Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
04.17.10: Classic @ Mr. Dustin's Wrenching Palace, w/ Ramona Off-Roading, Prius Punting, the Roadburn Festival, Tax Day Pays, Black Jack Pershing and Jaime's FJ

Hank Watson's Garage Hour: Making a point of making a point.  This GH reload's got everything from the US's southern border, taxes, Jaime's FJ, Ramona trails and our plans to use 'em, the big Roadburn stoner metal festival in Amsterdam, Toyota liability defenses, hybrid hatred, Talk Like a Pirate Day (really?), Black Jack Pershing, updates from Barona Drags, a big LA traffic fail from Dirty Dave, and all of it from Mr. Dustin's Wrenching Palace.

In-studio with host Justin Fort is Grizzly Chris, Dirty Dave and Mr. Dustin, Top Earner.  Have some.


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06.28.14: Garage Hour International! Democracy VS Bureaucracy, Scary World Crises, Jobs in CA, the Southern Border Freakout, All with Larry Wilske (Running for San Diego's 53rd) In-Studio

We Garage Hour types need to unload more than just ammo - this episode is all about the political madness gripping an uneasy American electorate that we usualy restrain ourselves from mentioning during more gearheadulous episodes.  We dip into a pile of hotbeds, including America's perilous employment situation, the massive giveback of blood and treasure to Islamic extremists in nothern Iraq, the looming Red Chinese threat in the South China Sea, Russians on Eastern Europe's border, the waves of illegals flooding America's southern border (thank God for Canada, eh?), plus some really good big-picture thinking on the part of Larry Wilske, former Command Master Chief of SEAL Team 7 and now a candidate for San Diego's 53rd congressional district.

Joining Larry in-studio are Matt Klier (told you he'd be back) of Active Shooter Defense School, .45 Phil (Master Guns) and host with the most car parts not attached to cars, Justin Fort.


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06.18.11: Classic! DUI Show #2, or Cops VS Lawyers, Plus Drunks, Checkpoints, Costs, Good Law and Bad Law and How the Fuzz is Gonna Get'Cha

Vintage Garage Hour Reload - the seminal DUI episode.

DUI Arrest Machine Mark McCullough of the SDPD takes on attorneys Frank Pabst and the Garage Hour's very own Grizzly Chris about all of the ways the cops are going to catch you, jamb you up and make you pay for driving drunk (don't do that...), and the lawyers take a run at how they're going to get you out of it, all the while the state and the courts and the attorneys take all of your money.

It's the Garage Hour, so you can count on host Justin Fort also chatting Creature beatings, beer and breweries, plus cars, truck and guns.

The moral of the story is that a DUI will cost you $22,000 over the span of ten years - minimum.  Don't do that, but do download this Garage Hour upcast, because it's excellent.


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06.21.14: Black Guns & Brown Bottles (Learn to Love the AR/Don't Be a Gun Racist), Plus AR Tech and History, Jet Turbines for Fun and Pleasure, Rock and/or Roll, and Jeff from Twisted Manzanita

Good stuff - the Garage Hour guys get into a chat about why the AR-15 rifle is not only fun to build and great to shoot, but is an excellent home-defense weapon (especially for women and young adults - Joe Biden can stick his shotgun where the sun don't shine), and the goons also dig into some AR/M4 history because, well, history is awesome.

Jeff Trevaskis from Twisted Manzanita Ales & Spirits joins former factory test-driver, Death Star leftover and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohost .45 Phil, 27-year Marine and That Which Goes Bump in the Night for two hours of the good stuff, plus jet turbines, Manz's upcoming fourth-anniversary party, the brewing scene in San Diego, a few discussions with Nick the Trick about John Paul Jones and additional rock awesomeness, and an honest assessment of the sh!tstorm brewing in the Middle East and why the eggheads in the White House both caused it and are making it worse.

Remember, the AR-15 was originally designed by Satan, the AR will fire automatically if it smells fear, and if you're shot with an AR, you become one and shoot others, turning them into ARs.  THESE and other fun AR facts are discussed, dispelled and disproven on dis week's Garage Hour.  Yes, have some.


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05.21.11: Classic! RIP Macho Man, Patton VS Chuck Quotes, Off-Road @ Corral Canyon, Death Threats, Border Patrol, Open Carry, Disaster Relief, Purgatory, and Why The Barry Administration's Huge Heads Don't Mean They're Smart

Oh. My. God.  Mega-humor Garage Hour right here - everything from one of our most unprofessional intros to how to ghost-ride your whip in Donk Town.  Also, Patton VS Chuck, off-road plans, Charlie Sheen (before he got all cracky), unfandom of the CHP, our bizarre hatred of the Honda Ridgeline, more stuff about zombies (duhh), the new Stinky Hippy Pizza at Pizza Port OB and the uterus shirt.  Seriously, or not.

Dirty Dave, Mr. Dustin and Grizzly Chris join host Justin Fort in KCBQ's gleaming black towers of broadcast superiority for this one.  Grab it.


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10.22.11: Zombie Apocalypse #2 - Ten Dudes Debate the Zombie Apocalypse, Plus 100 More Ways to Thin the Horde

Uploaded by popular demand, it's the Garage Hour's second-ever Zombie Apocalypse special.    On this iteration of the famous zombie episode is a collection of the most important questions you'll need to ask when it's time to mow down hordes of brain-eatin' hipsters and growling neighbors: shotgun VS .45, flamethrower VS snowblower, BAR VS UZI, baseball bat VS three feet of rebar, Palin VS Clinton (either of 'em), and whether Al Gore will blame the Zombie Apocalypse on global warming.

We also delve into the list of top-10 celebrities we'd pay to see eaten by zombies, the zombie RISCI score (Regionally Interpreted Susvivavility/Conquest Index) of your hometown, and whether New York or San Francisco will be human-free first.

On-air was nothing short of a zombie-defense brain trust, the Human Preservation Think Tank - Dirty Dave, Grizzly Chris, Black Ryan, Double-Mint Cameron, author Jesse "The Potty" Caverly, Matt Walsh of Matt Walsh Wood Floors and Skynyrd's Innyrds lead Duncan Lancaster.  Oh yeah, and B-58 Hostler Justin Fort, the apolcalypse's favorite wheelman this side of Mad Max.

This is epic Garage Hour - download it while you still can.


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06.14.14: Distracted Driving Fails (Plus Actual Solutions), 24 Hours of LeMans and Assorted Nurburgring Awesomeness, Texting Tickets, NFL Freebies VS Minnesota Taxpayers, and Making Fun of Yourself

As if you needed 100 more reasons to stop devicing while driving, texting while driving, phoning while driving, or eating your makeup while putting on a hamburger while driving, we've got them: the Garage Hour takes a running stab at the pathalogically reckless (sadly, not wreckless) in-car behavior that is distracted driving, which has managed to make drinking and driving look like crashing your dirt bike into a stop sign.

In this episode, the Garage Hour guys also dig around in the details of an NFL turning robber baron (to use the abused term correctly), how the NFL literallly shoots itself in the leg, take a tour of the ongoing 24 Hours of LeMans (if you are so lazy as to have a bucket list, put this on it), crashing M5s, speeding tickets in Montana, and why it's okay to make fun of an ethnicity when it's your ethnicity.  Allen Sammaan from San Diego's Stereo Depot and his pal Silent Eddie join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in-studio with cohost Chef Jeff from The Hills in La Mesa.


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10.19.13: Zombie Apocalypse! The Garage Hour's Hysterical Guide to Zombie Attack, Strategy, Survival, Suppression, Weaponry, and Which Idiots Are Assigned to Operation Hipster Shield

Epic Garage Hour Alert: this is 50,000 watts of humanity's last hope, the third Zombie Apocalypse special, complete with the firepower, machinery, thought processes and personnel necessary to survive and dominate during the coming zombie apocalypse.  And yes, there will be blood. We promise.

The Garage Hour's very own Hostus Murderous Justin Fort is joined by Master Destructor .45 Phil, East County Gunlord Eryk from CalGuns.net, and Jesse "The Potty" Caverly (author and zombie expert) for almost two hours (it would have been longer if Arizombies hadn't tried to overrun the studio) of the best recipes and strategies for thwarting zombie attack.

San Diego's Last Hope (the Garage Hour goons) develop theories on fortification, firearms, flamethrowers and the brown note, and debate age-old zombie questions like who's better to have on your side, the Chicago Bears or the Chicago Police; and which regions of the US will survive and thrive during the zombie apocalypse (the Florida Panhandle, for instance) versus which will be reduced to shambling idiots in minutes (San Francisco).

This is one of the best - tune in immediately (while there's still time).


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06.07.14: 5th-Anniversary Uncelebration, 'Squatch VS Vespa, GM VS Recalls, GM VS Itself, International Podcasting Awesomeness and Garambiance

Ahhh yes, one of those episodes...  We hit on everything that makes gearheads tick (now, in our fifth year!), ratcheting up the garambiance for a review of Gov'ment Motors' troubles with millions of recalls, unsold Cadillac hybrids littering dealership lots, the Aztek (yuuuuup), using a whole bunch of made up words to describe them. We're gearheads - if there ain't a word for it, we'll build one to suit.

Taking time out from congratulating Command Master Chief Larry Wilske, candidate for the 53rd District, and reminding you that if you don't vote, you don't get to argue, Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and SuperMeg (fresh from her Vespa-crashing Sasquatch attack) also dig into Calvin & Hobbes creator and super-recluse Bill Watterson, Anthrax, Michelle "Call Me Patrick" Obama, Dr. Who's repeated new-season fails, pot-use fails, Seth "Fail" McFarland, gun rights, doubling our Swiss audience, and why Bill "Ruby Ridge" Gore is not good.

Remember, just because the Simpsons did it doesn't mean you shouldn't.


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04.02.11: Classic Hour - Volvos for Everyone, Ford VS Unions, Getting a Skyline in the US, the B58 Hustler, GM Fails, the Promo Promo, Fukashima Disastersauce and UnF@#$ing the Everglades

Reloaded Garage Hour awesomeness: everything from Volvos, Skylines, G8s, Ford, GM, the gov'ment, the B58 Hustler, the SR71 Blackbird, Charlie's brain, brains in bogs, heads in bogs, Megadeth, Clutch, Tony's Econolube, Fukashima shift, multiculturalisticism, bears eating stoners, women in sinkholes, Florida swamps, and yes, English corpses in bogs.

Host Justin Fort is backed up by Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Dirty Dave in this one, and it's a excellent bit of ricochet radio - download the upload, rrrrrrright now.


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05.31.14: Sasquatch Run Off-Road Report, Scary CA Laws to Track Your Driving, Local Fairs and Fine Dining, Beer (Duhh), Sci-Fi Movie Preview, and Get Off Your Ass and Vote!

This Garage Hour has tons of good stuff: off-road details from the latest Sasquatch Run (including creaky Toyotas, 22R noises, Jaime's stunning candlepower and a Jeeper named Mark), tales of CA's proposed mileage tax, a look at Wings Over Gillespie, some new Hills menu items, and how the web's getting more and more nichey and less and less centralized every day.  We also toy with details of the upcoming sci-fi movie episode. Cohost .45 Phil and Chef Jeff from The Hills in La Mesa joined host Justin Fort to assist with the ruckus.

There's also plenty of rock and/or roll, fixin' stuff, Prong, Goatsnake, stereo parts, a promo for the latest ASDS/Calguns pistol event, Direct Action Solutions' KRISS SMG, and a serious look at how many people fascists killed versus commies like Stalin, Pol Pot and Mr. Red himself, Mao.

We don't mess - grab the podcast immediately, follow us at GarageHour.com, and like us on Farcebook, but before you do any of that, go vote!


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