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03.24.12: Classic! Two Hours You Can't Have Back: Bad Movie Episode (w/ Bad Movie Rules: Sequel Syndrome, Bad Choice Rule and the Dreaded Double-Suck), Plus the Hyundai Elantra and Naming Don't Die Brian

Awesome retrosauce: this is the Garage Hour's vaunted Bad Movies Special (Two Hours You Can't Have Back), complete with the Bad Choice Rule (actors can screw themselves, apparently), the dreaded Double-Suck Rule, and the Sequel Syndrome, wherein the number of numbers on the end of your movie reliably heralds pending suckage.  Or suckstacy.

Join us for an hour on-air with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, Dirty Dave and Don't Die Brian (who earned his name in the span of this very episode) as they list a fine collection of some of the worst things you've ever wished you've never seen.

Oh, and there's cars, trucks, beers and guns, including designing cars that make you think, Monster Magnet, Bruce Campbell, Wikipedia's porn problem and why family blogs are lazy.


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05.24.14: Memorial Day, Plus Full-Cluster Episode; Including Road Racing, Active Shooting, Beer in SD, Squatch Run #3 and UKIP's Nigel Farage

With Memorial Day right around the corner, .45 Phil and host Justin Fort run an old-fashioned cluster-Garage Hour, with a host of gearhead thoughts about everything from bighorn sheep in the East County, Jesse James' pretty new (but kind'a flimsy-looking) 1911s, how to enjoy politics again with UKIP's Nigel Farage and his it's-raining-beer weather report, more beers with Twisted Manzanita, road racers from the USCA and beyond, the Garage Hour's upcoming Sasquatch Run and a proper bit of remembrance of America's fallen on this, the eve of Memorial Day.



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11.20.10: Classic! Parking, Toyota's Warranty Trainwreck, WW1 v WW2, the LA Auto Show, Dirty Dave @ Superstition, Vipers, Texas Rangers, Hippie Bashing and Alligator Bashing

This is the good stuff (like all the other good stuff): parking, designer hippies, Toyota's warranty troubles, WW 1, 2 and 3, the Poles, 9/11, the FIAT 500, beating the crap out of your car, beating the crap out of Miatas, Johnny Cash, the Cannonball Run, the FIAT Viper, CNN's worthlessness, alligators, Texas Rangers, Steve Freakin' McQueen, cancer, celepities, Gov. Moonbeam, Bill Romanowski and Helmet.  Justin Fort hosts, with Dirty Dave and a very hungover Black Ryan.

Also, remember Rule #1: blame the Prius owner.


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05.17.14: Gearhead Questions for Larry Wilske (Congress: CA's 53rd), San Diego Fire Report, P2K's Listener Giveaway, And An Angry Letter to the NFL

The Garage Hour goons welcome Larry Wilske to KCBQ's gleaming black tower of broadcast superiority. The retired Navy SEAL Command Master Chief is running for California's 53rd congressional district, and to make sure our listeners know the guy, we asked the questions our listeners would: Ford V Chevy, chicken V steak, Ukraine V South China Sea, and bacon V the world. We include Larry in a wide-ranging chat about San Diego's powerful response to the May firestorm, as well as discuss P2K Range's gun safe/membership giveaway.

This is also the episode in which host Justin Fort unloads both barrels on the politicization of the NFL, and how it's ruining football for football fans.

Before you groan, don't worry - Larry was a great guest (with help from .45 Phil and Doc Fred Simon, candidate for the 52nd), with a SEAL's-eye view of government that you will find inspiring.  Larry's working to unseat unrepentant leftist and Pelosi acolyte Susan Davis, who's been in the 53rd for years with very little to show for it, and he needs our support.


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03.02.13: Off-Road Trails, Women in the Infantry, Sequestergeddon, Sasquatch and Swap Meets

Hate windmills?  Love HG Wells?  Like movies?  Despise big government?  Tired of Farcebook?  Have an opinion about women in front-line infantry?  Think Quebecois chicks are hot?  Need to know more about hunting, eating, drinking, racing and Sasquatch?  Want to hear a Marine, a well-read socialite and a professional wheelman argue everything from cars to trucks and beers to guns?  Grab this Garage Hour.

When you absolutely positively have no clue what to talk about on your radio show, just put .45 Phil, 27-year Marine, and Crag Maxwell, political mover and shaker and secret bookstore owner, and former factory test-driver and ongoing adventure journalist Justin Fort in the same studio and pour on the indignation.


PS> Admit it, as soon as you saw the image for this episode, you remembered the alien ray-beam noise from "War of the Worlds". Best sci-fi sound ever.

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05.10.14: Summer Off-Roading, Sasquatch Off-Road Prep, BLM Catches Fire for Starting Chariot Fire, and a Chat With the Ultimate Street Car Association

Getting back to our roots - this Garage Hour is all off-road, all the time.  Well, some of the time, because we also promoted our next Sasquatch Run, talked trash on Jeepers (Toyota guys, go figure), hit a bunch more high-Q gearhead stuff like all the parts that don't break on Toyotas, and took a few cheap shots at the Prius - fish in a barrel, there.

We also managed to get Jimi Day from the Ultimate Street Car Association on the horn to speak about the series' upcoming Daytona and Fontana speedway events.  We'll have them back, because anyone who's making race-time available for part-time racers is worth our full-time attention.


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05.03.14: Gearhead Questions for Aspiring Reps, Sasquatch Run #3, Judges and Surgeons and Marines (Oh My)

The political silly season is on, so the Garage Hour is using some of its gearhead cred to dig up answers from real candidates, with Dr. Fred Simon (San Diego's 52nd) and Judge Pro-Tem Ken Gosselin (running for San Diego County's 25th Superior Court seat) joining us in the studio. How else would we learn about their understanding of important challenges like boxers V briefs, Ford V Chevy, beef V chicken, and actual serious issues like parents rights, distracted driving, international leadership, and all those trivialities you always wanted to ask about but forgot when the SEIU guy thumped you in the back of the head for raising your hand.

Don't worry - we've also got cars, trucks, beers and guns, and we'll have .45 Phil go get the SEIU guy.  Grab the podcast.


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09.28.13: Clarkson VS Piers Morgan, Dogfights, NASCAR @ Road Courses, Elsinore GP, Marines Birthday,  Joseph Stalin Tank, Oktoberfest, MRAPs and Neighborhood Legislature.

One of those Garage Hours: everything from tanks to trucks and Speedvision to Jeremy Clarkson punching out Piers Morgan, plus WW2 dogfights, Paths of Hate (just search for the video and you'll understand), the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix, shooting with ASDS in South Bay, local police becoming a staging area for military equipment (dark clouds forming), and the definition of a absentee politician (AKA Tom Harkin).


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08.31.13: CA Gun Laws, CA Traffic, Marines and Their Shotguns, Fletch, Old Rockers (Ugly!), Windmill Poison, Scary Progressives, Muggers VS Rugby Guys

This one's an educational show: we learn about the gun-banning laws and regulations being pushed by the deliriously nutty progressive freakshow called the state of CA (some in the dead of night), and how those laws are going to make you suffer (if you're lucky) or instantly turn you into a criminal.

Eryk from Cal Guns (.net), .45 Phil and host Justin Fort explore everything from the laws, the bad behavior and backroom deals necessary to sneak some of the scarier laws through, and how the groundless (and often feckless) regulatory actions will affect regular Californians - and not just Californians who like the Second Amendment.

This is big AM talk, after all, so the gearhead goons of the Garage Hour also take some shots at CA traffic, CA politicians, Marines, shotguns, old actors and old metal artists, and makers VS takers.  There's also a sporty tale of two rugby guys pounding on some muggers, which makes everyone feel good (except the muggers...).


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08.17.13: Attack of the Board Ops! 100%-Everything, with Check-Engine Lights, the Bear Patrol, Mad Max, Tanks, Failner, Nickname Origins, Celeb Bashing and Honda in F1

This is what happens when you let the guys who usually operate the show take over the mic...  With a 100%-everything list of gearhead topics, from international racing, local politics, the idiots in movies, the idiots in the real world, the shame that is a remake of Mad Max (some movies are too perfect - leave 'em alone), and Mr. Rogers VS the Frugal Gourmet guy, we set every trap and the board ops fall in every one.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and retrohost Dirty Dave let alllllll of the old Garage Hour board ops into the studio, from Cameron "Scacrow" Bradna, Daniel "Barrister" Hilton, Paul "Snaggletooth" Drivas, Todd "Missing Man" James to Nick "The Trick" Lane, and they proceed to demonstrate to the world why they belong on the other side of the glass.  Grab this podcast and prepare to thank your lucky stars for on-air talent.


PS>  Special thanks to Missing Man for cooking up this episode's promo poster.

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