Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
05.14.11: Classic! Off-Road w/ Toy VS Jeep, the Garage Hour Navy, Ducks Unlimited, New Subies, Hillclimbing Lightnings  (Don't), Diesel Drifting, Patton Quotes, and Knife Hunting Pigs

Killer roots Garage Hour right here: everything from broken mics to broken Jeeps, plus Justin and Mr. Dustin's midnight run, side-by-sides VS real trucks, Corral Canyon, battleships and railguns, domestic automaker's San Francisco fail, Subaru BRZs and Toyota FRSs, how to break an SVT Lightning hillclimbing, out of touch Californians, drifting, rifles, Ducks Unlimited, epic full-auto Saigas, hog hunting, pig ambushing and Mr. Dustin and Slimer on the road...  Also, this might be the origin-episode of the Garage Hour's fascination with covering the USS Iowa with railguns.

Joining Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the studio this fine eve are Mr. Dustin, Top Jeeper, and Dirty Dave, Ultrabaggage.

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07.26.14: Top Sci-Fi Movies (From Serenity to Black Hole) and Railgun Science-Fact w/ US Navy, Plus Sci-Fi VS Near-Fi (and More Movie Rules)

The Garage Hour's sci-fi special: all of the best movies, including Star Wars and Star Trek, the Fifth Element and District 9, Dune and 2001, Blade Runner and Logan's Run, plus dozens more - everything we could think of (including some of the bad ones).  There's also a pile of rules about what's sci-fi and what's not, what's good and what couldn't be, as well as why any movie with Tom Cruise is disqualified unless his character dies repeately.

The Garage Hour goons (including SuperMeg and .45 Phil), were joined in the studio by Mike from Barritus Brewery (dedicated to helping returning warfighters find jobs) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

This episode also helps grow the Garage Hour's long-running love affair with railguns, as the Justin Fort interviews Commander Jason Fox of the US Navy, who's in charge of their growing (and now prototyping!) railgun program.  Cmdr. Fox is a gearhead like the rest of us (though he might not realize it yet), and he shares lots of good details and tech behind the lug-slinging beast now on the back of the USS Millinocket in San Diego Bay (and then tells us what other groovy railgun details are still classified - nuts).


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06.12.10: Classic! Toyota Recall Kickback and GM Recalls "Chevy", NASCAR on Road Courses, Union Suckage, Complicateder Cars, Acetylene Blimps, and Croaking Toads for Fun and Profit

Killer throwback Garage Hour: road-racing with NASCR, toad killing in the Australian outback, tiger-attacked slingshot stoners sue the zoo, face-melting with the Ark of the Covenant, Buick recalls, Toyota recall (plus kickback), more GM recalls including the name "Chevy" (which was unrecalled the next day), plus corporate moronitity and more made up words, shooting with Mr. Dustin, more automaker recalls, union suckage, heavier and complicateder cars, eyeballs are from Shakespear, melting Bill Clinton melting, Jew-hating Helen Thomas (good riddance, Madame Crackpot), acetylene blimps, beer in Baja, militarized Toyotas, and eating your veggies.

Hosted by road-racing mother father Justin Fort and ably cohosted by Miata-wielding beardfan Dirty Dave.

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07.19.14: Gearheads on Chasing Bad Guys, Testing Railguns, Breaking Overdrives, Missing Anthrax, Burning Windmills, Simmering International Tensions, Shooting Springfields, Buying Pistols, Cursing Farcebook

Gearhead-issue Garage Hour target-rich environment: police chases in San Diego, the CDC loosing anthrax and Metallica and Helmet, our upcoming railgun interviews, broken drivetrain parts, input/non-output overdrives, Farcebook spying on us all, windmills burning toxicly in the desert, plus .45 Phil, Jeff from Twisted Manzanita Ales & Spirits, Taylor from Direct Action Solutions, and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

Oh, and just to be thorough, there's also good eatin' on BUK2 missile launchers, beer brewing, turbines, pimping for the upcoming sci-fi episode, shooting Springfield Armory things, and why we're not chicken so we'll happily take up Grade "A" nozzle Eric Holder's challenge to talk about races.  Or racing.  Whatever he wants.


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03.31.12: 100% Everything w/ F1, Alonso & Kimi, Ugly Rockers, Ruger Backorder, Bricking Fiskers, Electric Car Fails, Race Baiters, Anthrax, Helmet, and the Super Pooper

This is one of those Garage Hours where you probably want to stand back - there's everything from the Supreme Court to the Colt 1911, Porsches and Unimogs, wrenching on Dirty Dave's Super Pooper (Trooper) and building homemade electric cars, and no one knows how it'll end.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is joined on-air by Crag Maxwell (owner and proprieter of Maxwell's House of Books in lovely, scenic, unmolested downtown La Mesa) and Dirty Dave (owner and proprieter of an Isuzu Trooper that's so pooper Justin Fort got splinters repairing it at TDS...).

Also coming to lucky podcastees everywhere are tales of Trayvon (lesson: don't jump people), Al Sharpton (race-baiter and teleprompter-hater), Antonin Scalia (Supreme Court machine), F1 when it's fun (or drunk, in Kimi's case), and yes, the Ugly Rocker Report.


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07.12.14: Racer & Fast Guy Special! Hillclimbing and a Potential Palomar Race, Road Racing and the 24 Hours of Lemons, Broken Parts  Show & Tell and How to Get Started

It's another Garage Hour full of fast guys, with factory test driver and host Justin Fort joined in-studio by hillclimb specialist and Yawsport overseer Bret Norgaard, and miserable hot shoe Marc Riesenberg, driving instructor and 24 Hours of Lemons racer.  Norgaard and Riesenberg go all in about their 2014 go-fast events, including the competition at this year's Buttonwillow Lemons 24 and Bret's latest stab at the 2014 Larison Rock Hillclimb.  Justin Fort leads them through details of their efforts, including Riesenberg's into-crash of the team's BMW 318 and their record number of penalties, and Bret gets into the weeds about keeping his wide-by-long TL hillclimber out of the weeds.  The fast guys also talk about how to get yourself started in go-fast fun like hillclimbing and the Lemons 24 series, plus the potential of there being a SoCal hillclimb if Bret's plans for Palomar Mountain bear fruit.

Alteruniverse Garage Hour antihosts Nitsuj Trof, Terb Draagron and Cram Grebneseir also brought Show & Tell for this episode, with broken shocks, holed pistons and bent rods by the boxfull.  Tune in a have some: yes, now.


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05.29.10: Classic! Hour at the 'Port, w/ Ferraris, Lexi, Fords, TPMS, Layoffs, Everest, the Bottle Shop, the Scoupe, Coffee, the Explorer Tire Recall, the Magic Bullet and an Analysis of East Coast People

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort brings you one of the Garage Hour's classic "Hour at the 'Port" episodes from 2010, with a little bit of everything car, truck, beer and gun from such vintage cohosting awesomeness as Boston Rich, Grizzly Chris, plus Mr. Dustin and Dirty Dave. Plus, you get to listen as Justin slowly taste-tests himself into a fine buzz that makes for fun radio...

Now, for the goods:  this Garage Hour's stacked with everything from boston's Rich's new job, the Pizza Port's new joint in Ocean Beach, master brewer Diamond Jeff Bagby his damn self, Poochie the Dog, beer vocabulary, trains, Carlsbad (or worse), a magic bullet, scoupe Story #2, plus Lexuses (Lexi?), Ferraris, Ford Exploders, and how everything in the world is two degrees from the Simpsons.


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10.26.13: Top Gear, Superstition Run, Cannonball Run, Escape from New York, Escape from Yuma, The Stand, Zombie Batman, Zombie Politicians, Twisted Manzanita Ales & Spirits and Volvos for Everyone!

A Garage Hour for all seasons:  Top Gear - props for the limey edition (Formula Off-Road on water and TVR headaches), the upcoming Superstition Run in San Diego's Chocolate Mountains, the Blue Angels, bill and disteering, shipping beer from coast to coast, new spirits coming from Manz's new distillery, making pumkin beer, a conversation about concealed carry and the balance of good versus evil, Captain Ron, Hal Needham, Steve McQueen, Anthrax, Stephen King, the Coast to Coast bridge, West Coast railroads, Goat Canyon Trestle, zombie stuff, Zombie Batman, jailbreaking phones, Bob Failner and the populist stoplight camera shutdown, off-road tire brands, crashy crashy south-of-the-border Tacos and rebar fixes, new political alignment, Brody's burgers and beer, and Volvos for everyone.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort are joined in-studio by .45 Phil, Dirty Dave (Escaping from Yuma at the south end of a northbound studio) and Jeff Trevaskis of Manzanita Brewing - whoops, Twisted Manzanita - and an empty chair shout-out for missing Agent Aya (KGB), who was scared away by all the warfighters in the studio.


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07.05.14: 4th of July, Patriotism and Dude Food, Plus Gov Motor's Growing Recall, Breech VS Chamber, Beer in San Diego, Flags in Fletcher Hills, the Scary State of the US's Southern Border, and Our Ongoing Assault on Hipsters

Yummy stuff: on this Fourth (Fifth) of July episode, the Garage Hour goons spend time feeling good about America, watching out for America, talking about America, and then reminiscing about all the great stuff we ate while doing it.

.45 Phil, Chef Jeff from The Hills in La Mesa, CA, and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort discuss chicken, marinades, grilling, peppers (again!), tri-tip, Beth Burgers and all the beers we can enjoy with them before taking a knife to the Oobama-made crisis on America's southern border, taking a bite out of the latest numbers from the massive (MASSIVE) Gov't Motors recall, sticking our toungue out at the crisis of violence that is gun-free Chicago (how's taking guns away from law-abiding citizens working out?), and pinching our nose at the crisis that is hipster culture.

Of course, this is the Fourth (Fifth) of July episode, so we also spent some time on what Independence Day means to each of us, and the sacrifices that got us here (and you'd better start paying attention, or we're going to need to make some more).


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02.05.11: Classic! Epic Roots GH w/ Genesis of the Jalopy Plan, When Animals Attack, .50-Cal Ricochet, STi VS Evo Midnight Run, Geek VS Nerd, Propane Explosion UberTopics

Holy epic historical Garage Hour: the genesis of so many great things, including Dirty Dave's Jalopy race plan, Justin Fort's fascination with exploding propane and propane accessories, the geek VS neerd continuum, the .unending .50-cal ricochet debate, When Animals Attack the Garage Hour, the Car Tsar (host Justin), the iPhone Tsar (Mr. Dustin), the Connectivity Tsar (Dirty Dave), with call-ins from Mr. Dustin (up to his elbows in stripped Evo) and Black Ryan (up to his elbows in a hangover).

It wouldn't be a Garage Hour without a crapton of segues, including a new segment called "Just Because You're Rich Does Not Mean You're Competent", the supersecret Midnight Run, everything that's wrong with the Egyptian Revolution, Superbowl predictions, Homer Simpson and why Justin fort is awesome at go-karting.

This is a Garage Hour Reload not to be missed.


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