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03.08.14: Dude Food! Gearheads Talk Local Eats with Eastbound Bar & Grill, BBQ, Smoking Meat, Marinades, Burgers, Hot Sauce and Peppers (and Fish Heads), Plus the Power Team VS the Strength Team

Yummiest episode ever. We focused on our appetitie for Dude Food this show, talking cooking, eating, beer with food, smoking and barbecuing meats of every stripe.  Grow your own hot peppers? We discuss how.  Want to make killer slaw?  We have the ingredients. Enjoy eating more than cooking? Tell your friends to grab the podcast so they'll make it all for you.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is joined in the studio by Chefus Maximus Jeff Hall (of Eastbound Bar & Grill, and upcoming "The Hills" in La Mesa), plus radio cohost stalwart .45 Phil (That Which Goes Bump in the Night) and up-and-comer SuperMeg (though her sidekick Husband Guy couldn't make it this time).

Also on-tap for this episode of the best gearhead radio on the AM dial is a studio visit by the Power Team and the Strength Team ministries, who were appearing at Foothills Christian Church the next day, as well as our usual caravan of killer talk topics, including .45 Phil's Tank of the Week, the national tragedy that is Daylight Savings Time, and SuperMeg's taunting of Archfiend Wes Luthor.

It's all good - come get some.


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