Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
05.03.14: Gearhead Questions for Aspiring Reps, Sasquatch Run #3, Judges and Surgeons and Marines (Oh My)

The political silly season is on, so the Garage Hour is using some of its gearhead cred to dig up answers from real candidates, with Dr. Fred Simon (San Diego's 52nd) and Judge Pro-Tem Ken Gosselin (running for San Diego County's 25th Superior Court seat) joining us in the studio. How else would we learn about their understanding of important challenges like boxers V briefs, Ford V Chevy, beef V chicken, and actual serious issues like parents rights, distracted driving, international leadership, and all those trivialities you always wanted to ask about but forgot when the SEIU guy thumped you in the back of the head for raising your hand.

Don't worry - we've also got cars, trucks, beers and guns, and we'll have .45 Phil go get the SEIU guy.  Grab the podcast.


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