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05.26.12: Vintage! Memorial Day Show, w/ POWs, War Movies, Freedom Station, Lincoln VS Vampires, Hybridiots, Stupidists, Monster Trucks, Buddy Guy, ZZ Top, Bullitt, and Rampant Unprofessionalism

We dish out some real respect on this Memorial Day, with extensive chatter about Americans who've given the ultimate measure in the name of God and country. Like the icing on this Cake of Respect, the Garage Hour goons also discuss San Diego's Freedom Station, American POWs from all conflicts, and a serious heap of war movies.

In this episode, former factory test-driver, road racer and all-around professional Justin Fort also renews his long-standing argument with cohost Dirty Dave regarding the historical relativity of Abraham Lincoln's unfondness of vampires.  They also get up to monster trucks, tracks from Metallica, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Nick Cave, and live shows with Buddy Guy, plus the movie Bullitt (happy birthday, Steve), the Mumford Lane, and pizzas from superfan Tristain.

Don't let the hybridiots get you.


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