Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
08.14.10: Classic! Pranks for Gearheads, Off-Roady FJs, Drifting HMMTs & Work Vans, Progressive Politicians Running Over Bikers, Engine Swaps, Miatas @ Midwest, In-Flight Freakouts, Snatch VS Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, & A Warning About Your Belt

A big pile of Garage Hour jackassery right here: off-roading, our friends at Off-Road.com and FJs for fun and breakage, messing with cars to make a point without damaging them, folks freaking out mid-flight and what you should do about it, how not to nut yourself with your own belt, a sorry progressive politician in Wisconsin named Fred Clarke and why he ran over a bicyclist, plus Miatas, drifiting military equipment and work vans, soccer players, Garage Hour letters, tracks and videos for gearheads, and hanging out with the ricers.

It's gearhead.

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02.23.13: AR-15 & Swap Meet Awesomeness (w/ AR Function & Esthetics, Plus Swap Tools & Junk), w/ Biden Duncery, Hippie Hypocrisy, White House Kleptocracy, Eugene Stoner History, Amon Tobin Sophistry, & RINOs VS Conservatives

Ahhhh, the AR-15 - like the Second Amendment, a touchstone of so many of the what's-wrongs infesting the current inhabitants of the White House.  The Garage Hour and its intrepid cohosts spend a good hunk of this episode gearheading it up about a few of the two-faced, fictionalized or just plain fabricated feelings forced on free Americans by the festering fraud now festooning the funked up face of our fantastic nation.  How?  We introduce you to some Armalite Rifle history, its designer (Eugene Stoner), its variations (and what it's a variation of), its features and its awesomeness, mainly because it's a damn fine rifle which everyone should own.  Two.

In honor of San Diego's Big Three Swaps (which we just missed, dammit...), this Garage Hour also dips into the gearhead Candyland that is a swap meet, with every bit and piece and thing you did and did not know you needed, all available in slightly suspiciously good condition...  We've been there, and we'll remind you why you should be too.

With eveything from Garage Hour birthdays, hobos versus hippies, traffic thank yous, Amon Tobin VS Cujo and crap German accents, this is the blue-collar talk radio you want - have some.

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04.06.13: So Much Mustang - SN-95 VS Fox, 5.0 VS 301, Boss VS Mach, & Drinking WITH Your Cars, Plus Venture Bros., Nick Cage VS Grizzly Chris, Prius Owners VS Reality, & Overweight Target Shoppers VS "Manatee Grey"

Hilarious Garage Hour - electronified, computerated, dense with laughs and gearhead insight, chock-full of geek power...  From Fox-Bodies and DEW-platform cars and why all SN-95s need a 5.0, to host Justin Fort's little brother (who's on his 10th Mustang) and his collection of Poweredyne blowers; this is the Garage Hour you were looking for.

This episode's so good, at one point the hosts forget which planet they're on.  Adding to the usual car/truck/beer/gun cannon fodder, the Garage Hour goons (including Agent Aya, SuperMeg and Wes Luthor) dip into everything else you care about - Chuck Norris, bad aim at good ranges, Porsche's new 928 Fatbuttamera, pink Ferraris, man cards, bad Russian accents, John Candy and Peter Steele (from Type "O" Negative) and an accounting of exactly what your car says about you (plus a slew of things you'll need to listen to and enjoy).

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08.20.11: Brawlin' w/ Boris Said, Drinkin' w/ Chrysler Employees, Bangin' w/ Dave Mustaine, Cruise Missilin' w/ the Air Force, Bein' an Idiot w/ Decaprio/Penn/Damon, Trappin' w/ Admiral Akbar, Failin' w/ Big Mac Fans, Plus Conspirin' w/ Fishermen

This Garage Hour is one of the classic free-fire episodes, kicked off right with tales of Boris Said and his plans to beat Greg Biffle's ass, and that sets the tone for the whole rest of the thing.  Hostus Maximus Justin Fort goes after everyone, from people on Rascals to the lunchtime drunks and stoners at Chrysler who were fired for getting...  wait for it... drunk and stoned at lunch.  Of course, the UAW got them their jobs back, so those drunks and stoners are presumably still building Dodges. Dirty Dave takes the time to go after Rick Perry, and then board-opp Barrister Hilton goes after Dirty Dave.

It's not 100% grim, though - there's shouts out to Toyota for their stay-at-home doggedness following the arsing Japan got at the hands of the Fukishima tsunami, the Garage Hour goons applaud the Air Force for parking a cruise missile up China's nose during the Serbian affair, and there's a bunch of good tracks backing this show.

So many targets, so few triggers...  It's the Garage Hour, alright, the rootinest, tootinest, highfalutinest piece of gearhead on air since Top Gear full of beer.

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02.06.15: Garage Hour Lite: Ales & Spirits, Making & Partaking in Fine Adult Beverages, Oaked Rye for Fun & Pleasure, Brewery Machinery Guide, Plus NJ, PA, Carolina Drinking Shouts Out & Tasty Sips @ Twisted Manzanita

From the hardware in the brewhouse to soft liquor made for the ladies, this abbreviated Garage Hour is heavy on sipping power.  Whether you're a Manz fan, you just like the craft ale and booze scene, or you're from New Jersey, Pennsylvania or either of the Carolinas (Brew Thru!), this is a killer episode to dip your toes in the burgeoning East County brewing biz.

Like so may Garage Hours, the show runs afoul of the script quickly, but how far can you run when you're broadcasting from a fully loaded still?  Enjoy the introduction of a new show intro too - we're still experimenting, so hold your fire until we choose a new one fer shur.

Chatting up the supersauce from Twisted Manzanita are Jake the Head Distiller, Dan the Head Brewer and Nina (Major Marketing Minion), who join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohosts .45 Phil and Chef Jeff on-air.  Be sure to grab the bomber version of this night's brewcast when you're through this 12oz version, which includes surprise cohosts and more of the usual cars/trucks/beers/guns Garage Houring.  Cheers!

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12.15.12: Gearheads VS Christmas Traffic, Off-Road Damage & Mods & Trails, Return of Convertibles, Military/Battleship/Tank Shout-Outs, Holed Race Tires, Charlie Brown Christmas, Salt Flats VS DTM, Sauce VS Marinade, Plus Real VS Fake Christmas Trees

So much sauce, so little time. The Garage Hour goons take a flying leap at getting traffucked in the stupid soup that is Christmas and holiday driving in rainy San Diego and Southern California; from an assault on skinny jeans to worshipping Lee Iacocca, we've got your gearhead right here.

Because it's awesomesauce, cohosts Dirty Dave and .45 Phil also helo Hostus Maximus Justin Fort slice and dice on beers, skully artist David Lozeau's Christmas show, blown motors, flattening BFG KDs, DUI season, trail mods for Dirty Dave Super Trooper and .45 Phil's F-150, a blown Bilstein for Justin's dirtastic 4Runner (there's your explosion), trail updates for Tierra Del Sol, the annual Superstition Run, Ocotillo Wells and Corral Canyon, and a chat about the need to ensure estate planning for your firearms.

Oh yeah, there are also railguns and battleships, because Garage Hour.

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