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Thoughts from the gearhead planet...  Sticky tires and Bilstein PSS9s, Doc’s Elise and Ryan’s Alpina, pie-faced ditzes and Porsche mugs, Teslas trying to burn down mid-race, BMWs and their airbags, electric STis won’t hunt (or go hillclimbing, or all day), new and used car prices up about 20% since Sniffy Joe got into office (and the electric-car price distortion), Lamborghini’s slightly challenging (and airborne) Pike’s Peak record attempt, and a few thoughts on how microplastics might be a secondary problem to the overall plastic recycling fraud.  Also, other stuff.

Also also, safety should not depricate freedom, and dumb folks don’t know they are.  More tastiness:  Velvet Acid Christ, Steril, Korn, Zombie, Skrew, Nation of Fear, Nick Cave, 16 Volt and Sugar Ray.

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