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08.25.12: Villains! Classic GH, w/ Jaws, Blofeld, Joker, Angel Eyes, Beetlejuice VS Darth, and the Introduction of the Villains Cage Match

Killer Garage Hour: the Villains Episode.  We collect more than 70 movie villains of every stripe, from Blofeld to Little Bill, Darth to Ming, Jaws to Angel Eyes, plus Cruella DeVille and the horde of nutbars from Fatal Attraction.  Dirty Dave, Crag Maxwell and host Justin Fort put together some rules for villains, too, and in the process discover that Jaws is much more of a uberhenchman than an outright villain, much to Justin's dismay.

Credit where credit is due: the genesis of this classic Garage Hour episode was at a brewery in Ouray, Colorado - Mr. Grumpy Pants, to be exact.  Off-Road.com editor Jaime Hernandez asked what had happened to Richard Keil (Jaws), and it all spun out of control from there.  Good times.


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04.26.14: Cars, Trucks, Beers and Punks! Pop Core "Look Up Here", Mobile Devicing Tickets, Explosions, Twisted Manzanita, GM's "Fat Keys" Scandal, Santee's Street Fair, Desert Toys on Craig's List, Gas Prices, Sasquatch and Awesomesauce.

With the guys from Look Up Here in-studio, SuperMeg, East County Beerlord Jeff Trevaskis and former factory test driver Justin Fort whip up a batch of gearhead-talk radio superiority on Saturday's show.  You can't go wrong (well, you probably could) with a room full of punk rockers, and we pull off a show full of explosions (propane, acetlyne, Sobe and snow), desert toys (LS1, anyone?), gas prices, corporate skulduggery and beer-sipping refinement.  Someone even mentions brisket.

The call is also out for Sasquatch Run 3: The 'Squatchening; which is looking likely late in May, so stay tuned.


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04.19.14: Guitar Dudes! Rock/Roll, Best Guitar Players, Best Rock Bands, What's a Pickup, Plus Off-Road, The Hills in La Mesa, Toyota VS Jeep and Smashing Instruments for Profit

Put a bunch of guitar experts on a gearhead show and you'll get more than you bargained for, including all sorts of stories about the rock and rollists, tales of humbuckers (whatever the Hell they is), pickups and frets, plus cars, trucks, beers and guns (of course).

Joining host Justin Fort and irregular cohost/food ninja Chef Jeff on this week's Garage Hour are none other than off-roading buddy Seth Hollander, guitar instructor of some repute (SethMetal.com) and the proud owner of the DeathRunner and lots of guns, and Battleship Dan, pro guitar builder (TopGearGuitar.com), guitar tech to the stars and confirmed Garage Hour superfan.

Also, the sincerest of Garage Hour apoligies: due to an ill-timed Kong infestation of KCBQ's 50,000-watt broadcast tower on the east side (of El Cajon), we lost a few minutes of the second hour.  Better luck next time.


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04.27.13: Screamin' Jesus! (the 320mm Spigot Mortar) Plus Prius Bashing, Windmill Bashing, Nick Bashing, Batman Bashing, Hipster Bashing, and Stereo Equipment

With everything from electric cars to electric stereo parts, this Garage Hour episode is chock-full of good gearhead talk.  Mike the Mic joined Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, Agent Aya and .45 Phil for what was originally slated to be an episode about stereo equipment (a fondness held by Mike and Justin), but the ship of state quickly veered off course in true Garage Hour fashion.  The topic list expanded to Solzhenitsyn, Batman, Freud, Chuck Norris, ammunition prices, new beer, old bombs, new tanks, and monoliths versus obelisks.

We also get a tidy history of the WW2 siege mortar called the Type 98 by the Japanese who lobbed 'em at us, and Screamin' Jesus by GIs who had to watch them tumble, from our very own military historian, .45 Phil.


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06.22.13: A Big Pile of Conspiracies (Flight 800, the .50-Cal Ricochet, NSA, Drones, MRAPs, McChrystal VS Hastings) and 100 More Reasons to Pay Attention

This is the episode that catapulted the Garage Hour to doubled listenership, and the show that put the gearhead goons from San Diego into an expanded time slot.  Download a full hour of everything from Flight 800, the FBI, NSA, DHS, drones, Stingers, the .50-cal ricochet, Sasquatch, Japan's thirst for 5.56 ammo, the populist media's unfortunate contribution to it all, and how the Garage Hour plans to fix it.  Oh yeah, with cars, trucks, beers and guns.

Grab a load of this podcast for a big fat conspiratory freakout, with Agent Aya (suspiciously good with a handgun), .45 Phil (27-year Marine storm trooper from back in the Reagan days) and former factory factory test driver and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, because they'll also take a few shots at Mayor Bob Failner, Manzanita Brewing's Apricot Blonde, Restore the 4th, antique steaem, the patheticness that is Joe Biden, and the value of America's enlisted military in times of crisis.


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04.12.14: Fast Guys Talk Lone Pine Time Trials, Plus Hillclimbing, Radical Crawlers, Smart Car Tipping, Smart Cars with Hayabusa Motors, the Demise of the RamRunner, Rio Shotgun Shells and a Bunch of Other Stuff We've Broken

All gearhead, all the time...  Host Justin Fort has Bret Norgaard from Yawsport and Neil Alexander from the Lone Pine Time Trials (coming up in May) to talk their little slice of road-racing heaven, the adventure that is high-speed time-attack on a real airport course, and the parties that go on in tandem with it all.  We also get into everything from Hayabusa-powered Smart cars (why people are tipping them over), to the failed Dodge RamRunner (and why it was no Raptor), hillclimbing for folks on the West Coast, Powerstroke and 502-powered crawlers and a truckload of other awesomeness.

Okay, so Han Solo and Greedo get into the mix, and there's some chatter about Rio shotgun shells, the police and English politics, but it's the Garage Hour - we digress.


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09.19.09: Classic! Thunderboats, Cannibals @ the Fair, Claimer Racing, Taking a Dive in F1, Smog Laws, Brett Farvrere and Conservative Conservationism

Excellent early Garage Hour - episodes like this are what brought the show to life way back in 2009...  Everything from CanAm to Batman, fake mechanics and poseur Farves, Orwellian education, chicken legs, Grand Prix.com, team orders, TV laws, smog laws, thunderboats and deep-vees, the unfortunately named Dimebag Darrell (RIP) and tales of a mentally insane cannibal who was taken to the fair.

And like every Garage Hour, there's a serious moment or two - Dirty Dave, Grizzly Chris and hillclimbin' slicer-dicer Justin Fort chat about the need for conservatives to conserve on their own, before someone with less scruples but a bigger stick up their butt tries to force you to.


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06.11.11: Ferd FTeenthousand VS Sasquatch, 24 Hours of LeMans, Shooting Trap, Broken Studios, Beck & Scientology, Engineers' Brains and the DMV

Killer show! This reloaded Garage Hour features a pile of legendary topics, including the Ferd FTeenthousand (whale house!), Sasquatch, scary celebrities, Beck's Scientology, Gavin Newsbag, Amon Tobin, stoner metal, Israel, the 24 Hours of leMans, Franchi shotguns, busting clay and Kevlar tornado shelters.

While we're at it, Black Ryan, Dirty Dave and former factory test driver Justin Fort also beat the Hell out of Glenn Danzig (who hasn't?), Moby (everyone should) and President Pickle (he's asking for it), and talk up the awesomeness that is engineers, shooting trap and the British VS the Argentines.

It's gearhead radio: who are you to resist?


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04.05.14: Fred Simon and District 52, Ford VS Chevy, Jag VS Benz, Dog VS Cat, King Crimson, Plus 100 More Garage Hour Questions for Candidates

You can't spell politics without... a "p"... and the Garage Hour can't get this close to the mid-term elections without having some hopeful congressional candidates in the studio.  What can we say?  Gearheads like to vote.  Besides, we all want some more change.

This episode featured Dr. Fred Simon, candidate for San Diego's 52nd Congressional District, and before you get bent out of shape that we were talking politics again, don't you want to hear his thoughts on things that matter, like Ford VS Chevy, protections for off-road access, and whether Fred plans to run guns for Islamic terrorists in the Philippines with a Chinese mobster named Shrimp Boy (which we advised him against)?

There's also some actual serious questions, such as the good doc's positions on the Second Amendment, getting things done instead of talking about getting things done, equal opportunity VS equal outcomes, and who his favorite Supreme Court justice is.  He had very good answers for everything but his preference for Chevys.

Grab the podcast, complete with Eryk from CalGuns.net and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.  Because you ought.


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06.29.13: Semi-Vintage Garage Hour - the ComicCon Episode, with Batman VS Superman VS Aquaman VS Brock Sampson VS Han Solo, Plus Filner VS Madrid, Gun Stores, Venn Diagrams and the Weather

Well, some episodes don't stay gearhead for long, and this one went decidedly cartoon in about five minutes.  Join us for an hour (one of the last hour-only Garage Hours) of unrelenting comic book action, with none other than SuperMeg (before the nickname), Jesse Caverly, author and zombie expert, and .45 Phil, a walking, talking comic book hero in his own right.

It's not like we didn't try - there were gun stores, shooting events, big Buicks, an attack on hipsters (because they're there) and an attack on mayors (because Failner), but we kept winding up talking ComicCon, Batman, Superman, bad guys, Aquaman, Han Solo, Brock Sampson (just because), geek VS nerd and the Venn diagram necessary so it all makes sense.

There will be cars and trucks and beers and guns in the next episode.  Promise.


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03.29.14: We Care A Lot - About Off-Roading, Sasquatch, Gun-Running Senators, Dolphins (They Don't Taste Like Fish), Tactical Shotguns, Environmentalists, E-Cigs and Tilting at Windmills

How about something completely different? The Garage Hour goons (and the vice mayor of La Mesa) had a really involved conversation about the environment, with none other than a real environmentalist!  Apparently, nature tastes like steak.

Sure, cohosts .45 Phil and Crag Maxwell happily joined Justin Fort to chat off-roading and shotguns (sounds like we're ready for a Sasquatch Run!), but they were also educated by an environmentally aware friend of the show, Leslie Rapp, on the topics of dolphins, Blackfish, free-range whales (did we say that right?), and we were escorted through the serious California politics behind the attacks on Seaworld by Kristine Alessio, vice Mayor of La Mesa.  We also figured out that it's the silly names people give killer whales that make them... kill people...  What the Hell kind of name is Tillikum?  Call the poor things Tyrone or Pete or Emily and they'll be so much happier.  There's also a fun bit of shrapnel for the nutjob envirowhackos who are giving granola a bad name.  Chill out!

Podcast it up immediately, before Seaworld finds out about it.


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