Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
05.28.11: A Little Levity On Memorial Day, XJs and WRXs, Venture Bros. & Metalocalypse, F1 Quals & NASCAR Goons, Salt Crocs & Huge Catfish, Home-Invasion Sasquatch & Neighborhood Sharks, Plus A Few of the Garage Hour's Scary Fans

"From awesome to suck in three seconds!" If you're ready for one of the edgey early Garage Hours, this is it.  Want to know where the Sasquatch Runs were born?  Want to hear one of our earliest Dude Food segments?  Need to know the best way to mispronounce "Jamacha"?  Keep finding yourself choosing between jerks and assholes in NASCAR?  Think some F1 drivers' heads are strangely huge?  Sick and tired of the fallacy of "unintended" acceleration?  Us too.

With special guest cohost Meatwad (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohosts Dirty Dave and Black Ryan embark on a superb sample of the best sort of train-of-thought talk radio.  Remember, Hank Watson's Garage Hour - we digress.  Man-eating catfish, armored sturgeon, Cherokees and Wagoneers, cartoons for grownups, Prowlers and Howlers, and Dirty Dave creates a new slogan for his hometown: "Solana Beach - Our Sharks Eat People".

Because we're awesome.

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