Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
09.17.11: Truck Parts, Reno Air Race Crash, Death By Gingivitis, Dodge Trucks & Vipers, Alan Specter IS Adm. Ackbar, Hoffa Humor (Shot/Day), Damon VS Seagal, Infantry VS Finance Rangers, Medals of Honor (& Myers VS Giunta), Plus the Bear Zombie Apocalypse

Don't be mad - we warned you: sometimes the Garage Hour goons stay on-topic, and other times it's a 100% mashup trainwreck like this.  Fortunately, we do great trainwrecks.

This episode's got everything from listener mail and perfect barbecue weather to the Champions of Justin and socialist muppet Bernie Sanders, plus the Reverend Horton Heat in San Diego, Led Zeppelin everywhere, the Jaegermeister face, how to improve traffic conditions with a little plague, the Lethal Weapon nailgun scene, bad neighborhoods to fall down and saw off your arm in, cash payments in Iraq and truck bumpers for 4Runners.

It's the Garage Hour.  Who are you to resist?

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02.09.13: GH's 5 Rules for Traffic, LS1s for Ultimas, Ted Nugent VS Nancy Pelosi, Cabela's VS REI, Obama's Sally Jewell VS the Outdoor Industry, Useless Eggheads VS Convicts, Plus Invading Russia & .45 Phil's Tank of the Week

So much yum! This gearhead romp into the geekiverse is another great Garage Hour goonfest.  Do you like the Nuge?  Cabelas?  Off-roading?  High-powered component (kit) cars or new places to stuff an LS motor?  How about the idea of arming all liquor store owners?  Caddyshack?  AR-based rifles?  Monster trucks?  Swap meets?  Tanks?  What about caffeine or Israel?  Have we got an episode for you.

From .45 Phil's Tank of the Week (the Israeli M-51 Super Sherman) and some basic rules to live by when coping with the sheeple in traffic to Hostus Maximus Justin Fort's ongoing battle with REI's "no throttle" policy, it's in there.

Like we always tell you, there's two sides (at least) to every conversation: do you dislike Piers (Peers? Peirs?) Morgan?  Sally Jewell from the Interior department?  REI?  Invading Russia in the winter?  Flash mobs?  Pointless bureaucrats?  We'll help you feel good about it, because we can't stand 'em either.

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10.06.12: Oktoberfest & the 'Squatch Run, Economy of Sports Cars VS Hybrid Propagandization, Bathurst Road-Race Awesomeness VS F1 Lament, Villains Cage Match (Khan VS Lord Humongous), Pet Shop Boys & Korn & King's X

From gun lubrication to Isuzus needing lubricating, and from Auntie Entity to Dilbert, it's GOT to be the Garage Hour.  We know gearhead, and we are geeksauce.

This might be one of our best episodes ever, with beer, the Garage Hour goons' advice column, Mitt "Chainsaw" Romney, freefall Red Bull daredevils, lots of good rock and roll, promotions of the upcoming Sasquatch Run and our Oktoberfest drinking session at Maxwell's House of Books.  From there, it's economical cars and foreign cars and performance cars hybrid cars, upon which we heap mountains of disdain and encouragement and some bad FIAT jokes and even worse Russian accents.  It all ends with great discussions of racing at Bathurst in Australia (Supercar = awesomesauce) and some pity for the wreckage of Michael Schumacher's F1 career.

There's also a massive Villains' Cage Match discussion, with Lord Humongous of Road Warrior fame versus Khan Noonien Singh from Star Trek's "Wrath of Khan", plus a revisitation of previous battles and some unfinished villain business.

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07.04.09: Classic! July 4 Dude Food Excellence, Trail-Access & Off-Road Advocacy (& What You Can Do), Broken CA, Hummers & Vintage Desert Racing, Conservative Conservationism, Plus Testament, Ministry, Lemmy & Ugly Rockers #1

This early Garage Hour is a fine example of the banter-beating delivery that hallmarks the show's festival-of-digression style - from off-road and trail-access issues that affect everyone with knobby tires to burger recipies and how to make the 72lb pack of frozen sausages from Costco work for you, it's in there.

There's also a healthy dose of prognostication from the Garage Hour goons, as they forsee a bunch of the bad stuff coming down the pike from both federal and CA state bureaucracies as it relates to your ability to drive on trails and enjoy your backwoods self without restriction.  The hosts with the most speeding tickets also dig into SpecWar, machine guns, the H1 and H2 guys, why rock & rollers are usually ugly, infighting in Formula 1, all of it kicked off balance by a call-in from Dave Stall.

This episode was the Garage Hour's One-Month Anniversary, so join the cohosts in their universal state of stunned that it lasted this long.  On-air with Hostus Newguystus Justin Fort is none other than Dirty Dave.

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04.06.15: 'Hour @ the Still! Robot Cars, Truck Parts, Dude Food, Turbines & Beerguns, Litter Rage VS Hipster Thrashing (w/ Betting), Beer Tourists & Junkyards, Plus Fine Sips & Distilling Tech w/ Twisted Manzanita Spirits

From ratty Tacos to good food, this Garage Hour runs the gamut, with fine liquor tasting and aging techniques at Twisted Manzanita Distillery, commie capitalism, our collective disdain for littering, and we run over some hipsters on the way.  Then it's all about beer-delivery drones and Twisted Manzanita's beer turbine, with a big segue into Pacific Beach dining, AR rifles for ladies, ball versus IMR powder and the M-14 versus the M-16 in Somalia, why the pickleback is an insult to every stage of the brewing and distilling industry, computer-controlled cars, junkyard Toyota parts, and what kind of vehicles are driven by the hosts and cohosts of the Garage Hour.  That's just the beginning - tune in if you want to hear about hipster betting (it's like betting on horses, without the respect), drink recipies, Skynyrds Innyrds, National Ammo Week and Stare at a Hybrid Owner Like Something Is Wrong With Them Month.

This is the second of two broadcasts from the back room at Twisted Manzanita Brewing & Distillery.  The Garage Hour goons are surrounded by fine folks and Manz fans, including Jake Pitman (Head Distiller), Nina from the marketing department, and Ashleigh (Ashley? - Wearer of Many Hats) from the distillery.  .45 Phil and Chef Jeff join in for the ride, along with whomver else was brave enough to approach the mic.

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10.01.11: Animals Attack the Garage Hour (Again)... Bears VS 'Jersey, Bear Tax VS Bear Patrol, Piranhas VS Tourists, Crocs VS Locals (Pet It With a Buick!), Plus Hydraulics VS Chinooks, Bender & the Beatles, & Hellfire VS al Awlaki (Take That!)

It's on those days when we're just gearheaded out that the Garage Hour goons take a stroll down Digression Lane.  This episode's chock full of those crazy stories you read about of bears beating up hikers, Iran beating up hikers, piranhas eating up tourists and crocodiles eating up the natives.  Then it's Hellfire-missiles for San Diego's favorite terrorist, Ospreys falling out of the sky (the plane, not the bird, though we suppose the birds do too), and how you can tell when a Chinook is out of hydraulic fluid - it stops leaking.

After that, there's more bears (always with the bears), plus Bender, the "Impson" family, the Beatles versus Eric Crapton (sorry, Clapton), a schtick about celebrities being eaten by bears, and a farewell to the kitchen-pooping celebrity bear of Tahoe, Bubba.  The bear dogs finally got him.

Cohosts Dirty Dave, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Matt Walsh, of Matt Walsh Wood Floors, join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort to make this Garage Hour good.

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