Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
08.03.13: How You Drive & What It Says About You, Traffic Carma, Boxer VS Fighter, Fast Guy Training, Good Stereotypes and Bad Politics, Plus Leftist Tool Brett Stalbaum

Another one of the Garage Hour's traffic-psychology spectaculars...  Agent Aya and a medicated Dirty Dave join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort to dig into what your driving says about you, and how your treatment of those around you (and yourself) in traffic is about an open a book as there can be regarding your mental state.

There's also a big pile of rock and roll (Clutch and Man or Astro-Man), carma (:)), boxers versus fighters, Justin versus Grizzly Chris, Admiral Ackbar, and Agent Aya's evolving road-race skillset and Justin's tutorship of said show's pet KGB operator.  Manzanita beers, politics (thus the beer), and liberal versus libertarian rear their heads too...  The Garage Hour goons also go after the creater of the "Geo Gun Marker" app, what's creator, Brett Stalbaum of UCSD, wants to be a way for people to publicly label "bad gun places" on the web...  Yes, it's as stupid and unconstitutional and Orwellian as it sounds, and the gearheads give him the what-for, just for you (and reveal places that Brett likes to eat, just so you can say "Hi").

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09.27.14: Most Dangerous Radio Show in the World? Marines & SEALs & SeaBees & Gearheads Debate Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns, Politics & Your Vote, Plus Race & Adventure Season in San Diego, With Larry Wilske In-Studio

Scratching the itch: the Garage Hour goons join forces with former SEAL Command Master Chief Larry Wilske for two hours of gearheads talking about the big-picture politics that affect your everyday freedoms, and what you (and Larry) need to do to protect them, plus cars, trucks, beers and guns.

If you want to get an good impression of the person you're voting for, listen to them on long-form talk radio - Garage Hour talk radio.  Starting at gearhead - Evolutions and San Diego's race season, plus Coronado Speedfest, Thunderboats and the upcoming Mirimar Air Show, shooting with Assbleyman Brian Jones, Oktoberfest, and a little bit of former Chargers guys like Dan Fouts and Norv Turner - Justin, Larry and company progress into the work of a congressman and what they're supposed to do as your elected representative, and what the likes of carpetbagging Susan Davis isn't doing for San Diego's 53rd.  Joining Larry in-studio are Mr. Dustin (Top Earner), .45 Phil (That Which Goes Bump in the Night), Matt Klier of Active Shooter Defense School, Mike from Barritus Brewery, and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

We also include a sendoff of cohost Mike's nephew, Lt. Nathan Poloski, the pilot who crashed his USS Carl Vinson-attached FA-18 in the Pacific some weeks ago.  R.I.P., airman, you're the best amongst us.

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06.04.11: Classic! Off-Roading, 'Squatch Goading, German Floozies, Kosher Jokes, CHP @ the 15, Subie & Evo Suspensions, and Pig Hunting in East County

Mmmmmmore reloaded Garage Hour for you - killer off-road and Sasquatch Run fun, plus XJs, Evos and Subies, the Barona Drags, shooting at P2K Range, Germans and their floozies and their jokes, lug nuts, M3s and how to crush them, plus DeLoreans and Wagoneers.

There's also a big old pile of tales of pig and boar hunting in San Diego, with the problems and the solutions and the tags and the snake eating that comes with it.  Black Ryan, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Dirty Dave join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in-studio.

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06.08.13: Second Amendment in CA, Your Rights VS Bogus Laws, Tower Records, Al Jourgensen VS Ministry, Ammunition & Firearms Retail w/ Wilde Built Tactical

Rock & roll?  Check.  Second Amendment rights?  Check.  Ammo?  Check.  School districts and local cops with MRAPs and APCs?  Check.  Conspiracies and Rachel Madcow?  Check.  Local and national politicians who aren't fans of your Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms?  Better check...

We brought two guys from Wilde Built Tactical - Charles and Bryan - into the studio for this episode, because there was a lot of new anti-2A activity in California's capitol (nation-wide, as well).  You can't fight what you don't understand, you understand?  Agent Aya and .45 Phil revel in their cohost duties in the meantime (with Silent Craig looking on...), making Hostus Maximus Justin Fort look good.

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09.11.10: Classic! 9-11 Vigilance & Reflection, Moral Behavior, Drag Racing VWs, Desert & Off-Road Season, Trail Access, Lawnmowers, and Playing Football in the Cold; Now, with Informotage!

It's a reloaded Garage Hour from the good (bad) old days of gearhead radio, with a proper discussion of the terrorist attacks from September 11, 2001, plus a little bit about the morality of those involved and how to spot the wrong side of the conflicting persons and pablum stacking up high on each side of the conversation.

Have no fear - this good gearhead radio, so sometime cohost Joe "Creature" Krause joins Dirty Dave and Black Ryan (before he got his nickname) for a sporty hour of off-roading, trail access, drag racing (and the challenge that is launching any sort of Beetle-based drag car), road and track runs that don't kill anyone, Hayabusa tire wear, Fine Firearm's grand opening in downtown La Mesa, CA, and a call-in from cohost Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) for a full report of the Testament/Slayer/Megadeth show that everyone else missed too...  Dammit.

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11.09.13: Buying & Selling Car & Truck Parts @ Craigslist, Blowing Up Turbos (& Evos), Craftsman VS Gearhead?, Testament Live in LA, Big Guns in Yuma, Tag-Team Tank of the Week, and Selling Agent Aya's Commie Mini

Holy atomic warheads, Hank!  Must be the Garage Hour, because that talk show just ricocheted from battle beards to the big guns on display at the Yuma Proving Grounds, then back to stock 4G Evolution blocks, LA traffic and the big metal sound of Testament live in the Hollywood Bowl.  Oh, and how to buy and sell your car and truck parts (plus all the secret stuff) on Craiglist without being taken for a fool (or worse).  Plus, it's really funny.

Now that's a spicy meatball (or in this case, four of them): Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner), .45 Phil (That Which Goes Bump in the Night), and Eryk from CalGuns.net.  Grab two hours of the best AM talk - gearhead talk - since Top Gear full of beer.

It's not all gearhead, however...  Oh wait, yes it is.  Tanks, tracks, beer and Broncos, Irwindale Speedway and the Sarcasmotron 5000, French tanks and Mexican Beetles, jarheads and the chair force, cyborgs and crack mayors, unphoning and uploading (more podcasts!), and we build the official Communist Party ad for Agent Aya's official CCCP Mini Turbo.

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05.01.10: Classic! Road Warrior & Aussie Mullets, Big Steam (SF 3751) @ 230psi, Big V8 Sounds @ Salt Flats,  Slayer + Testament + Megadeth VS Fatso Jetson, and Why We Still Love Demon Toyotas

Big steam coming to San Diego - the Garage Hour goons geek on Santa Fe 3751, plus pop a few of the vultures circling Toyota (now, with facts!) and levy a fine defense of a fine automaker (who would believe a vulture, anyway?).  Beyond those stalwart fun bits are more of the good ol' Garage Hour schticks, including a rendition of V8 music, the Road Warrior, burning coils and injectors for fun and pleasure, an indictment of US lawmakers using Mexican illegals as pawns, Freddie Krueger #1 VS #2, plus a ton of rock and roll with Megadeth, Slayer, Testament and Fatso Jetson.

Cohosts Dirty Dave and Grizzly Chris showed up to help Hostus Maximus Justin Fort beat this episode into submission.  Grab it now.

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09.07.13: Lock the Hatch! Tanks & Bumpers & Chuck Norris & Earth Sounds, Firefly VS Farscape, Dimension Rubbing, Monster Magnet, St. Vitus, Scooby, Yeti, and Israel VS the World, w/ Special Guest Tony Sawaya

Another screaming gearhead radio freakout from Hank Watson's Garage Hour's Industrial Incentive Division, with a studio full of all sorts of geeksauce spectacularity.

This is one of those episodes - everything from tanks hatches (and the birth of the saying "Lock the hatch!"), bumpers (they're for bumping), geek VS nerd, dimension rubbing, railguns and capacitors, zombie shows, sci-fi, real-sci (ever heard of "earth sounds"?), epic villain Scorpio, and the introduction of new cohost Husband Guy and epic show advertiser Tony, of Tony's Lube & Tune in San Diego.

It's not just geek stuff, though: we've got thunderboats, Mr. Dustin's Evolution ("Slimer"), shopping for SRXs, Mini suspsensions, flying tanks, mmore railguns, battleships and a little bit of international politics.  Agent Aya, Eryk from CalGuns and SuperMeg join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the studio.

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10.29.11: Classic! Torchmate/Goodyear Ultra4 Competitor JT Taylor In-Studio, Building & Racing in Unlimited Buggies, King of Hammers, Fatso Jetson, Zombie Episode Flashback, Toyota & Jeep Stories, Plus Admiral Ackbar

Another great Garage Hour Reload: JT Taylor in-studio for an hour of off-road, race, tires, building, wrecking, winning, shooting and zombies, plus rock and roll groovemasters Fatso Jetson (plus the Deadbolt Report and Secret Samurai), how the Garage Hour has more listeners than Keith Olberman has viewers, how to say "booger" in Italian, and the awesomeness that is a used Toyota.

We get really far into the weeds with JT, talking suspension and setup for Ultra4-style buggies, as well as how he races is on ice, Pike's Peak, and every other track he can find, plus his OEM Goodyear MT/Rs and a good look at Torchmate and Lincoln Welder products.

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11.02.13: Off-Roading for Newbies (Get That Truck on the Trail), plus Tires, Tank of the Week, the Crag Report, the 4:44AM Report, Russians and Germans, a Little Prepping for SoCal, and Johnny Lee Hooker

Excellent gearhead chat! Off-roading for newbies is one of those unending topics that we love to talk up - who doesn't have an Exploder, Toyoter or Heep in their driveway that could get them nice and lost - but it's not just off-roading this episode.  There's also SoCal preparedness (don't let them call it prepping - if you ain't a little, you're a fool), some zombie revisitations, crashing bikes, Chargers VS Raiders, raisins and Johnny Lee Hooker.

As for the off-roading, the Garage Hour goons - Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is joined by Big Hunka .45 Phil and Agent Aya of the KGB - for talk about tires, suspension, paying attention to maintenance, off-road recovery annd the importance of the buddy system while off the beaten path.

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