Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
04.24.10: Classic! Evos & Off-Road, Broken FJs & Tijuana Paint Jobs, Mac 10s & AKs & The Suitcase Gun, Sasquatch VS Beer, Turbo 4Runners, Slayer & High On Fire & Die Krupps, Anza-Borrego Earthquakes

Pure gearhead talk superiority right here:  the Garage Hour goons hit every target with this episode.  Cars, trucks, beers and guns, sasquatch ballistics and FJ ignition, hippie hunting and Supra turbo-powered 4Runners, Funco buggies, missing remote controls, heavy rock and sludgy metal, Bilstein suspensions, Mexican paint jobs for rorty SS Camaros, fire damage in Ramona and earthquake damage in the San Diego desert.  That's just for starters - get this one if you like it fast, dense and gearhead.

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06.13.09: Classic! Second-Ever Garage Hour, w/ Harley Letner & Cory Halopoff & Goodyear Racing, Crap Orange County Traffic, Good Clay Bar Detailing, Formula 1 VS F1 Manufacturers, GM VS the U.S. Taxpayer, Plus Hummer & SAAB Say FU

Holy schnikeys, that's an old one!  This Garage Hour Reload is the second-ever episode of the show, and man, does it stink.  No, actually, it doesn't, but it does do a lot to show how Hank Watson's Garage Hour has evolved over the years - just grab a freshie from 2014 and play 'em back to back.

Dirty Dave and Hostus Newguy Justin Fort did their first big interview for this one, chatting with Goodyear Racing's Cory Halopoff and Harley Letner, who'd just days earlier won the Baja 500 in their Class One, even beating the motorcycles.  This interview was on the heels of a big rules scandal that had taken perennial cheaters like Robbie Gordon off the podium for speeding on public roads and cutting the course, and Harley and Cory had plenty to say about it.

In addition, the Garage Hour goons chatted the usual gearhead goodness - auto detailing and the clay bar, Formula 1 and its FIA-addled battle with Formula 1 manufacturers, the abysmal state of San Diego traffic and why it's Orange County's fault, and the gradual breakdown of government-owned General Motors.

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09.10.11: Southern Fried Garage Hour, w/ Skynyrd's Innyrds, Off-Roading, Chuck Norris Jokes, P2K & the Tornado, San Diego Beer Week, Manzanita Brewing, Lifted Subies, the AWJunkies, Plus Zach Wylde VS James Hetfield

Epic early Garage Hour...  Everything from San Diego Beer Week and Manzanita Brewing's one-year birthday party to Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band Skynyrd's Innyrds lead Duncan Lancaster and lifted Subaru STis in the dirt - yuuuuuuup, we checked.  It's Hank Watson's Garage Hour.

Joining host Justin Fort in the Garage Hour studio (alongside East County joke machine Duncan Lancaster) are cohosting veterans Dirty Dave and Black Ryan.  The show's pointed chatter and debatery is sighted squarely at rock and/or roll, beer and/or booze, off-roading options, the All-Wheel Junkies, how to land a plane during a blackout and more San Diego power-outage humor (it's the best), and a little bit of love for our fans in Colorado.

Hell yes - have some.  It's the Garage Hour

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09.21.13: Garage Hour Lite w/ The Bullet Points, Plus Volvette, the Coronado Classics, Sandwich Testing the AR-AK, Blackout Season in San Diego, Post-War Rifles, A Little Gun Racism & Feature Fear

Shortened Garage Hours suck, especially when it's a Garage Half-Hour.  Arizombies ate off 3/4 of the show this week, so Hostus Maximus Justin Fort has a hard time getting in to the thick of things The Bullet Points guys (Peter, Tyler and Bort) and Eryk from CalGuns.net.  What a shame, too - they were prepared for everything, including preparedness, rifles, bagels, batteries and bullets, as well as Volvette, chicken bakes, the funk exchange, and Hello Kitty AR-15s (hey, at least they're not black).

Next time.  As for this time, download the briefest Garage Hour ever, 'cause they broke the mold after this one.  Thank goodness.

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09.05.09: Classic! Off-Road @ CO & CleveNat, CO4RJ, Dude Food @ Labor Day (Boneless Chicken & Watermelon Margaritas), Rob Zombie & Nailgun Tales, Plus Breaking  4Runner Parts & Priuses

Whether you're flexing your retro terror or just want to get a glimpse of the Garage Hour's roots, this is a great episode to dive in to the what we call old school.

Grizzly Chris and host Justin Fort spend an entire episode trying to relate a few Dude Food recipes (Justin's boneless chicken w/ a top-secret marinade and Chris's watermelon margaritas), but the goons detour in classic Garage Hour fashion, hitting everything from Dazed & Confused (the movie) to Ahhhnold impresisons, Rob Zombie and nailgun lawsuits, the heat in San Diego (112?) and the Unabomber in a ten-by-ten shack.

It's not all wanderlust, however, because you can't keep a good gearhead down: there's also Grand Cherokee trail rollovers, off-roading in Colorado and the Cleveland National Forest in SoCal, 4Runner parts and how long they don't last, Priuses and how they still can't off-road, Unimogs, and some freaky Unimog-4Runner mutant that roams Colorado doing its best impression of a sasquatch (because everyone's heard of it and no one's seen it).

Why not?  It's the Garage Hour.  Have some.

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05.05.12: Chuck Norris Episode, Plus Motor Mounts, Turn Signals, Miatas & Tornadoes, Old Kung Fu Asskickers, New Viper VS Old, Pedal Footwork, Creature's Truck Wreck, Grilled Cheese, Saigas, Bullet Buttons, & Robin Trower

THIS is a hysterical Garage Hour, with all the back and forth gearhead tomfoolery you've come to expect from the best of the Garage Hour goons.  So much good stuff.

And Yes, you may have heard, this is the Chuck Norris episode, chock full of Chuck facts and witticisms that drive women crazy and cohosts mad...  It's not all ball bearings, however, because it's the Garage Hour - we digress.  There's local dining at Tiger Tiger, Russian shotguns, the new Viper versus the old one, Chuck Norris, turn signals, Evolutions and motorhomes, Chuck Norris, the Indiana report with Hoosier Eric, STi motor mounts, driving Tail of the Dragon, couches and Jerusalem, old kung fu asskickers and new art from David Lozeau, Chuck Norris, Dan Gurney, a tough guy montage, and the tale of sometime cohost Creature  wrecking his Super Duty.

Dirty Dave, Black Ryan, Garrett the Couch and Don't Die Brian help Hostus Maximus Justin Fort Chuck this one up.  Soooooo much good stuff.

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05.25.13: Garage Hour Fan-Mail (w/ Haters!), KGB Humor, Sid Vicious VS Garbage VS King's X, .45 Phil's Tank of the Week, Memorial Day Dos & DUI Don'ts, Hybrid Hypocrisy, #1 Lane Fails, Gun Control = Two Hands, Plus Cool Battleship Stuff

A very high-Q Garage Hour right here: KGB and Russians, the tanks that defeated them, sunken passenger ships and the battleships that didn't, a thoughtful reminiscence of Memorial Day and the men and women who made it possible, and Charles Bronson's Death Wish remodelled for the Andy Griffith show, courtesy of the Simpsons.

Like we promised, though, throughout the show is a hearty review of recent Garage Hour fanmail and listener correspondence (plus one fine hater) by .45 Phil, Crag Maxwell (who introduced his alter-ego, Mag Craxwell, in this episode), Agent Aya (who brought along her handler, one "Angela Black"), and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, who, despite all of the KGB agents in the studio, was only threatened once.

There's also a goodly heap of rock and roll awesomesauce, including a discussion of the little-known Sid Vicious/Garbage/King's X tour.  Or not.  Oh yeah, the Garage hour goons also make fun of hybrids, but that's like shooting at the side of a barn - you're going to hit it, you're just not sure when.  Then it's a bunch of prattling on about DUIs and how the cops will stick it to you - don't be a fool, and don't drink and drive.

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07.20.13: Gearheads Talk Auto Mechanics & How to Trust a Garage, SeeBees, Car VS Book Geeks, Tactical Shooter Training for Home Defense, The Low-Information Apocalypse, Scientologists, Bad Behavior @ the IRS, Plus Deadbolt & The Graveyard Farmers

Ultra topic Garage Hour: how to pick, know, and trust the people who keep your car on the road (and how to know you're being screwed).  Everything comes across the bench, from how to identify an honest wrench to avoiding being treated like a girl when seeking auto repair, plus a few insightful car-care tricks and the importance of getting a second opinion.

Because Garage Hour (duhhh), the show also deep-dives the same itches you like to scratch: IRS illegitimacy, kill-house versus range shooting, how progressivism is next to communism, NASA history, barn finds in old houses, the creeping fungus that is Scientology, detailing Crag's Model T, a few more well-targeted shots at the Bret Stalbaum's nauseating gun-tracking app, and a happy dose of good old fashioned rockabilly.

Matt Klier, Lead Instructor @ Active Shooter Defense School, who also happens to be an ASE-certified mechanic, joins Agent Aya, Crag Maxwell (of Maxwell's House of Books in downtown La Mesa, CA) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort on this excellent episode of Hank Watson's Garage Hour.

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07.03.10: Hour @ the 'Port Classic! Beer Tasting & Beer Terms (Trube!), Evo & WRX VS Porsche, Magic Bullet & Original .50-Cal Ricochet Debate, Shooting iPhones, Ford & Toyota Recalls, Plus Boston's Kennedy Problem

Live radio from the brewery: it's an Hour at the 'Port, with the Garage Hour goons joining forces with Pizza Port Carlsbad for one of our first beerhead shows.  Everything from beer tasting - Night Stalker, Good Grief Brown, Coffee Monster, and all the fun beer words that made it happen, including floculate and trube - to Toyota and Ford recalls, an assault on iPhones, earthquakes, Orosco Range, flying children, Miatas, Barona Drags, and a fine pile of Kennnedy humor in honor of guest cohost Boston Rich.

Speaking of, Pizza Port brewer Boston Rich sits down with Dirty Dave, Grizzly Chris, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort on the 'Port's porch for this one, and rest assured, this is one.

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02.11.12: Hybrid Hatred, Fisker VS Leaf, Stimulus Fund Fails, Trap "Speed Rounds" @ P2K, NASCAR VS F1 VS Prototypes VS Bathurst, King of Hammers, T-Bird Recalls, Plus Vomiting Mayors

Too much good stuff!  Starting with the hybrid hatred (well, it's closer to pity: Fiskers and Leafs es no bueno) and running headlong into UFOs and the new T-Bird recalls, the Garage Hour goons lit it on fire for this one.

Left in the wake of Justin Fort, Dirty Dave, Crag Maxwell and Silent Brian is a pile of topics: "Coexist", Crusaders, Deadbolt (the band, not the door), crack kills (Whitney Houston), barfing mayors, unique old towns, dishonest municipalities, Ozzy and Mr. T, and geek VS dork.  That's followed by the usual Garage Hour suspects: speed rounds at P2K, elk rifles, auto racing (everything from F1 to NASCAR to Prototypes to Bathurst to King of Hammers), garage-built rigs for KOH, and pimping for pizzas.

It's not a living.

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05.11.13: Tanks & Trucks, Bilsteins & ARs, Doc Holliday's Street Howitzer, Expensive Stereotypes, German Planes @ WW2, Zep VS Keith Moon, Plus Scary Movies VS American Literature & Hillary VS Benghazi

The Garage Hour is not complete without an occasional episode that actually demonstrates our actual intelligence.  This is one of those, short on the usual ricochet hillarity and leveraged pretty heavily with the brains of the operation.  Everything from Doc Holliday and his street howitzer to the consumption that ate up he and his fellow lungers.  There's rock and/or roll with Fatso Jetson, Led Zeppelin, Keith Moon (and his handfuls of pills), and a tour down Memory Lane with Nikita Khrushchev.  We also take some pot shots at Hillary's pending Benghazi doom and discuss fine literature and "the American novel".

Beyond the big words and pretty pictures, the Garage Hour goons don't skimp on the necessities: Japan's thirst for 5.56, ARs, scary movies, and birthday wishes to real American guy and president, Harry Truman.  Oh, and there's also a little bit of the Simpsons, knives at gunfights, P2K Range, the Graveyard Farmers, Iowa farmers, and when it's okay to shoot your neighbor's dog.

To have an episode of this magnitude, you need the smart guys: cohost Crag Maxwell, resident bookmonger of Maxwell's House of Books in downtown La Mesa, plus noted history buff .45 Phil join noted satirist and Hostus Maximus, Justin Fort in the studio.

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01.08.11: Tahoe's New Year's Riots, Prius Angst, Track Days for Beaters, 4Runners on Five Holes, the Indiana Report, Earth's Magnetic Poles, Leftist Hypocrisy, and New Year's Resolution Fails

Hank Watson's Garage Hour asks South Tahoe "Why the Hell are you idiots rioting?", plus 100 more questions about Heavenly (a.k.a. Hill Envy) and the whole area's messed up New Year's scene.

That's just the beginning, because this is gearhead radio: track time, WRX parts, Prius angst and No, you can't have your wedding in Costa Rica.  After that, the false humanity that are New Year's resolutions, more broken 4Runner parts (because Toyota!), double taxation, Juan Williams VS NPR, all-wheel drive donuts, your 2A rights, the Earth's shifting magnetic poles (f@*& your compass), the fool that is State Senator Williams from Colorado and Do As I  Say elitism.

Hell yes - it's the Garage Hour.

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10.24.09: Classic! Mogs & Pinzgauers @ Mogfest, District 9, Braun F1, Robbie Knievel, QOTSA & Fatso Jetson, Remodeling Angst & Conservative Conservationism

Vintage supersauce: this Garage Hour Reload is the good old stuff.  From the music-fail intro, F1 and District 9 to the roots of our disdain for Nick Cage and our limitless adoration of Queens of the Stone Age, this one's full of it.  Grizzly Chris and Dirty Dave join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in-studio.

Once past the basics, the Garage Hour goons also peel away a few layers of their psyche with everything from Mogfest (Unimogs and Pinzgauers, and how easy they are to break on-trail), Deliverance, Robbie Knievel jumping Obama voters with a D9 bulldozer, Led Zeppelin for fun and snowboarding, the joy and agony that is your remodel, treading light on-trail, Richard Nixon on Futurama, exploding truck parts, and an undying hatred of the Cash for Clunkers program.

Remember, conservative conservationism is more than just saving ammo - take care of your resources before someone does it for you.

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