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01.08.11: Tahoe's New Year's Riots, Prius Angst, Track Days for Beaters, 4Runners on Five Holes, the Indiana Report, Earth's Magnetic Poles, Leftist Hypocrisy, and New Year's Resolution Fails

Hank Watson's Garage Hour asks South Tahoe "Why the Hell are you idiots rioting?", plus 100 more questions about Heavenly (a.k.a. Hill Envy) and the whole area's messed up New Year's scene.

That's just the beginning, because this is gearhead radio: track time, WRX parts, Prius angst and No, you can't have your wedding in Costa Rica.  After that, the false humanity that are New Year's resolutions, more broken 4Runner parts (because Toyota!), double taxation, Juan Williams VS NPR, all-wheel drive donuts, your 2A rights, the Earth's shifting magnetic poles (f@*& your compass), the fool that is State Senator Williams from Colorado and Do As I  Say elitism.

Hell yes - it's the Garage Hour.

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10.24.09: Classic! Mogs & Pinzgauers @ Mogfest, District 9, Braun F1, Robbie Knievel, QOTSA & Fatso Jetson, Remodeling Angst & Conservative Conservationism

Vintage supersauce: this Garage Hour Reload is the good old stuff.  From the music-fail intro, F1 and District 9 to the roots of our disdain for Nick Cage and our limitless adoration of Queens of the Stone Age, this one's full of it.  Grizzly Chris and Dirty Dave join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in-studio.

Once past the basics, the Garage Hour goons also peel away a few layers of their psyche with everything from Mogfest (Unimogs and Pinzgauers, and how easy they are to break on-trail), Deliverance, Robbie Knievel jumping Obama voters with a D9 bulldozer, Led Zeppelin for fun and snowboarding, the joy and agony that is your remodel, treading light on-trail, Richard Nixon on Futurama, exploding truck parts, and an undying hatred of the Cash for Clunkers program.

Remember, conservative conservationism is more than just saving ammo - take care of your resources before someone does it for you.

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