Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
09.25.10: Classic! Off-Road & Trail Chicanery @ Holy Jim & Corral Canyon, Toyota VS Jeep, Barfing Cohosts, Barfy Union Vote Rigging, Representative VS Politician, Punishing Rifles, Plus Coronado SpeedFest Promo

So much sturm und drang, so little lead...  The Garage Hour goons - including Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, Charlie (My Other Brain) and Patrick from Fine Firearms La Mesa - set off on one of those episodes that came to define the Garage Hour:  tons of fun topics, somewhat arranged, intriguing, offensive, and never boring.

This one's got gearhead: Jeeps and Toyotas and Hummers and Nissans, off-roading at two choice SoCal pieces of dirt (Holy Jim and Corral Canyon), road racing at the Coronado Speed Festival, Hell's Angels (ball-peen, anyone?), drifers, hovercraft, and it's got lots of other good stuff: lumpia, rifles and tigers and bears, snowboarders, funemployment, union thuggery and vote rigging, Prodigy, common sense versus intelligence, bad politicians versus good representatives, and cohost Black Ryan versus cohost Creature.

Stop pretending you've got awesomesauce - it's right here.  Have some.

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08.08.09: Classic! GH's Cash for Clunkers Exposé (Bad Gov, Bad Biz & Bad Math), Lambo Crashing, NASCAR @ Watkins Glen, NHRA @ Barona, Saleen VS Saleen, Porsche VS Volkswagen, Plus Innertubepalooza & Dr. Craw

Untested host Justin Fort tried one of his rare solo appearances for this Garage Hour, completing an hourlong rant aimed at one of Barry O's first failures, the Cash for Clunkers program (which succeeded in very little beyond taking away good used cars from people who needed them).

Between heady tirades about bad government, bad unions, bad deals for taxpayers and bad Clunkers math, this early Garage Hour also contains early Boris Said and road-racer worship, early emasculation of bankrupting fool Steve Saleen, early promos for Barona dragstrip, and early on-air fail and car crash humor for the Lambo flag in your life.

Try one on - Garage Hours don't get much earlier than this.

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03.16.13: Roadside Finds & Other Gearhead Treasure (Incl. Iraq & Desert Storm), AR Assembly & Ammo Day, Global Threats in the Pacific Theater, Mexican Trucks & US Junkyards, Plus DUIs on St. Patty's

It's one of the great gearhead mysteries: when you see something interesting on the side of the road, do you stop and grab it?

We've all asked ourselves the same question, because we've all seen the awesome things from garages and truck beds that litter the side of the road, be they tools, surfboards, buckets, coolers, truck chains, hubcaps, pineapples or a nice M1 Garand...  On this episode of the Garage Hour, the gearhead goons chat about all of the great things that they've scored on the side of the road, and a bunch more of the things they couldn't grab because they were a Soviet tank that had been holed by a recoilless rifle.

It's a Garage Hour, so have no fear - there's also plenty of digression to keep things spicy: Bathist dead-enders, Twisted Manzanita beers, Soviet bitch tanks (.45 Phil assured us that's a thing), Crazy Nick the Board Opp, reverse voyeurism, Jim Jones and Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson's birthday.

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10.16.10: Classic! Bullitt's Charger VS George Washington's Challenger, 100MPG VS Plymouth Superbirds, Miatas, AWJunkies, Propane & Propane Accessories, Ken Block, BMWs, Plus Hikers in Iran & Hanoi Jane

Got to love the oldies!  Dirty Dave, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Black Ryan back up Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for this epic piece of ricocheting gearhead entertainment.

With everything from Frank Bullitt's Dodge Charger and George Washinton's Dodge Challenger, propane and propane accessories (got to explode something), hicks (just type "redneck" and any other word into YouTube for hours of viewing excitement), San Diego's All-Wheel Junkies (Subie, Evo and AWD guys unite!), Miatas, Superbirds, BMWs and 100mpg cars, to Ken Block's car-control ads, SoCal's crap roadways, La Mesa's sad comedy that is Mayor Art Madrid, anyone dumb enough to go hiking in Iran, and the great fail that is Hanoi Jane, THIS is geargead radio.  Get some.

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07.23.11: In-Shop Live @ Reese Tuning w/ D1 Drifter Andrew Redward, Plus Dyno Pulls, LS Motors, Evo & 'Vette Guys, Preppie Beer Snobs, Range Time, Fatso Jetson & Black Ryan VS Black James

Killer live Garage Hour from San Diego tuner shop Reese Tuning...  Included in this episode is a sporty chat with New Zealand-based D1 drifter Andrew Redward about good places to put an LS6 (like in his FC RX-7), diesel motors and where to put them (in a 4Runner!), fast cars on dynos, racers that are not on the street (ahem!), indominable force versus immovable objects (freight trains versus 20ft snow drifts), Skynyrd's Innyrds frontman Duncan Lancaster, yummy beers at Manzanita Brewing, and handguns versus rifles for fun and pleasure.

On-air with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort are Dirty Dave, Black Ryan, Even Blacker James and Mr. Dustin (Top Earner).

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