Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
07.17.10: Classic! Toyota VS NHTSA (and Big Gov), Corral Canyon Trail Action, Stuffing a Viper Truck, Mr. Dustin's Evo, Guns & Bears, Burnout Videos and More Obama Fails

Great Garage Hour Reload: Evos, Toyotas, warranties, off-roading, trail damage, Corral Canyon (outside San Diego), guns and bears, boba choking, tennis ball exploding, 511hp at the wheels, Where's Grizzly Chris?, a flipped over burnout fail by an SRT-10 truck still wearing dealer tags, the NHTSA's crony-government attacks on Toyota, five Daves, four Miatas, and the Flat Earth report from Hoosier Eric, who's ironically in SoCal a the time.

Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Dirty Dave appear on-air with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

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08.30.14: 100% Everything, w/ Black Boxes for Your Car, Aussie Movies (Road Games!), King Crimson and the Beta Band, Diamond Hole Saws, Fort Garage Hour, Eating Vegan(s), Mexican Food, and One Good Prius Guy

So much good stuff crammed into two hours...  Everything from Mexican restaurants in San Diego (Dude Food!) to great movies in Australia, plus cars, trucks, beers and guns.

.45 Phil, Nick the Trick and Justin Fort bore down to the details on a host of gearhead funsauce, including learning to enjoy King Crimson and the Beta Band (but not at the same time), plus finding and using a diamond hole saw for tile, "unhonest" VS "dishonest", the Garage Hour's new fort in the River Thames, old Nazi flak towers (You Shall Not Pass), hissing beetle death, eating vegans (because Phil's going vegan), crashing Bugattis, the government getting into your car (and where it goes, who's in it and how fast you're going), and a little about the upcoming tactical shoot at Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club.

It's a great episode of Hank Watson's Garage Hour - get it now.

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01.15.11: Classic! Oh Canada (How Dare You?), Dyno VS Road Tuning, Ram Trucks, Goulash, Indiana Weather, Detroit Boo, South Park Abuse, Pro-CCW Evidence, and Maintaining Our East County Cred

Gearhead VS Beerhead? Everything from old hangovers to new dyno tuning (and its arch nemesis, road tuning), plus union disdain, podcasts promises, the Frozen Stuff Report with Indiana-based Hoosier Eric, CCWs and why they work, the ongoing failure of Detroit and other Democrat pits, and, of course, blaming Canada.  We love our nothern neighbors, but you banned a 20-year old Dire Straits song from playing on Canadian radio.  What the Hell is that?

Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Black Ryan join host Justin Fort on the mics. The only thing they're banned from is professionalism.

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04.28.12: Classic! East County Cred, Car Chases, W VS Obama, W + the Lama, Charger Bashing, Political Freakouts (Local to Global), and Knife VS Butcher

Holy bunch'a politics, Batman! It's not the Garage Hour without a lot of gearhead stuff (including 2012 GM warranty, South China Sea, windmill and solar theories that all came true in 2014...), but Hostus Maximus Justin Fort takes Crag Maxwell, Don't Die Brian and Dirty Dave for a big fat government freakout in this episode.  It's all there - international intrigue, local BS, Obama and Biden and the rest of their commie horde - plus the threat that is the silent majority (and the fail that was a prediction of a Romney landslide in 2012).

Oh well - we're not ALWAYS right.

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08.23.14: Lot'sa Guns and Lot'sa Bad Driving, Springfield Armory History, Cooking 100,000 Birds, Shooting Improvements (In the Foot), Oktoberfest Planning, and More Scary CA Gun Laws

Ahhhh, the Garage Hour.  Nothing but everything gearhead, with guest cohost Randy from Springfield Armory in the studio to correct all our firearms misconceptions.  Starting from Go, the Garage Hour goons go round and round with new ammo laws, old rifles, new DUIs and old reasons to wear your freakin' seatbelt.

Joining Randy and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the KCBQ studio are none other than .45 Phil, 27-year Marine and That Which Goes Bump in the Night, and Mike from Barritus Brewery, which is 100% warfighter-operated.  Beyond the basics, they also tackle the obscene numbers of birds being destroyed by solar plants around the US (as well as Mike's time playing center for the Ducks with Dan Fouts' hand on his butt).  Of course, the saga of Ben Hueso's DUI is just getting started, but hey, he's a Democrat politician - no one expects him to follow the law.  Then the guys (ironically, with faces for radio) dive back into their unending ugly rocker rant, this time worshipping COC's Pepper Keenan's guitaring ability while lamenting his general appearance.  Shortly thereafter, they pause to lament Justin's shooting appearance.

Oh well - not everyone belongs on TV (including a lot of people on TV).  See you next week.

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11.19.11: Home Defense Special (Strategies & Laws for Armed Defense in CA), plus Evo Abuse, Miata Abuse, Host Abuse, Crowbars, Spare Keys and Being Nice to Mormons

So much good stuff! Great Garage Hour reload here, straight from 2011: it's all about home-defense, and how you can keep yourself safe from burglaring and home-invading so you don't even neeeeed to shoot anyone (as much as they might deserve it).

Dennis from P2K Range joins Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohosts Dirty Dave and Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) for a great chat about why locking doors, watching your back, ditching the blingy things and keeping your wits about you go a long way to keeping you safe from bad people and their ascribed intents.

Of curse (little wordplay there...), this is the Garage Hour, so it all devolves into tools and cars and beers, including Mr. Dustin's assault on his Evolution, heckling at teenie-bopper vampire movies (bring a Creature), being nice to the people who are nice to you (Mormons at the door come to mind - have they ever not been nice?) and V8 swaps for fun and ridiculousness.

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08.16.14: Good Mechanics, Bad Politics, Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Accident, Cruise Missile Diplomacy, Cleaning K&Ns, Beer Growlers, Tesla's Infinity Warranty, Republican VS Conservatives Contenders, and Appliance Repair

Want war? Auto racing? Mechanics? Exploding Teslas? Appliance repair? How about beer, or the vodka-swilling troll from under the bridge?  K&N Filters?  Growlers? Conservatives VS Republicans?  This Garage Hour's got it all.

.45 Phil and Scarecrow join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for two hours of a killer romp through all the gearhead adventure you can take, including a serious discussion of the Justin Fort's ongoing development of the "Cruise Missile Diplomacy" theory of international affairs, a gentle conversation about Tony Stewart's awful sprint-car incident with Kevin Ward Jr., how to recognize a good mechanic (and not be taken for a ride by bad ones and fraudsters), plus Tesla's new attempt to put growing warranty fears to rest with the "infinite-mile" warranty (paid for by Elon Musk's ego).

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06.23.12: Classic! Boris Said, BBQ Marinades, F1 Golfballs, Bacon (Duhh), Crawlers, Miata Ownership, Pig Hunting, Farcebook's Fraud, Progressive Frauds, Rev. Horton Heat

Yummy!  Good radio right here (in podcast form...).  Dirty Dave, Don't Die Brian and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort practice exacting gearhead conversation with a big ball of worship for the road-race awesomesauce that is Boris Said, as well as talk trail crawlers, overheating Miatas, more GM recalls (duhhh), Dave coulthard catching a golfball (off a driver!) in a moving car, as well as hunting pigs for fun and bacon, eating bacon, plus standard off-issue freakouts like Farcebook's fraud on humanity, progressivism's fradulent souls, the Reverend Horton Heat and fixing barbecues (and marinades for meat cooked within them).

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08.09.14: Curvy Roads in San Diego, Off-Road Adventures in Mammoth (and Shouts Out), Getting Newbies Involved, Toyota Truck Part Mods, Circle Track Racing, Operators Shootin', Fox VS Speedvision, and Tilting (Angrily) at Windmills

Ahhh, that's the stuff - start at cars and trucks (canyon carving in San Diego, serious trail time in Mammoth) and get lost immediately in the shooting sports, windmills killing birds and bats by the thousands, dirt track racing (and trailer racing), the LAPD VS ganstas VS Rampart VS the LA riots, DUIs (not for we), great A-movies and B-movies (redux), drive-throughs, and Toyota lockers and axles and roll bars and spindles and brakes and ratios (oh my).

Aaaaaand because it's the Garage Hour, we promise - there's beers too, plus our howdies to people we meet on our adventures (Mammoth Brewing and Carlsbad Jeeper Guy).  In-studio with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is .45 Phil (27-year Marine and Master Guns) and Seth "Metal" (guitar instructor and off-roader), plus Sort'a Silent Craig and Seriously Silent Misty.


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06.16.12: Classic! Plentiful Rant Episode w/ Diesel V12s, 24 Hrs of LeMans, Land Engines, Speedvision, Obama Predictions, Crazy Women, Nuke Shutdown Lunacy and Dying Mustangs

You've got to love these 100%-everything episodes, now with more race, more car, more breakdown, more buildup, more diesel, more trike,  and more rants.  Also, this one's hysterical - have some.

Grab this podcast if you're any fan of 24 Hours of LeMans (no lemons here), AJ-USA's Garage Hour discount, Arley Irmy, (Gunny!), nuke plants, stupid kneejerk government behavior, Nissan's LeMans trike, passed out LeMans fans, land engines, Speedvision (RIP) and why it's dumb to wait until you're old to make a bucket list.

Host Justin Fort stars with Dirty Dave and long-lost cohost Don't Die Brian.


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07.02.11: Classic! VR-4 VS 323 GTX, Time Trials, Sasquatch Runs, Swingline Staplers, Israel VS Hamas, and the Chargers Owners VS San Diegans

Do we call these early Garage Hours "classics" or "reloads"?  It's a fiery argument down at GHHQ, but either way, here's the goods: this one is all about the gearheads.  From VR-4 Mitsu Galants and Mazda's nasty little 323 GTX, and a complete Sasquatch Run report (#1, to be exact, complete with leaking Broncos) VS KCBQ's notorious Swingline stapler, we take it apart and might put it back together.  There's also a look at the upcoming Lone Pine Time Trials, and a review of Team America, just because. Oh yeah, Dirty Dave also lays his "Top Men" list for 2010/2011 on us, also because.

Black Ryan (East County Jew) is in the studio with host Justin Fort, Dirty Dave and Bret Norgaard from Bilstein (or is it Terb Draagron from not Bilstein?), so it's inevitable that the gearhead savants also chat international politics and the sharp spear that is Israel, and why picking fights with the baddest guy in the neighborhood usually doesn't work out - even if you're as mad as the psychos running Gaza.

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02.12.11: Classic! Subied Boxsters, Off-Road Vans, F1, BAR, VIR + Crashes, Dirty Dave Quits Smoking, and Sh!t My Dad Says

This show's got a little bit of everything, from open-wheel road racing, off-roaded vans, Schumacher love and Danica hate, Subaru-powered Porsche Boxsters, piles of crashes at Virginia International Raceway, Mogs, B.A.R., TDS, the bar VS saloon debate, Hillary + monkeys, the comic genius that is Shatner on Sh!t My Dad Says, spies, art with David Lozeau, guns and bullets at P2K Range, beer at Manzanita, and Dirty Dave quits smoking.

On-air with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort are Garage Hour stalwarts Dirty Dave, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Grizzly Chris.


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