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04.05.14: Fred Simon and District 52, Ford VS Chevy, Jag VS Benz, Dog VS Cat, King Crimson, Plus 100 More Garage Hour Questions for Candidates

You can't spell politics without... a "p"... and the Garage Hour can't get this close to the mid-term elections without having some hopeful congressional candidates in the studio.  What can we say?  Gearheads like to vote.  Besides, we all want some more change.

This episode featured Dr. Fred Simon, candidate for San Diego's 52nd Congressional District, and before you get bent out of shape that we were talking politics again, don't you want to hear his thoughts on things that matter, like Ford VS Chevy, protections for off-road access, and whether Fred plans to run guns for Islamic terrorists in the Philippines with a Chinese mobster named Shrimp Boy (which we advised him against)?

There's also some actual serious questions, such as the good doc's positions on the Second Amendment, getting things done instead of talking about getting things done, equal opportunity VS equal outcomes, and who his favorite Supreme Court justice is.  He had very good answers for everything but his preference for Chevys.

Grab the podcast, complete with Eryk from CalGuns.net and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.  Because you ought.


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