Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

No, it's not Dude Food, it's good tortillas versus crap fuel, plus corn, cane and calories, as well as the mailman's budget sticking its foot up the bureaucrats' exhaust port.  You can't keep down this much gearhead goodness - it's the second of May's Lost Garage Hours.  What else wasn't lost?  A PO FU to President Hair-sniff McBranden, some fine riffs (and whose are they?), a gearhead goodbye to classic testadura Fred Ward, Pothole Pete still wants to take away your car, and a not terribly massive black hole hiding in your back yard.

...More than candy: Zepplin, Korn, Vultures, Testament, Puny Human, STP, Zombie (s) and the Desert Sessions (off Hostus Maximus Justin Fort's #3 Hillclimb Mix).

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