Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
07.11.09: Classic! Distracted Driving Fails, Gov't Motors & Chrysler Jokes, GM Lawsuit & Red Bull VS F1 Predictions, Buffalo VS Humvee, Honda VS Porsche, Shelby VS Saleen Bankruptcy Battle, Texting VS Drunk Driving, Goatsnake & the Rolling Bomb

Maxi-early Garage Hour right here: Dirty Dave and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort continue their adventures in big AM talk with their sixth-ever show. It's also one of the early seguefests, with repeated attempts to dig into the device-addled shame that is distracted driving thwarted by IEDs andTV versus AM and the unending debate that is double-A batteries versus 5.56.

With visits to Carroll Shelby and Steve Saleen's... bankruptcies... (who's more broke?), Lutz versus Leno, Max "I Love Hitler" Mosley versus Ari Vattanen and Jean Todt, Ralph Nader and Vince Neil, the birth of the Garage Hour's broadcast superiority is under way.  It's all optimism, though, as the Garage Hour goons make their level best effort to find the sunny side of things, even if that thing is our prescienct visions for Red China's disturbing expansionism in the Pacific.

It's not just that good stuff, though - we've got 4Runner brake swaps, Tundra parts for small Toyotas, the F-22, Miata spring & swap swaps, ugly rockers, Goatsnake awesomeness ("Burial at Sea", anyone?), Texas's solution to its idiots, Darmwin's love for the same, and Honda's battle with Brawn F1 and Porsche.

Remember, just because you don't advocate violence doesn't mean you can't enjoy it.

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12.14.13: Gearheadulation! Bullet Points Join Garage Hour for Gearhead Gifting, Thanksgiving VS Xmas, Justin VS REI, FDE VS OD, AR-AK VS Red Ryder, Lando VS Han Solo, Pickups VS Pterodactyls, Plus Zep, Vultures, & the Intergalactic Smiley Face

Epic Garage Hour: gearhead gifting, speed parts, guns, pterodactyls, political soothsaying, Arnold's 9mm pizza and Italian versus Russian jokes (In ReSoviet Russia, president assasinates you!); just a taste.

Tyler and Peter from The Bullet Points join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and Agent Aya for one of the most thorough, most complete Garage Hours ever put to podcast, and they talk through a host of the fantastic tomfoolery you care about.  Black Friday versus your new Tazer?  Microdots versus a vacuum?  John Paul Jones versus awesomeness?  Obamacare versus a kick in the nuts?  What about REI and Sierra Nevada versus your trail access rights?  Vinyl?  Cassettes?  White versus dark meat?  Ant that's before the Bloody Marys have a chance to kick in.

There's also the cornucopia of excellent that would be the Garage Hour's unintended topics: blown MTRs, flimsy atomic super golf carts, wrecked Dregs-class Rangers, Chuck Norris, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, ammo gifting, the UTS-15 failmachine, Tesla versus Edison, modular Mustang parts (P and PE heads, anyone?), the GT-40 at LeMans, one versus two-way slings, and how Metallica helped win the Battle of Athens.

So much awesome.  Have some.

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11.26.11: Superstition Run @ El Centro (w/ SD 4Wheelers), Ferd FTeenthousand VS X-90 Trucklet, Klingon Fiveheads, Hoosier Eric's Brat 2.2 EJ Swap, Black Ryan's Copper Wire & Bargaining Humor, Mr. Dustin's XJ, N. County VS E. County, w/ Eggnog!

From beard wookies to Star Trek tricycles, it's the Garage Hour - so much good stuff.  Want to EJ your Subaru Brat?  Need to do donuts in the desert?  Like watching the repo man try to haul away a forty foor toy hauler in deep sand?  How about Barrett-Jackson?  The true definition of "SWAG"?

The crux of this episode - which the Garage Hour goons rapidly chuck out the window - was promoting San Diego Four-Wheelers' annual Superstition Run, held in the Chocolate Mountains west of El Centro. Black Ryan, Barrister Hilton and Dirty Dave helped Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and ultracohost Rod Gilmore from SD4Wheelers, with call-ins from Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Hoosier Eric.

Remember, if you're still listening, you're as bad as we are.

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