasy American electorate that we usualy restrain ourselves from mentioning during more gearheadulous episodes.  We dip into a pile of hotbeds, including America's perilous employment situation, the massive giveback of blood and treasure to Islamic extremists in nothern Iraq, the looming Red Chinese threat in the South China Sea, Russians on Eastern Europe's border, the waves of illegals flooding America's southern border (thank God for Canada, eh?), plus some really good big-picture thinking on the part of Larry Wilske, former Command Master Chief of SEAL Team 7 and now a candidate for San Diego's 53rd congressional district.

Joining Larry in-studio are Matt Klier (told you he'd be back) of Active Shooter Defense School, .45 Phil (Master Guns) and host with the most car parts not attached to cars, Justin Fort.


Direct download: HWGH062814.m4a
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06.18.11: Classic! DUI Show #2, or Cops VS Lawyers, Plus Drunks, Checkpoints, Costs, Good Law and Bad Law and How the Fuzz is Gonna Get'Cha

Vintage Garage Hour Reload - the seminal DUI episode.

DUI Arrest Machine Mark McCullough of the SDPD takes on attorneys Frank Pabst and the Garage Hour's very own Grizzly Chris about all of the ways the cops are going to catch you, jamb you up and make you pay for driving drunk (don't do that...), and the lawyers take a run at how they're going to get you out of it, all the while the state and the courts and the attorneys take all of your money.

It's the Garage Hour, so you can count on host Justin Fort also chatting Creature beatings, beer and breweries, plus cars, truck and guns.

The moral of the story is that a DUI will cost you $22,000 over the span of ten years - minimum.  Don't do that, but do download this Garage Hour upcast, because it's excellent.


Direct download: HWGH061811.m4a
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06.21.14: Black Guns & Brown Bottles (Learn to Love the AR/Don't Be a Gun Racist), Plus AR Tech and History, Jet Turbines for Fun and Pleasure, Rock and/or Roll, and Jeff from Twisted Manzanita

Good stuff - the Garage Hour guys get into a chat about why the AR-15 rifle is not only fun to build and great to shoot, but is an excellent home-defense weapon (especially for women and young adults - Joe Biden can stick his shotgun where the sun don't shine), and the goons also dig into some AR/M4 history because, well, history is awesome.

Jeff Trevaskis from Twisted Manzanita Ales & Spirits joins former factory test-driver, Death Star leftover and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohost .45 Phil, 27-year Marine and That Which Goes Bump in the Night for two hours of the good stuff, plus jet turbines, Manz's upcoming fourth-anniversary party, the brewing scene in San Diego, a few discussions with Nick the Trick about John Paul Jones and additional rock awesomeness, and an honest assessment of the sh!tstorm brewing in the Middle East and why the eggheads in the White House both caused it and are making it worse.

Remember, the AR-15 was originally designed by Satan, the AR will fire automatically if it smells fear, and if you're shot with an AR, you become one and shoot others, turning them into ARs.  THESE and other fun AR facts are discussed, dispelled and disproven on dis week's Garage Hour.  Yes, have some.


Direct download: HWGH062114.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 3:37pm EDT

05.21.11: Classic! RIP Macho Man, Patton VS Chuck Quotes, Off-Road @ Corral Canyon, Death Threats, Border Patrol, Open Carry, Disaster Relief, Purgatory, and Why The Barry Administration's Huge Heads Don't Mean They're Smart

Oh. My. God.  Mega-humor Garage Hour right here - everything from one of our most unprofessional intros to how to ghost-ride your whip in Donk Town.  Also, Patton VS Chuck, off-road plans, Charlie Sheen (before he got all cracky), unfandom of the CHP, our bizarre hatred of the Honda Ridgeline, more stuff about zombies (duhh), the new Stinky Hippy Pizza at Pizza Port OB and the uterus shirt.  Seriously, or not.

Dirty Dave, Mr. Dustin and Grizzly Chris join host Justin Fort in KCBQ's gleaming black towers of broadcast superiority for this one.  Grab it.


Direct download: HWGH052111.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 4:43pm EDT

10.22.11: Zombie Apocalypse #2 - Ten Dudes Debate the Zombie Apocalypse, Plus 100 More Ways to Thin the Horde

Uploaded by popular demand, it's the Garage Hour's second-ever Zombie Apocalypse special.    On this iteration of the famous zombie episode is a collection of the most important questions you'll need to ask when it's time to mow down hordes of brain-eatin' hipsters and growling neighbors: shotgun VS .45, flamethrower VS snowblower, BAR VS UZI, baseball bat VS three feet of rebar, Palin VS Clinton (either of 'em), and whether Al Gore will blame the Zombie Apocalypse on global warming.

We also delve into the list of top-10 celebrities we'd pay to see eaten by zombies, the zombie RISCI score (Regionally Interpreted Susvivavility/Conquest Index) of your hometown, and whether New York or San Francisco will be human-free first.

On-air was nothing short of a zombie-defense brain trust, the Human Preservation Think Tank - Dirty Dave, Grizzly Chris, Black Ryan, Double-Mint Cameron, author Jesse "The Potty" Caverly, Matt Walsh of Matt Walsh Wood Floors and Skynyrd's Innyrds lead Duncan Lancaster.  Oh yeah, and B-58 Hostler Justin Fort, the apolcalypse's favorite wheelman this side of Mad Max.

This is epic Garage Hour - download it while you still can.


Direct download: HWGH102211.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 12:25am EDT

06.14.14: Distracted Driving Fails (Plus Actual Solutions), 24 Hours of LeMans and Assorted Nurburgring Awesomeness, Texting Tickets, NFL Freebies VS Minnesota Taxpayers, and Making Fun of Yourself

As if you needed 100 more reasons to stop devicing while driving, texting while driving, phoning while driving, or eating your makeup while putting on a hamburger while driving, we've got them: the Garage Hour takes a running stab at the pathalogically reckless (sadly, not wreckless) in-car behavior that is distracted driving, which has managed to make drinking and driving look like crashing your dirt bike into a stop sign.

In this episode, the Garage Hour guys also dig around in the details of an NFL turning robber baron (to use the abused term correctly), how the NFL literallly shoots itself in the leg, take a tour of the ongoing 24 Hours of LeMans (if you are so lazy as to have a bucket list, put this on it), crashing M5s, speeding tickets in Montana, and why it's okay to make fun of an ethnicity when it's your ethnicity.  Allen Sammaan from San Diego's Stereo Depot and his pal Silent Eddie join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in-studio with cohost Chef Jeff from The Hills in La Mesa.


Direct download: HWGH061414.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 6:09pm EDT

10.19.13: Zombie Apocalypse! The Garage Hour's Hysterical Guide to Zombie Attack, Strategy, Survival, Suppression, Weaponry, and Which Idiots Are Assigned to Operation Hipster Shield

Epic Garage Hour Alert: this is 50,000 watts of humanity's last hope, the third Zombie Apocalypse special, complete with the firepower, machinery, thought processes and personnel necessary to survive and dominate during the coming zombie apocalypse.  And yes, there will be blood. We promise.

The Garage Hour's very own Hostus Murderous Justin Fort is joined by Master Destructor .45 Phil, East County Gunlord Eryk from CalGuns.net, and Jesse "The Potty" Caverly (author and zombie expert) for almost two hours (it would have been longer if Arizombies hadn't tried to overrun the studio) of the best recipes and strategies for thwarting zombie attack.

San Diego's Last Hope (the Garage Hour goons) develop theories on fortification, firearms, flamethrowers and the brown note, and debate age-old zombie questions like who's better to have on your side, the Chicago Bears or the Chicago Police; and which regions of the US will survive and thrive during the zombie apocalypse (the Florida Panhandle, for instance) versus which will be reduced to shambling idiots in minutes (San Francisco).

This is one of the best - tune in immediately (while there's still time).


Direct download: HWGH101913.m4a
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06.07.14: 5th-Anniversary Uncelebration, 'Squatch VS Vespa, GM VS Recalls, GM VS Itself, International Podcasting Awesomeness and Garambiance

Ahhh yes, one of those episodes...  We hit on everything that makes gearheads tick (now, in our fifth year!), ratcheting up the garambiance for a review of Gov'ment Motors' troubles with millions of recalls, unsold Cadillac hybrids littering dealership lots, the Aztek (yuuuuup), using a whole bunch of made up words to describe them. We're gearheads - if there ain't a word for it, we'll build one to suit.

Taking time out from congratulating Command Master Chief Larry Wilske, candidate for the 53rd District, and reminding you that if you don't vote, you don't get to argue, Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and SuperMeg (fresh from her Vespa-crashing Sasquatch attack) also dig into Calvin & Hobbes creator and super-recluse Bill Watterson, Anthrax, Michelle "Call Me Patrick" Obama, Dr. Who's repeated new-season fails, pot-use fails, Seth "Fail" McFarland, gun rights, doubling our Swiss audience, and why Bill "Ruby Ridge" Gore is not good.

Remember, just because the Simpsons did it doesn't mean you shouldn't.


Direct download: HWGH060714.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 1:50pm EDT

04.02.11: Classic Hour - Volvos for Everyone, Ford VS Unions, Getting a Skyline in the US, the B58 Hustler, GM Fails, the Promo Promo, Fukashima Disastersauce and UnF@#$ing the Everglades

Reloaded Garage Hour awesomeness: everything from Volvos, Skylines, G8s, Ford, GM, the gov'ment, the B58 Hustler, the SR71 Blackbird, Charlie's brain, brains in bogs, heads in bogs, Megadeth, Clutch, Tony's Econolube, Fukashima shift, multiculturalisticism, bears eating stoners, women in sinkholes, Florida swamps, and yes, English corpses in bogs.

Host Justin Fort is backed up by Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Dirty Dave in this one, and it's a excellent bit of ricochet radio - download the upload, rrrrrrright now.


Direct download: HWGH040211.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 10:01pm EDT

05.31.14: Sasquatch Run Off-Road Report, Scary CA Laws to Track Your Driving, Local Fairs and Fine Dining, Beer (Duhh), Sci-Fi Movie Preview, and Get Off Your Ass and Vote!

This Garage Hour has tons of good stuff: off-road details from the latest Sasquatch Run (including creaky Toyotas, 22R noises, Jaime's stunning candlepower and a Jeeper named Mark), tales of CA's proposed mileage tax, a look at Wings Over Gillespie, some new Hills menu items, and how the web's getting more and more nichey and less and less centralized every day.  We also toy with details of the upcoming sci-fi movie episode. Cohost .45 Phil and Chef Jeff from The Hills in La Mesa joined host Justin Fort to assist with the ruckus.

There's also plenty of rock and/or roll, fixin' stuff, Prong, Goatsnake, stereo parts, a promo for the latest ASDS/Calguns pistol event, Direct Action Solutions' KRISS SMG, and a serious look at how many people fascists killed versus commies like Stalin, Pol Pot and Mr. Red himself, Mao.

We don't mess - grab the podcast immediately, follow us at GarageHour.com, and like us on Farcebook, but before you do any of that, go vote!


Direct download: HWGH053114.m4a
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03.24.12: Classic! Two Hours You Can't Have Back: Bad Movie Episode (w/ Bad Movie Rules: Sequel Syndrome, Bad Choice Rule and the Dreaded Double-Suck), Plus the Hyundai Elantra and Naming Don't Die Brian

Awesome retrosauce: this is the Garage Hour's vaunted Bad Movies Special (Two Hours You Can't Have Back), complete with the Bad Choice Rule (actors can screw themselves, apparently), the dreaded Double-Suck Rule, and the Sequel Syndrome, wherein the number of numbers on the end of your movie reliably heralds pending suckage.  Or suckstacy.

Join us for an hour on-air with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, Dirty Dave and Don't Die Brian (who earned his name in the span of this very episode) as they list a fine collection of some of the worst things you've ever wished you've never seen.

Oh, and there's cars, trucks, beers and guns, including designing cars that make you think, Monster Magnet, Bruce Campbell, Wikipedia's porn problem and why family blogs are lazy.


Direct download: HWGH032412.m4a
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05.24.14: Memorial Day, Plus Full-Cluster Episode; Including Road Racing, Active Shooting, Beer in SD, Squatch Run #3 and UKIP's Nigel Farage

With Memorial Day right around the corner, .45 Phil and host Justin Fort run an old-fashioned cluster-Garage Hour, with a host of gearhead thoughts about everything from bighorn sheep in the East County, Jesse James' pretty new (but kind'a flimsy-looking) 1911s, how to enjoy politics again with UKIP's Nigel Farage and his it's-raining-beer weather report, more beers with Twisted Manzanita, road racers from the USCA and beyond, the Garage Hour's upcoming Sasquatch Run and a proper bit of remembrance of America's fallen on this, the eve of Memorial Day.



Direct download: HWGH052414.m4a
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11.20.10: Classic! Parking, Toyota's Warranty Trainwreck, WW1 v WW2, the LA Auto Show, Dirty Dave @ Superstition, Vipers, Texas Rangers, Hippie Bashing and Alligator Bashing

This is the good stuff (like all the other good stuff): parking, designer hippies, Toyota's warranty troubles, WW 1, 2 and 3, the Poles, 9/11, the FIAT 500, beating the crap out of your car, beating the crap out of Miatas, Johnny Cash, the Cannonball Run, the FIAT Viper, CNN's worthlessness, alligators, Texas Rangers, Steve Freakin' McQueen, cancer, celepities, Gov. Moonbeam, Bill Romanowski and Helmet.  Justin Fort hosts, with Dirty Dave and a very hungover Black Ryan.

Also, remember Rule #1: blame the Prius owner.


Direct download: HWGH112010.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 2:52am EDT

05.17.14: Gearhead Questions for Larry Wilske (Congress: CA's 53rd), San Diego Fire Report, P2K's Listener Giveaway, And An Angry Letter to the NFL

The Garage Hour goons welcome Larry Wilske to KCBQ's gleaming black tower of broadcast superiority. The retired Navy SEAL Command Master Chief is running for California's 53rd congressional district, and to make sure our listeners know the guy, we asked the questions our listeners would: Ford V Chevy, chicken V steak, Ukraine V South China Sea, and bacon V the world. We include Larry in a wide-ranging chat about San Diego's powerful response to the May firestorm, as well as discuss P2K Range's gun safe/membership giveaway.

This is also the episode in which host Justin Fort unloads both barrels on the politicization of the NFL, and how it's ruining football for football fans.

Before you groan, don't worry - Larry was a great guest (with help from .45 Phil and Doc Fred Simon, candidate for the 52nd), with a SEAL's-eye view of government that you will find inspiring.  Larry's working to unseat unrepentant leftist and Pelosi acolyte Susan Davis, who's been in the 53rd for years with very little to show for it, and he needs our support.


Direct download: HWGH051714.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 1:36pm EDT

03.02.13: Off-Road Trails, Women in the Infantry, Sequestergeddon, Sasquatch and Swap Meets

Hate windmills?  Love HG Wells?  Like movies?  Despise big government?  Tired of Farcebook?  Have an opinion about women in front-line infantry?  Think Quebecois chicks are hot?  Need to know more about hunting, eating, drinking, racing and Sasquatch?  Want to hear a Marine, a well-read socialite and a professional wheelman argue everything from cars to trucks and beers to guns?  Grab this Garage Hour.

When you absolutely positively have no clue what to talk about on your radio show, just put .45 Phil, 27-year Marine, and Crag Maxwell, political mover and shaker and secret bookstore owner, and former factory test-driver and ongoing adventure journalist Justin Fort in the same studio and pour on the indignation.


PS> Admit it, as soon as you saw the image for this episode, you remembered the alien ray-beam noise from "War of the Worlds". Best sci-fi sound ever.

Direct download: HWGH030213.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 2:07am EDT

05.10.14: Summer Off-Roading, Sasquatch Off-Road Prep, BLM Catches Fire for Starting Chariot Fire, and a Chat With the Ultimate Street Car Association

Getting back to our roots - this Garage Hour is all off-road, all the time.  Well, some of the time, because we also promoted our next Sasquatch Run, talked trash on Jeepers (Toyota guys, go figure), hit a bunch more high-Q gearhead stuff like all the parts that don't break on Toyotas, and took a few cheap shots at the Prius - fish in a barrel, there.

We also managed to get Jimi Day from the Ultimate Street Car Association on the horn to speak about the series' upcoming Daytona and Fontana speedway events.  We'll have them back, because anyone who's making race-time available for part-time racers is worth our full-time attention.


Direct download: HWGH051014.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 6:08pm EDT

05.03.14: Gearhead Questions for Aspiring Reps, Sasquatch Run #3, Judges and Surgeons and Marines (Oh My)

The political silly season is on, so the Garage Hour is using some of its gearhead cred to dig up answers from real candidates, with Dr. Fred Simon (San Diego's 52nd) and Judge Pro-Tem Ken Gosselin (running for San Diego County's 25th Superior Court seat) joining us in the studio. How else would we learn about their understanding of important challenges like boxers V briefs, Ford V Chevy, beef V chicken, and actual serious issues like parents rights, distracted driving, international leadership, and all those trivialities you always wanted to ask about but forgot when the SEIU guy thumped you in the back of the head for raising your hand.

Don't worry - we've also got cars, trucks, beers and guns, and we'll have .45 Phil go get the SEIU guy.  Grab the podcast.


Direct download: HWGH050314.m4a
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09.28.13: Clarkson VS Piers Morgan, Dogfights, NASCAR @ Road Courses, Elsinore GP, Marines Birthday,  Joseph Stalin Tank, Oktoberfest, MRAPs and Neighborhood Legislature.

One of those Garage Hours: everything from tanks to trucks and Speedvision to Jeremy Clarkson punching out Piers Morgan, plus WW2 dogfights, Paths of Hate (just search for the video and you'll understand), the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix, shooting with ASDS in South Bay, local police becoming a staging area for military equipment (dark clouds forming), and the definition of a absentee politician (AKA Tom Harkin).


Direct download: HWGH092813.m4a
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08.31.13: CA Gun Laws, CA Traffic, Marines and Their Shotguns, Fletch, Old Rockers (Ugly!), Windmill Poison, Scary Progressives, Muggers VS Rugby Guys

This one's an educational show: we learn about the gun-banning laws and regulations being pushed by the deliriously nutty progressive freakshow called the state of CA (some in the dead of night), and how those laws are going to make you suffer (if you're lucky) or instantly turn you into a criminal.

Eryk from Cal Guns (.net), .45 Phil and host Justin Fort explore everything from the laws, the bad behavior and backroom deals necessary to sneak some of the scarier laws through, and how the groundless (and often feckless) regulatory actions will affect regular Californians - and not just Californians who like the Second Amendment.

This is big AM talk, after all, so the gearhead goons of the Garage Hour also take some shots at CA traffic, CA politicians, Marines, shotguns, old actors and old metal artists, and makers VS takers.  There's also a sporty tale of two rugby guys pounding on some muggers, which makes everyone feel good (except the muggers...).


Direct download: HWGH083113.m4a
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08.17.13: Attack of the Board Ops! 100%-Everything, with Check-Engine Lights, the Bear Patrol, Mad Max, Tanks, Failner, Nickname Origins, Celeb Bashing and Honda in F1

This is what happens when you let the guys who usually operate the show take over the mic...  With a 100%-everything list of gearhead topics, from international racing, local politics, the idiots in movies, the idiots in the real world, the shame that is a remake of Mad Max (some movies are too perfect - leave 'em alone), and Mr. Rogers VS the Frugal Gourmet guy, we set every trap and the board ops fall in every one.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and retrohost Dirty Dave let alllllll of the old Garage Hour board ops into the studio, from Cameron "Scacrow" Bradna, Daniel "Barrister" Hilton, Paul "Snaggletooth" Drivas, Todd "Missing Man" James to Nick "The Trick" Lane, and they proceed to demonstrate to the world why they belong on the other side of the glass.  Grab this podcast and prepare to thank your lucky stars for on-air talent.


PS>  Special thanks to Missing Man for cooking up this episode's promo poster.

Direct download: HWGH081713.m4a
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08.25.12: Villains! Classic GH, w/ Jaws, Blofeld, Joker, Angel Eyes, Beetlejuice VS Darth, and the Introduction of the Villains Cage Match

Killer Garage Hour: the Villains Episode.  We collect more than 70 movie villains of every stripe, from Blofeld to Little Bill, Darth to Ming, Jaws to Angel Eyes, plus Cruella DeVille and the horde of nutbars from Fatal Attraction.  Dirty Dave, Crag Maxwell and host Justin Fort put together some rules for villains, too, and in the process discover that Jaws is much more of a uberhenchman than an outright villain, much to Justin's dismay.

Credit where credit is due: the genesis of this classic Garage Hour episode was at a brewery in Ouray, Colorado - Mr. Grumpy Pants, to be exact.  Off-Road.com editor Jaime Hernandez asked what had happened to Richard Keil (Jaws), and it all spun out of control from there.  Good times.


Direct download: HWGH082512.m4a
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04.26.14: Cars, Trucks, Beers and Punks! Pop Core "Look Up Here", Mobile Devicing Tickets, Explosions, Twisted Manzanita, GM's "Fat Keys" Scandal, Santee's Street Fair, Desert Toys on Craig's List, Gas Prices, Sasquatch and Awesomesauce.

With the guys from Look Up Here in-studio, SuperMeg, East County Beerlord Jeff Trevaskis and former factory test driver Justin Fort whip up a batch of gearhead-talk radio superiority on Saturday's show.  You can't go wrong (well, you probably could) with a room full of punk rockers, and we pull off a show full of explosions (propane, acetlyne, Sobe and snow), desert toys (LS1, anyone?), gas prices, corporate skulduggery and beer-sipping refinement.  Someone even mentions brisket.

The call is also out for Sasquatch Run 3: The 'Squatchening; which is looking likely late in May, so stay tuned.


Direct download: HWGH042614.m4a
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04.19.14: Guitar Dudes! Rock/Roll, Best Guitar Players, Best Rock Bands, What's a Pickup, Plus Off-Road, The Hills in La Mesa, Toyota VS Jeep and Smashing Instruments for Profit

Put a bunch of guitar experts on a gearhead show and you'll get more than you bargained for, including all sorts of stories about the rock and rollists, tales of humbuckers (whatever the Hell they is), pickups and frets, plus cars, trucks, beers and guns (of course).

Joining host Justin Fort and irregular cohost/food ninja Chef Jeff on this week's Garage Hour are none other than off-roading buddy Seth Hollander, guitar instructor of some repute (SethMetal.com) and the proud owner of the DeathRunner and lots of guns, and Battleship Dan, pro guitar builder (TopGearGuitar.com), guitar tech to the stars and confirmed Garage Hour superfan.

Also, the sincerest of Garage Hour apoligies: due to an ill-timed Kong infestation of KCBQ's 50,000-watt broadcast tower on the east side (of El Cajon), we lost a few minutes of the second hour.  Better luck next time.


Direct download: HWGH041914.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 2:29am EDT

04.27.13: Screamin' Jesus! (the 320mm Spigot Mortar) Plus Prius Bashing, Windmill Bashing, Nick Bashing, Batman Bashing, Hipster Bashing, and Stereo Equipment

With everything from electric cars to electric stereo parts, this Garage Hour episode is chock-full of good gearhead talk.  Mike the Mic joined Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, Agent Aya and .45 Phil for what was originally slated to be an episode about stereo equipment (a fondness held by Mike and Justin), but the ship of state quickly veered off course in true Garage Hour fashion.  The topic list expanded to Solzhenitsyn, Batman, Freud, Chuck Norris, ammunition prices, new beer, old bombs, new tanks, and monoliths versus obelisks.

We also get a tidy history of the WW2 siege mortar called the Type 98 by the Japanese who lobbed 'em at us, and Screamin' Jesus by GIs who had to watch them tumble, from our very own military historian, .45 Phil.


Direct download: HWGH042713.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 5:46pm EDT

06.22.13: A Big Pile of Conspiracies (Flight 800, the .50-Cal Ricochet, NSA, Drones, MRAPs, McChrystal VS Hastings) and 100 More Reasons to Pay Attention

This is the episode that catapulted the Garage Hour to doubled listenership, and the show that put the gearhead goons from San Diego into an expanded time slot.  Download a full hour of everything from Flight 800, the FBI, NSA, DHS, drones, Stingers, the .50-cal ricochet, Sasquatch, Japan's thirst for 5.56 ammo, the populist media's unfortunate contribution to it all, and how the Garage Hour plans to fix it.  Oh yeah, with cars, trucks, beers and guns.

Grab a load of this podcast for a big fat conspiratory freakout, with Agent Aya (suspiciously good with a handgun), .45 Phil (27-year Marine storm trooper from back in the Reagan days) and former factory factory test driver and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, because they'll also take a few shots at Mayor Bob Failner, Manzanita Brewing's Apricot Blonde, Restore the 4th, antique steaem, the patheticness that is Joe Biden, and the value of America's enlisted military in times of crisis.


Direct download: HWGH062213.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 6:00pm EDT

04.12.14: Fast Guys Talk Lone Pine Time Trials, Plus Hillclimbing, Radical Crawlers, Smart Car Tipping, Smart Cars with Hayabusa Motors, the Demise of the RamRunner, Rio Shotgun Shells and a Bunch of Other Stuff We've Broken

All gearhead, all the time...  Host Justin Fort has Bret Norgaard from Yawsport and Neil Alexander from the Lone Pine Time Trials (coming up in May) to talk their little slice of road-racing heaven, the adventure that is high-speed time-attack on a real airport course, and the parties that go on in tandem with it all.  We also get into everything from Hayabusa-powered Smart cars (why people are tipping them over), to the failed Dodge RamRunner (and why it was no Raptor), hillclimbing for folks on the West Coast, Powerstroke and 502-powered crawlers and a truckload of other awesomeness.

Okay, so Han Solo and Greedo get into the mix, and there's some chatter about Rio shotgun shells, the police and English politics, but it's the Garage Hour - we digress.


Direct download: HWGH041214.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 3:25pm EDT

09.19.09: Classic! Thunderboats, Cannibals @ the Fair, Claimer Racing, Taking a Dive in F1, Smog Laws, Brett Farvrere and Conservative Conservationism

Excellent early Garage Hour - episodes like this are what brought the show to life way back in 2009...  Everything from CanAm to Batman, fake mechanics and poseur Farves, Orwellian education, chicken legs, Grand Prix.com, team orders, TV laws, smog laws, thunderboats and deep-vees, the unfortunately named Dimebag Darrell (RIP) and tales of a mentally insane cannibal who was taken to the fair.

And like every Garage Hour, there's a serious moment or two - Dirty Dave, Grizzly Chris and hillclimbin' slicer-dicer Justin Fort chat about the need for conservatives to conserve on their own, before someone with less scruples but a bigger stick up their butt tries to force you to.


Direct download: HWGH091909.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 1:19pm EDT

06.11.11: Ferd FTeenthousand VS Sasquatch, 24 Hours of LeMans, Shooting Trap, Broken Studios, Beck & Scientology, Engineers' Brains and the DMV

Killer show! This reloaded Garage Hour features a pile of legendary topics, including the Ferd FTeenthousand (whale house!), Sasquatch, scary celebrities, Beck's Scientology, Gavin Newsbag, Amon Tobin, stoner metal, Israel, the 24 Hours of leMans, Franchi shotguns, busting clay and Kevlar tornado shelters.

While we're at it, Black Ryan, Dirty Dave and former factory test driver Justin Fort also beat the Hell out of Glenn Danzig (who hasn't?), Moby (everyone should) and President Pickle (he's asking for it), and talk up the awesomeness that is engineers, shooting trap and the British VS the Argentines.

It's gearhead radio: who are you to resist?


Direct download: HWGH061111.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 2:29am EDT

04.05.14: Fred Simon and District 52, Ford VS Chevy, Jag VS Benz, Dog VS Cat, King Crimson, Plus 100 More Garage Hour Questions for Candidates

You can't spell politics without... a "p"... and the Garage Hour can't get this close to the mid-term elections without having some hopeful congressional candidates in the studio.  What can we say?  Gearheads like to vote.  Besides, we all want some more change.

This episode featured Dr. Fred Simon, candidate for San Diego's 52nd Congressional District, and before you get bent out of shape that we were talking politics again, don't you want to hear his thoughts on things that matter, like Ford VS Chevy, protections for off-road access, and whether Fred plans to run guns for Islamic terrorists in the Philippines with a Chinese mobster named Shrimp Boy (which we advised him against)?

There's also some actual serious questions, such as the good doc's positions on the Second Amendment, getting things done instead of talking about getting things done, equal opportunity VS equal outcomes, and who his favorite Supreme Court justice is.  He had very good answers for everything but his preference for Chevys.

Grab the podcast, complete with Eryk from CalGuns.net and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.  Because you ought.


Direct download: HWGH040514.m4a
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06.29.13: Semi-Vintage Garage Hour - the ComicCon Episode, with Batman VS Superman VS Aquaman VS Brock Sampson VS Han Solo, Plus Filner VS Madrid, Gun Stores, Venn Diagrams and the Weather

Well, some episodes don't stay gearhead for long, and this one went decidedly cartoon in about five minutes.  Join us for an hour (one of the last hour-only Garage Hours) of unrelenting comic book action, with none other than SuperMeg (before the nickname), Jesse Caverly, author and zombie expert, and .45 Phil, a walking, talking comic book hero in his own right.

It's not like we didn't try - there were gun stores, shooting events, big Buicks, an attack on hipsters (because they're there) and an attack on mayors (because Failner), but we kept winding up talking ComicCon, Batman, Superman, bad guys, Aquaman, Han Solo, Brock Sampson (just because), geek VS nerd and the Venn diagram necessary so it all makes sense.

There will be cars and trucks and beers and guns in the next episode.  Promise.


Direct download: HWGH062913.m4a
Category:gearhead personality -- posted at: 7:24pm EDT

03.29.14: We Care A Lot - About Off-Roading, Sasquatch, Gun-Running Senators, Dolphins (They Don't Taste Like Fish), Tactical Shotguns, Environmentalists, E-Cigs and Tilting at Windmills

How about something completely different? The Garage Hour goons (and the vice mayor of La Mesa) had a really involved conversation about the environment, with none other than a real environmentalist!  Apparently, nature tastes like steak.

Sure, cohosts .45 Phil and Crag Maxwell happily joined Justin Fort to chat off-roading and shotguns (sounds like we're ready for a Sasquatch Run!), but they were also educated by an environmentally aware friend of the show, Leslie Rapp, on the topics of dolphins, Blackfish, free-range whales (did we say that right?), and we were escorted through the serious California politics behind the attacks on Seaworld by Kristine Alessio, vice Mayor of La Mesa.  We also figured out that it's the silly names people give killer whales that make them... kill people...  What the Hell kind of name is Tillikum?  Call the poor things Tyrone or Pete or Emily and they'll be so much happier.  There's also a fun bit of shrapnel for the nutjob envirowhackos who are giving granola a bad name.  Chill out!

Podcast it up immediately, before Seaworld finds out about it.


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05.26.12: Vintage! Memorial Day Show, w/ POWs, War Movies, Freedom Station, Lincoln VS Vampires, Hybridiots, Stupidists, Monster Trucks, Buddy Guy, ZZ Top, Bullitt, and Rampant Unprofessionalism

We dish out some real respect on this Memorial Day, with extensive chatter about Americans who've given the ultimate measure in the name of God and country. Like the icing on this Cake of Respect, the Garage Hour goons also discuss San Diego's Freedom Station, American POWs from all conflicts, and a serious heap of war movies.

In this episode, former factory test-driver, road racer and all-around professional Justin Fort also renews his long-standing argument with cohost Dirty Dave regarding the historical relativity of Abraham Lincoln's unfondness of vampires.  They also get up to monster trucks, tracks from Metallica, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Nick Cave, and live shows with Buddy Guy, plus the movie Bullitt (happy birthday, Steve), the Mumford Lane, and pizzas from superfan Tristain.

Don't let the hybridiots get you.


Direct download: HWGH052612.m4a
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03.22.14: Get Traff@cked (Because Those Idiots Won't Tell Themselves Off) With All the Things You Hate About Traffic, Plus Guns, Gardening, Silver State Open-Road Racing, Rock & Roll, the Tick, Food Trucks, Hipster Hunting and Twistidity

When one of these unscripted episodes turns out right, it's such a great feeling. Hostus Maximus Justin Fort coupled SuperMeg and the return of Chef Jeff from Eastbound Bar & Grill to do two hours of everything that's wrong with traffic (because we can all relate). You can't go wrong with an endless list of the things that incompetence, ignorance, insomnia and insolence do to the already insufferable dense driving in southern California, and we charged full-steam into all the causes of and answers to.  If there's anything you can get on board with, it's SoCal traffic being off its rocker.

Just like the Garage Hour, however, we dive deep into a host of other awesomeness (because gearhead!), including the Silver State Challenge (260mph, anyone?), tactical shotguns, how hipsters are uncool by nature, and more Dude Food.

Grab this one before it's gone (though it won't be - hurry because we care).


Direct download: HWGH032214.m4a
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08.10.13: Beer Names (Night Fighter!), Local Off-Roading for Summer, Tony's Pissed List, Unphoning, Because Railgun, Beer-Con and Regular Cons.

Intriguing or offensive, but never boring: it's your kind of doom on the hoof, and now for two hours!  Join us for some adventures in beer (Night Fighter), off-roading, railguns, Beer-Con, and the introduction of the Garage Hour's PSA (unphone, dammit!).

And as was born Night Fighter English Ale, we were joined by Manzanita Brewing so we could get down to naming their newest beer, an English-style brown ale with hints of coffee and stone fruit. We go through the whole list of beer names, including crowd pleasers like Improper Copper Ale, Bob's Your Uncle, Cajon Oval Brown, Bulldog Brown, Monkey Wrench, Cuyamaca Mud and, God help us, Jerry Brown Ale and the totally unnecessary Filner Pilsner.

We also chase Calguns' next Meet & Greet, a little bit about off-road maintenance and good summer trails in San Diego, what was up at that day's Beer-Con, the geek wonderment that are railguns (yay!), a few items from "The Reasons Tony's Pissed" List, courtesy of Tony's Lube & Tune, and a full studio with .45 Phil, Agent Aya, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner), ManzaNina and Larry from Manzanita Brewing.


Direct download: HWGH081013.m4a
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03.15.14: New Guns and Old Rock & Roll w/ Springfield Armory and Skynyrd's Innyrds, as well as Gov't Motors'  Liability Meltdown, Flight 370 and a Truckload of Info That's Good for Firearms Owners in CA

The gearhead mavens from the Garage Hour served up everything from nifty new firearms to dusty old war stuff in this show, as well as dabbling in the unfolding Flight 370 mystery (how couldn't we?), and taking a run at the pending recall-liability disaster facing General Motors and its bailout masters in the UAW and big government.

Cohosts suiting up to work on this episode with host Jusin Fort were none other than Duncan Lancaster, lead singer of Skynyrd-tribute band Skynyrd's Innyrds, and long lost adventure junkie, Black Ryan.

Joining Hank Watson's Garage Hour's usual suspects in the studio was special guest Randy Linkmeyer of Springfield Armory (as well as Crimson Trace, TruGlo Sights and Aguila Ammo), who was ready and willing to chat about all things firearms and gun ownership in the state of California and beyond.


Direct download: HWGH031514.m4a
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03.08.14: Dude Food! Gearheads Talk Local Eats with Eastbound Bar & Grill, BBQ, Smoking Meat, Marinades, Burgers, Hot Sauce and Peppers (and Fish Heads), Plus the Power Team VS the Strength Team

Yummiest episode ever. We focused on our appetitie for Dude Food this show, talking cooking, eating, beer with food, smoking and barbecuing meats of every stripe.  Grow your own hot peppers? We discuss how.  Want to make killer slaw?  We have the ingredients. Enjoy eating more than cooking? Tell your friends to grab the podcast so they'll make it all for you.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is joined in the studio by Chefus Maximus Jeff Hall (of Eastbound Bar & Grill, and upcoming "The Hills" in La Mesa), plus radio cohost stalwart .45 Phil (That Which Goes Bump in the Night) and up-and-comer SuperMeg (though her sidekick Husband Guy couldn't make it this time).

Also on-tap for this episode of the best gearhead radio on the AM dial is a studio visit by the Power Team and the Strength Team ministries, who were appearing at Foothills Christian Church the next day, as well as our usual caravan of killer talk topics, including .45 Phil's Tank of the Week, the national tragedy that is Daylight Savings Time, and SuperMeg's taunting of Archfiend Wes Luthor.

It's all good - come get some.


Direct download: HWGH030814.m4a
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12.21.13: Made in the USA, Duck Dynasty, Redneck+Truck, Porsches, Blues Brothers, Chicago History, Term Limits, Pajamification, and ReChristmasification

Proving that gearhead talk radio can mantain its balance when talking about politics, the Garage Hour combined both in this fine Made In the USA episode (now, with the latest technology!).  From trucks, Porsche, VW corporate and hybrids to term limits, fighter plane pilots and religious hot dogs, this is a fun episode - you won't need your seat.

Additional chatalogical content includes the Duck Dynasty dustup, the upcoming Superstition off-road Run, conservatives VS centrists VS progressives, the Blues Brothers, eating enough roughage, the Mayor of Furniture, Justin Fort's theory on revenge of the losers (anti-mongers), the Supreme Court, gift buying for the holidays and 2013's holiday trend of ReChristmasification.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is joined in-studio by his crack team of political commentators, anchored by La Mesa Vice Mayor Kristene Alessio, .45 Phil (Special Assistant to the Vice Mayor) and Crag Maxwell, general antagonist of all things political.


Direct download: HWGH122113.m4a
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09.24.11 (Vintage Garage Hour): Silver State Cars, Big Red Camaro, Bilstein, Coronado Classics, Hiking In Iran, Stuxnet, Beer, Beer, Glow-In-The-Dark Cats, and Skynyrds Inyrds.

With killer Silver State flyby sounds (ever wonder what a big-block sounds like at 217?), this reloaded Garage Hour brings together two of our old-school cohosts, DoubleMint Cameron (now knows as the Scarecrow) and Skynyrd's Inyrds' lead Duncan Lancaster for an hour of serious gearhead talk. Also included is an great chat with Gina from the Coronado Classics, because race car.

This episode has it all - Camaros, Bilsteins, hiking in Iran (or How To Know You're a Grade-A Moron), road racing, computer viruses, glow-in-the-dark cats and, of course, beer.  There's also tales of Mexican prison, San Diego ubergearhead J. Bittle, El Sasquatcho, the Bears, Amelia Earhart, and a call in from the Lord of North County (Mr. Dustin, Top Earner).


Direct download: HWGH092411.m4a
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10.31.09 (Vintage Garage Hour): Halloween, Batmobile VS Ghostbusters Hearse VS Damnation Alley Thingy, Ferraris, Movies Not for Kids, Poison Ivy, Stephen King, Critical Mass and the Plague

From the Ghostbusters to the apocalypse, this is a Halloween Garage Hour that drives every stake home.  Admit it, you can hear the Ghostbusters' siren in your head right now...  In a rare case of good planning, we even nab calls from Nacho in Wisco and Jaime in Ramona, so our interstate cabal of gearheads and beerheads and cheeseheads and cartoon villians is complete.

On-air with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is none other than Poison Ivy (and her alter-ego, Tess), The Most Interesting Man in the World, Grizzly Chris and Dirty Dave.  They cover the gamut of essential talk-show topics, like sharks eating people, Animal House (Eat Me!), the Blues Brothers, M'night Shlamalamlam's movies about trees and owls, Critical Mass and why it might be insane, Stephen King's natural state of paranoia, and the lunacy that was the Pickle Administration's Cash for Clunkers program.

Podcast up and try this one on.  It's a classic.


Direct download: 01_Hank_Watsons_Garage_Hour_103109.mp3
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03.01.14: Off-Roading at King of Hammers and a 2014 KOH Report, plus Rec-Roading, Portal IFS, TDS, Diesels, Scottie Bombs, Led Zeppelin, and the Growing Mess in The Ukraine

Host Justin Fort brought King of Hammers competitors Shane Henry and Mark Underwood to the studio to chat about this year's KOH race, plus KOH history and all of the growth that series like KOH are experiencing. These guys started in their garages just like everyone else, folks, so be impressed by the rigs their work has wrought.

In true Garage Hour fashion, we get into the details, doing a breakdown of Mark's recipie for a portal IFS.  In the process, we catch some sporty threats chucked our way by epic builder Scottie at Addicted Off-Road, and from the 13th Ring of Hell, otherwise known as Yuma.  There's also Bronco fail-extasy, TDS analysis, and a review of Deadbolt, KYUSS, Earthlings? and Led Zeppelin.

More fun on the Garage Hour includes a .45 Phil-powered rant about the Pickle Administration's lack of game, which has been brilliantly exposed by Vlad Putin's scarily effective Soviet-style game, and a little more about the three stooges (Obama, Kerry and Hagel) who can't even pretend to have a clue about what they're doing.

Grab some podcast - it's up, now.


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01.04.14: A Critique of New for 2014 Cars and Trucks, Loser Politics, Driving Gently, the Tijuana Effect, Shotguns for Marines, and a Serious Analysis of the Problems Facing Fallujah

Sometimes the Garage Hour is a real gem (and sometimes it's something else...). This episode is one of those gemlike objects.  .45 Phil and Mike the Mic join host Justin Fort to work over the 2014 San Diego Auto Show, and on the way they have a very sincere conversation about the resurgent troubles facing the residents of Iraq, as related by a 27-year Marine who spent half a year in Fallujah (our very own .45 Phil).

On the way, we'll dabble in the usual Garage Hour deliciousness, including a tirade about Christmas decorations, plus auto-workers' unions, junkyards, shotgun VS M4, Israel, tanks, and as promised, lots about the new cars and trucks hitting the US market in 2014, including big trucks (Dodge VS Toyota), small cars (the Focus ST) and why Hyundai and Kia are killing it.


Direct download: HWGH010414.m4a
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12.11.10: Vintage Garage Hour (w/ the Hoarsest Host), plus Railguns, Hydroshocks, Beetlejuice, Texas, Antigravity, Antimatter and Armored Vacuums

Ready for a 100%-random Garage Hour? This one's got it all - Buck Rogers, bullets, Beetlejuice, plus Texans declaring war (again?), the famous armored vacuum discussion, a how-to on heckling at movies (Step 1: bring Creature), ecoterrorists, plus antigravity, antimatter, and probably Auntie Entity for all we know.

The show must go on, even when the host doesn't have a voice. This is a fun one - you can hear Hostus Croakthemost Justin Fort try to push through a blown set of pipes while the cohosts just make it worse...  Special thanks to Grizzly Chris, Black Ryan and Mr. Dustin, Top Earner for revelling in Justin's suffering.


Direct download: 01_Hank_Watsons_Garage_Hour_121110.mp3
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01.11.14: A Preview of Manzanita Brewing's New Distillery, Plus Fallujah, Tequila, Shooting, Writing Checks, Ronald Reagan, Tires,  San Diego Drivers, Suburbans, Superstition, Spirits, and Pawns VS Minions

Ahhhh, the Garage Hour.  We bring intriguing and offensive to a whole new level without upsetting the FCC.  Much.  On this epsiode, we chat up Jeff Trevaskis, head of Manzanita Brewing, about their new distillery.  We also discuss what it takes to be a small brewer (and a small company) in San Diego's blue-collar nexus, East County (Santee, to be exact), and in California.

Following the formalities, however, the conversation will wander.  You insist.  We hit off-roading, big trucks, tire care and how Southern Californians screw themselves again and again in crappy weather, preparedness, rock and/or roll, as well as plans for a visit to the range, local beers, the cost of a good still (which has a whole lot of zeros), and more reasons to unphone yourself.

Justin Fort - former factory test-driver, off-roader, shooter, eater, and Hostus Maximus - is joined in the studio to chat up Trevaskis by none other than .45 Phil, 27-year Marine and That Which Goes Bump In The Night.

Grab the podcast immediately, or we'll tell Phil where you live.


Direct download: HWGH011114.m4a
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08.21.10: When Animals Attack the Garage Hour/Bears, Bulls and Sharks, Oh My (... Or Solutions to San Diego's Pig and Seal Infestations) plus Jeeps, Darwin and Chicks from Montreal.

Vintage Garage Hour right here - it's "When Animals Attack the Garage Hour".  If you hear about bears eating nature fans, bulls goring bullfight fans, sharks attacking boats, and you ask why they didn't shoot it with a bazooka, well, you're going to love this hour of killer gearhead talk.

We dip into San Diego's pig problem (not enough bears) and seal problem (not enough sharks), mooses, as well as San Diego's sasquatch, Bubba the Bear from Tahoe, and why Darwin is on their side.  We also visit with the scoupe origin story, Zach Wilde, Clutch, Ballers with Dollars, the hot and the short in Montreal, Megaman and Jeeps in Holy Jim Canyon.

On-air with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is cohosting cornerstone Dirty Dave, with a rare appearance by Charlie, Justin's Other Brain, and a call-in from DSM Dustin.

Podcast it now, before the pigs get us.


Direct download: HWGH082110.m4a
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02.15.14: Attacking Politicians, Making Friends in High Places, 2A vs. CA's 9th Court, UAW and VW vs. Its Employees,  Not Hillary and Not Shooting Windmills

We get politics, politicians and political BS out of our systems on this episode of Hank Watson's Garage Hour, and yes, you want to listen. We hit all of the big targets: the weaponization of Obama's White House (scary), Hillary in 2016 (less likely than you think), and we connect it with local issues like San Diego's new mayor (Faulconer - is half-good enough?), term limits (purging ossified career politicians in small towns like La Mesa, CA), and the definition of ossified, La Mesa's 30-year mayor, Art Madrid (more likely to have a drink).

It's not all political, though - this is the Garage Hour.  We dabble in auto manufacturing (UAW and VW vs. Americans), Dude Food (Mexican dining options in San Diego), the shooting sports (including the CalGuns San Diego's carbine educational event at Matt Klier's Active Shooter Defense School), the invasion of the solar panels in San Diego's rural communities, and the suggestion that you avoid shooting windmills unless they shoot at you first.

In studio? Awesomeness: Kristine Alessio, Vice Mayor of the city of La Mesa; .45 Phil, 27-year Marine and Special Assistant to the Vice Mayor; Crag Maxwell, musclebound antagonist of crooked politicians and owner of Maxwell's House of Books; Hoosier Eric (all the way from Indiana); and the host with the most... speeding tickets... Justin Fort.


Direct download: HWGH021514.m4a
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09.14.13: Vintage Racing, BMWs and Jeff Gerken, Thunderboats, Awesomesauce VS Thousand Island, Scary National Politics, CO's Political Payback, Bikers in DC and Jean Claude Van Damme's Glass Jaw.

The Garage Hour goons get a Coronado Classics/Speed Fest primer from Jeff Gerken of BMW of El Cajon in this episode of the best gearhead talk show since Top Gear full of beer, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. This is one of those little-bit-of-everything episodes you've come to demand from Hank Watson's Garage Hour.

On top of Jeff Gerken, we stacked everything from Thunderboats, Sasquatch and the Bilstein Boys, Jean Claude Van Damn He Just Got His Ass Kicked By A Hell's Angel (that's his full legal name), Colorado's political regurgitation of bad laws, California's black economy, how Debbie Wassername Schultz might be the love-child of Barney Fife and Chelsea Clinton, millions of bikers riding in protest through Washington D.C., and a reminder to unphone, just a little.

In studio? Justin Fort, professional gearhead, test driver and all around wheel to be reckoned with, and '45 Phil, 27-year Marine, Master Guns, and That Which Goes Bump in the Night. Join us for an hour, won't you, and grab the podcast.


Direct download: HWGH091413.m4a
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01.25.14: The Smog Guy Episode, Plus Old Trucks, Old Catalytics, Old Volvos, New Rock, Tactical Shooting, Camp 'Yota and Killing the Hostage Chicken

Do you have questions about passing smog?  Curious about how to make your hot rod/ricer/sled/trail rig/show car/commuter slug survive two more years in California's growing emisions police state?  Want to know about all the new "regulations" CA has passed to make your car's life harder?  Hank Rotten's Garage Hour's Smog Guy episode peels back a few layers on what to do to pass the test, why old Volvos never fail smog and how the state is going to screw you, tuners, reprogrammers, the smog guy - Hell, even the hybrids are going to get screwed. Mike the Smog Guy also reveals a whole bunch of smog-testing secrets that CA's state of desperation probably wishes it could keep secret.

Don't worry - we won't let you down.  When the Garage Hour's Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and Mike Petscheck, of Smog Only/STAR-Certified Smog in El Cajon finally digress from the smog thing, they'll hit on why they always get beaten by old Marines at tactical shotgun competitions and how a fainting hostage chicken sure looks like a dead hostage chicken.  They'll also revisit ObmaFail #lostcount that was Cash for Clunkers, CA's ongoing electric and hybrid plug pig infrastructure fail, Swedish sniper rifles rechambered in .308 Winchester, Dude Food at Camp 'Yota, and Mike the Mic stands in for long-lost cohost Crag Maxwell and gets the station to use its liability warning on us.

Why? Because it's chock-full of great. Podcast it now.


Direct download: HWGH012514.m4a
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02.08.14: WRX and STi VS Evo, King of Hammers, SHOT Show, Deep Purple, Army VS Marines VS Navy VS Coasties, and 9mm VS .40 S&W.

Fastest Garage Hour podcast ever! We hit all the buttons on this mammoth show, with WRX and STi versus Evolution, all the fun stuff at this year's SHOT Show, all the things that are wrong with "stanced" cars, all kinds of sauce, East County chin armor, the new mullet (the fauxhawk), Max Mosley's Nazi hooker orgy, military branch back-slapping, skeet shooting with prizes (otherwise known as Amazon drones), and why the most important rule when shooting anything is to make sure you look cool.

In studio with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is a frightening array of cohosting awesomesauce: Dirty Dave, who escaped from Yuma; Hoosier Eric, who escaped from Indiana; Eryk from CalGuns.net, who'd like to escape from California; Charles from Wilde Built Tactical, who will probably help everyone escape; and Silent CJ (otherwise known as Godzilla), whose Evo is probably fast enough to escape Earth's gravity.


Direct download: HWGH020814.m4a
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03.27.10: An Hour at the 'Port - the Garage Hour Live at Pizza Port's Belgian Beer Party.

Awesome retrosauce right here: it's the Garage Hour live with old-school cohosts at the Pizza Port's Belgian Beer Party in 2010.  We brought all of Hank Watson's killing power to the 'Port, with Diamond Jeff Bagby and Tomme Arthur (both formerly of Pizza Port, with Tomme now at Lost Abbey and Diamond Jeff's new brewery about to open its doors), as well as ubercohosts Grizzly Chris, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner), Dirty Dave, skully artist David Lozeau (davidlozeau.com) and Mary Bowen.

We make the most of this one - live interviews with Jeff and Tomme, plus massively mispronounced Belgian beer names, lots of pro sipping, more Evo versus STi tomfoolery from Justin and Dustin, and tales of doom and merriment from the Garage Hour goons.  Just tune in and hold on - we make live radio something to warn your friend about.


Direct download: 01_Hank_Watsons_Garage_Hour_032710.mp3
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08.24.13: the Detailing Episode, or How to Wash Your Sled; Plus Batman, Choppers, Bacon and the Death Star.

On this Garage Hour, the crew will tell you how to wash your cars.  There's a studio full of expertise, and we tap into Mother's Polish's online Detail Guide to support a serious chat about the finer details of fine detailing for your car/truck/moped/tank/submarine.  Soap, detailer, microfiber, sponges, clearcoats, chamoises (?), clay bar, water spots, cotton towels and chrome polish, to name a few...

On air with Hostus Maximus (Justin Fort) is a large contingent of the Garage Hour's bad news bastion: the big slab of doom that is .45 Phil, a former KGB agent named Agent Aya, plus evil mastermind Wes Luthor, zombie expert/author Jesse Caverly, and the walking mystery that is Silent Strix.  Yeah, we brought everyone.

It's not a Garage Hour without some digression, however - we've got cougars, cougars (the other kind), pilots, terrorists, Batman, Clint Eastwood, the Death Star, Bob Failnure, plus .45 Phil's Tank of the Week and a hilarious duel between Agent Aya and Justin Fort. Download it now!


Direct download: HWGH082413.m4a
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12.28.13: Marines, Trucks, Bullets, Off-Road Access and the Boys from RuckPack: Most Ruckable Garage Hour Ever

Oh dear.  Never has Hank Rotten's Garage Hour flipped the bird to the FCC more than on this episode, and you can thank the Marines. Joined in-studio by the folks from RuckPack - Oran "Turbo" Root and Jimmy O'Brien (go USMC!) - Hostus Maximum Justin Fort and Master Guns (27-year Marine .45 Phil) battle big words, the men and women at the tip of the spear, military manuals, shooting bad guys, driving good trucks, .45 versus 9mm (isn't that every episode?), off-road access and ammunition access to bring you the best damn gearhead radio.

While we're at it, RuckPack is a warfighter-approved nutrition/energy supplement being used by our military in the field, and Turbo and Jimmy are a few of the company's primaries. They came into the studio fresh off RuckPack's appearance on "Shark Tank" to talk produt, business and the adventure that is running a company while travelling to distant countries to blow things up.  They're serious operators, they're .45 Phil-approved, and they'll be back on-air soon.

Tune in and tell your friends - Hank Rotten's Garage Hour: entirely ruckable.


Direct download: HWGH122813.m4a
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02.13.10: All About DUIs and How the Cops Will Get You - It's the Garage Hour's DUI Special.

Cop tires, cop brakes, cop shocks, cop think, cop talk, plus it runs good on regular gas - this is the original Garage Hour DUI Special, in which host Justin Fort is joined by Mark McCullough of the San Diego Police Department.  Mark and Justin lay out how the boys in blue outsmart drunk drivers - don't run and hide, it just makes you tired - and haul 'em in. To be blunt, they don't play fair, so stop pretending.

Yes, this is the famous DUI Special - legendary SDPD officer Mark McCullough raids the Garage Hour studio to tell it like it is.  This episode is full of good information that'll keep you driving sober.  We know Mark from back in the bad old days, and he's a really interesting guy on top of being a fixture in San Diego.  Meanwhile, if you hate the police, well, Mark will change that - this guy is hilarious, replete with "old days" cop stories you can tell around the campfire to scare your drunken friends.

This episode also contains a partial list of slang names for the fuzz that they don't mind hearing, and lays out a synopsis of how the state, the courts and the cops will bend you alllll the way over - financially - after you receive a DUI. Ready to spend $17,000 in a ten-year span, and way more if you try to fight the ticket?  DUIs ain't rocket science, they're a cash cow, but they're also a very bad idea - don't drink and drive.  Podcast us to learn more.


Direct download: 01_Hank_Watsons_Garage_Hour_021310.mp3
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08.31.13: Shotguns, Bad Traffic, Details of CA's Ridiculous Gun Bills, Back to the Future, and Old Rockers.

This Garage Hour has it all, most notably two hours, as well as cranes, bad traffic, shotguns, regular guns, muggers being beaten, Deadbolt, Ozzy and Metallica, fart jokes, terrorists, rugby, Marines, zombies and LBJ.  It also has an exacting discussion of the scary bills that the unhinged progressives in California's government want to make law while said progressives still hold a supermajority (someone hears a clock ticking...).

For this episode, assistance in all things gun is provided by Eryk from CalGuns.net, who joins 27-year Marine .45 Phil (That Which Goes Bump in the Night) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for two hours of killer gearhead talk.


Direct download: Hank_Watsons_Garage_Hour_083113.m4a
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06.15.13 Garage Hour: Fast Guy Episode (w/ Skills!), Yawsport's Grand Opening, How to Kill It in Traffic (with Schnozzberries).

With the most unprofessional intros and outros known to big talk radio, this is Hank Watson's Garage Hour.  You're in for a treat with this one - it's the Fast Guy episode, with special Guest Brett Norrgard (one of the famous Bilstein Boys), proprietor of Yawsport and general road-race threat to be reckoned with.

Like the man said, this show's all about going fast - we talk basics like hand placement, wheel-to-shifter movement, seat adjustments (how to look like a tool and how to look like you know what you're doing), the best settings for your mirrors (if you can see your car in your side mirrors, you're doing it wrong), schnozzberries and the shuffle.  It's the Garage Hour, however, so don't despair: we've got steekers, the whambulance, Danica Patrick [sucks], Bilstein suspension parts [sexy], Fishbulb, the road-race dictionary and the glory that is chasing drunks on the freeway.

In the studio with test driver/road racer/hostus maximus Justin Fort are none other than Agent Aya (suspiciously good with a handgun), Scarecrow (formerly responding to Doublemint Cameron) and Nrett Borrgard from Yawsport.


Direct download: 01_Hank_Watsons_Garage_Hour_061513.mp3
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07.09.11 Garage Hour: Junkyards, 24 Hours of Nurburgring, Viper vs FIAT, the Scoupé, and How to Croak a Hungover Grizzly.

We thought you'd like one of the Garage Hour's classic shows (and because we've got four years of 'em), a special espisode on the rules of engagement when hanging out in big bear country, and a dude who kills a bear with a rock.

There's also the usual Garage Hour fare: road racing in Europe, Tesla versus reality, Viper versus FIAT, the grandeur that is a junkyard, Mitsubishi and Nissan living together, band names, gearheadventure, wreckage, nonsense and the high-caliber thinking that you've come to expect from Hank Watson's Garage Hour (in no particular order), plus FIAT bashing, Obama bashing, union bashing, and the aforementioned bear bashing.

Join test driver/road racer/radio host Justin Fort and cohosts Dirty Dave and Gary Voldemort, with calls in from Mr. Dustin and Black Ryan on-scene at San Diego's Over the Line tournament.  Bring a rock.


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03.09.13 Garage Hour: Trucks, Tanks, Indy, Gun Laws and ze Germans

Tune in for cars, trucks, beers and guns with test driver/road racer/radio host Justin Fort, who's got help this week from .45 Phil and Crag Maxwell as he whacks and bonks his way through hybrid owners, quiche eaters, Sasquatch and the Taliban.

This week's episode is full of goodies: sport-utility guns and sport-utility vehicles, red light tickets, Hoosier Eric and PlastiDipping a Miata, .45 Phil's Tank of the Week (the British Marks 1-4), Crag's flexing at .45 Phil's groupies, hybrid owner maliaise, the worldwide threat that is Google, and a long overdue goodbye for Hugo Chavez (with worms).

The cohosts on-air with hostus maximus Justin Fort this week are the walking slab of doom that is .45 Phil, 27-year Marine, Master Gunnery Sergeant, and Craig "Crag" Maxwell, political mover and/or shaker and the owner of Maxwell's House of Books.


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12.22.11 Garage Hour: A Garage Hour Christmas 2011

The Garage Hour goons join host Justin Fort to record their 2011 Christmas episode in Manzanita Brewing's tasting room.  Friends of the show and regular cohosts come along for the fun, including Gun Dave from Fine Firearms, brewmaster Garry Pitman from Manzanita, plus Black Ryan, Garrett the Subie Guy and Dr. Nick Riviera (with Alex Hunt on the boards).  It's a lively show, revelling in everything from beer, trucks, hunting, guns, LEGOs, tales of Christmas shopping and visits with the patrons of Manzanita's tasting room.

Be sure to fast forward past the dead air at each ad break - it's a result of the live-to-tape format used to record a show on-site.


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