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03.17.12: Gearheads Love Westerns! Best Movies & Actors, Best Bad Guys, From Good to Bad & Ugly to Mag 7, Blazing Saddles & True Grit, It's In There (Plus MechaWesterns & Space Westerns)

If you're any movie fan, you know that lots of what's called "film" today has its roots in American Westerns (some of which, ironically, have their roots in other genres...).  That said, who can't quote a line from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly or Tombstone? The Garage Hour goons got all worked up for this one, cataloging all the best cowboy and Western cinema (and Western-derived) action, from the Magnficent SevenOnce Upon a Time in the WestCity SlickersSilveradoEldoradoButch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid3:10 to Yuma and everything between, plus all of the mecha Westerns (Road Warrior, anyone?) and space Westerns (Firefly), plus cartoon Westerns like Trigun and Western television shows like DeadwoodThe Rifleman and Brisco County.

On top of all that are copious ratings of the best good guys, and more importantly, the best bad guys, from Lee Van Cleef's Angel Eyes (and Henry Fonda's interpretation of the same role) to Brian Denehey's bad town boss in Silverado.

While we're at it, R.I.P. Eli Wallach (the "Ugly" in the epic Good, Bad & Ugly spaghetti Western), who shuffled on in June of 2014.  You were the best.

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01.12.13: Show & Tell (Cool Gearhead & Geek Bits Like Titanium Ore & Blown Turbos), Junkyard Truck Parts, Beer VS Captain, Laws VS Criminals, 2A VS Politicians, Monty VS Rommel, Plus Piers Morgan's Fail, NY's Bloomberg Fail & SD's Bob Failner

Geeks do the best show & tell - let the Garage Hour tell you how.  We've got everything from a blown quad piston (13:1 compression on av-gas will do that), fragged spider gears (from a fragged SN-95 diff), intake shrapnel (the cast Edelbrock intake didn't like that much juice), wheel chunks from a CORR race truck, to a five-inch naval shell cut and polished into a fine ashtray, the official K-Bar US Constitution (pocket-sized, of course), and titanium ore needles.

It's the Garage Hour - what did you expect?  Boring?  We don't have that.

It's also gearhead radio, so we deep-dove on our usual medley of historic, awesome and intelligent lunacy, including a full-frontal assault on big government (leave the Second Amendment alone, you leeches), plus a duscussion of fradulent pot supporters, real beer supporters (plus Captain Morgan), fun junkyard parts for fun and Phil, a second assault on epic douche and all-around limey to threaten Piers Morgan, wiring stereos versus wiring IEDs, and a whole truckload of World War Two stuff.  That's just for starters: yes, have some Garage Hour.

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03.30.13: Prius VS Prius Owners, Gov Money VS Fisker Fails, Henschel VS Porsche, Shermans VS Tigers & .45 Phil's Tank of the Week, the Martini Bong, Plus Cohost Battles: Creature VS .45 Phil & Dirty Dave VS (Almost) Agent Aya

If you're a gearhead or geek of any sort, this is the episode for you - the Garage Hour gang has stacked this one to the rafters with a little bit of everything good, from Al Gore's carbon footprint (and his big fat footprint) to the Reverend Horton Heat, Hellcats and Pershings and Sheridans and the dreaded Tiger, plus the epic fail that is hybrid and electric cars when their government funding is missing.  There's also Big Goverment's love of square pegs for round hols, small-town cop fails (coming to a city near you), battling cohosts, heaps of bad accents (and a few good ones), and tales of fails regarding Middle East fighters' inability to understand and/or learn modern Western combat skills (with the noted exception of the Afghanis - credit where credit's due).  Then it's all martini bongs and bumper stickers and VW carb tuning.

Must be the Garage Hour.  Hostus Maximus is joined in the studio by Crag Maxwell, .45 Phil and (Almost) Agent Aya.

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11.03.12: Gearhead Attack on CA Politics (w/ Richard Rider), Plus Optima Street Car Challenge, Diesel Swaps, Pretty Shooting, Ugly Reporters, Comrade Filner & Other Pinko Threats

YEEEARRRRGH!  So much information, so little filter.  Instead of displaying their collective ignorance (not really), the Garage Hour goons brought California political observer/wiseguy Richard Rider (Tax Fighter) into the studio to tell us what's what with the screwball systems that power the People's Republic of Kalifornia (which we heard humorously referred to as Kaliforniastan a few days ago) and keep the self-loating eat-all suicidal monster that is the capitol in Sacramento in business perpetuating itself. Richard also helps the show puzzle through some of the propositions that appeared on CA's 2012 ballot, and how the Sacramenticians work their hardest to make a mess of CA once-vaunted proposition system too.

Wow, sounds a little negative.  It was supposed to sound a lot...  On a positive, the gearheads also get a good chat going about diesel, the Optima Battery Street Car Challenge, 50-state crate motors from GM (hey, they're getting exactly that right), Mr. Dustin's Viper problem, and they take a few stabs at San Diego's mayoral race, which was as bad as you heard.

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12.22.12: Gearhead Xmas! Gifting, Shopping & Traffic Terrorism for Gearheads, 'Vette Flags, Lambo Crashes, F-150 Parts, Estate Sales, Jaws VS Barbosa, Plus Serious Looks at Violence & Culture

So much good stuff...  Pile up some layers of gearhead fun for the silly season: truck parts and car parts, tools and estate sales, Corvette guys and Lambo guys, reading tires, reading firearms, beers and villains, Rutger Hauer, Aussie humor and flipping poles (science!).  Add to that some sharp words about Al Sharpton (you're a bad, bad man), and a serious conversation about the root causes of the Newton shooting, and it's got to be an episode of Hank Watson's Garage Hour.

Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and .45 Phil cohost with Justin Fort.

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11.10.12: Celebrating Veterans Day & Marines Birthday, Drifting Semi Tractors, Computer Tattlers,  Swingline Staplers, Corrosion of Conformity, Mr. Dustin's SEMA Experience, Plus Shocking Post-Election Lament & Understanding Proto-Socialists

Uggh! So much venting, so much post-electoral disdain as the Garage Hour goons get the re-election of President Pickle out of their systems... On top of their cries are heaped the last gasps of low-information progressive and socialist votes in the People's Republic of Kalifornia, which put a supermajority of leftist nutballs in the state capitol, and several deeply flawed pinkos like San Diego's Bob Failner in the mayor's office. Sorry, had to get that out.

This episode was meant to be a celebration of America's fighting men and women, plus a nod to the US Marines' birthday, so on top of some good road-race tales and a good look at the automotive orgasm that is Las Vegas's SEMA show from cohost Mr. Dustin, there's General Petreaus's fall, threats to our Second Amendment, Fatso Jetson, "It's wafer-thin!", a Richard Ryder redux, Bob "Catfish" Failner, leftists-progressives-socialists-communists connections, Bilstein suspensions and shooting at P2K Range. .45 Phil, Crag Maxwell and Dirty Dave also join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in-studio for this rousing episode.

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04.16.11: Zombies! Original GH Apocalypse Special, w/ Top-10 To-Be-Eatens, Escape Drivers, Prep List, Weaponry, & Zombie Fighters, Plus Bad Monster Movies & Killing Sparkly Vampires (Just Because)

It took years to get to our first Zombie Apocalypse Special, but it was worth the wait - everything from napalm to snowplows come up in this first adventure in redeading the undead, which also includes shotguns, Thompsons, a mace, escape vehicles, Danica VS Stewart, modern zombie theories, and a discussion about to-cyborg or not-to-cycborg.  The zombies can't keep a good gearhead down, because the Garage Hour goons also figure out the best get-eveners and zombie-resistance personnel, and help you feel better about it all with a list of ideas on how to take out your undead-killing frustration on sparkly vampires.

The Top Men supporting Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in this fine outing of Gearheads Off Topic are none other than Dirty Dave, Grizzly Chris and Mr. Dustin (Top Earner).

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12.13.14: In-Garage Hour! Live from the Garage w/ On-Air Brake Repair, Mel VS Max Brooks, Beer Tasting, Bingewatching Reviews, Queens VS Clutch VS Ministry VS AIC Concerts, Garage Etiquette, Truck Racks, Woodies & The First Ever On-Air Swear

The Garage Hour: ready or not, we're coming in!  The episode's experimental new Pure Podcast sound-test worked better than expected, so we made a show with it.

It's 100% garage-action in this first-ever Pure Podcast, which was recorded during a night of hangoutery and tool spinning in Hostus Maximus Justin Fort's private garage.  This ain't no poseur garage - between swapping rotors on the host's canyon carving STi to a discussion of the value of inch-pound 18-volt DeWalt impact guns, it's all gearhead, all the time.  Friends-of-show Chef Jeff from The Hills and Eastbound restaurants in San Diego, Jaime of Off-Road.com fame, and minivan-wielding Surfer Greg join Justin in the garage.

Have no fear, it's all Garage Hour, so there's enough "other" to plug the hole in the Titanic: sci-fi, Made in the USA, the art of podcasting, music called "Garage Hour", hunting dogs, parties with homemade moonshine, probable Sasquatch Runs for fun and buzz, ringing ears, minivan mods, rusty cars, Jewish humor, Tractor Supply Company, BFGoodrich's Nacho and his tire-grooving terrors, the pervy things Disney artists drew into their kids' movies, and, of course, hipster abuse.

It's a podcast, so we warned you (as we do it in the show) - there's one swear word.  Just one.  You can't miss it, but you might miss the outtakes - this show doesn't end until it ends.  Now get some.

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04.20.13: Big Gov VS Americans' Rights, Up-Armored Police VS Disarmed Americans, Raptor Run Report (w/ Bison), Justin's 4-20 Rant, Domestic Terrorists & Barry Obama, Knives & Guns, Boston Bombing Details & the Texas Fertilizer Explosion, & .45 Phil's Tank

Stunningly good episode - some of the best gearhead talk the Garage Hour goons have ever done.  THIS is big-AM radio.

If you're a gearhead who thinks about more than car and truck parts, this is your Garage Hour.  If you're a geek of any sort who wants to expand your mind with a bunch of other geeks, this is your Garage Hour.  From smart comparisons of the Bostom marathon bombing with the Texas fertilizer explosion, including historic references, to a far-reaching look at the constitutional rights that stand athwart of Massachusetts' efforts to hunt down the Boston bombers, and how local cops are beginning to look a lot like federal agents and the military, this is big-brain blue-collar talksauce - have some.  In addition, it's hard to avoid being a gearhead - this episode's also got .45 Phil's Tank of the Week (WW2 Japan's Hago jungle tank), Hoosier Eric's Raptor Run Report (including a buffalo attack), Clutch, Zach Wilde, Freedom Rock (turn it up!), a little remider about Barry Obama's buddy Bill Ayers, and why it's important to wear running shoes in bear country.

Crag Maxwell, .45 Phil and Agent Aya help Hostus Maximus Justin Fort blow the doors off this one.  KILLER talk radio right here.

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11.07.09: Classic! A Little Everything w/ Skully & Lowbrow Artist David Lozeau, Plus F-150s & Cash/Clunkers, 2WD Xterras, Homer Simpson, James Bonds, Beers @ Hamilton's, Beta Band, and Bridge @ River Kwai

Fantastic Garage Hour Reload: beer, burgers, Arlen Specter and Admiral Ackbar, the Beta Band, vintage movies (roots of our must-see list), The Saint, breaking the studio, Cash for Clunkers and how much sense it didn't make, Explorer VS Commander VS Xterra, remodelling at the Fletcher Hills compound, ranking the James Bonds, worshipping Homer Simspon, Halloween parties and DDing, the All-Wheel Junkies, the Guild of Calamitous Intent, and Chargers VS Raiders.

Up and coming skully and lowbrow artist David Lozeau - longtime drinking and shooting friend of the show - finally makes his way to the broadcast booth for this episode, talking his art, his techniques and his penchant for trucks that don't make sense.

By the by, vintage cohost Grizzly Chris also joins David "Don't Call Me Dave" Lozeau and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the Garage Hour studio for this one.  Now download some.

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12.26.09: Classic! Hayabusa Smarts, Holiday Traffic Fails, Weather VS SoCal, 'Vette Flags, DUI for the Holidays, Christmas Truck Parts, Firechicken Cubes, Kimbo Fail, Bad Movies, Bad Colors, Big "O" La Mesa, Ford VS China, and Fluffy VS Pointy

Well, OF COURSE we're going to do that.

It's a full studio in this Garage Hour Reload, chock full of cars and trucks and beers and at least one gun.  Do you like Evos? STis?  Subie parking?  'Vette guys messing up their 'Vettes? Getting truck parts for Christmas?  Kimbo Slice or Mike Tyson?  Menacing people?  How about a little Canoe Reeves and Nick Cage hate?  Unimogs?  Ford Fiestas?  Ford selling Volvo to the Chinese?  GM selling Hummer to the Chinese, and SAAB to Spyker?  How about several reminders about not drinking and driving?  Or perhaps you're just in it for the Hayabusa-powered Smart cars (which is totally understandable...).

It's Hank Freakin' Watson's Garage Hour - have some.

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05.04.13: Tanks & Slayer's Jeff Hanneman (RIP), Bombers VS Boston, CA & Barry VS 2A, UK VS US Media, Blue VS Red States, Blues Brothers VS Venture Bros, Finns VS Russia, Plus Baader-Meinhof VS Lead Coffins

So much good stuff! The Garage Hour goons dig in to the slobbering populist US media and slobbering Ismalic fundamentalists, the importance of where you bury your bodies (and the fancy lead-weighted coffins made for the Baader-Meinhof gang), and a minor comparison of Marines and Chicken of the Sea by the show's resident Master Guns, .45 Phil.

It's not all fun and games, though - most of this is even better.  There's a sporty Garage Hour sendup for Slayer string-maven Jeff Hanneman, plus a less reverent flamejob for Communist State of CA's most recent attempts at ignoring the Second Amendment.  Beyond that, well, it's the Garage Hour, so just like cohosts Agent Aya, Crag Maxwell, .45 Phil and Barrister Hilton - with Master of Disaster Justin Fort - you can count on cars, trucks, beers and guns, tanks and sasquatches, the Venture Bros and the Blues Brothers, and that's just for an appetizer.  This is is gearhead-talk radio at its finest.

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