Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
05.28.15: An Hour @ Helm's Brewing: San Diego Beer VS the World, the Booming Beer Biz, Gov't Tracking of Your Mileage, bin Laden's Reading List, Shopping .22 Rifles, Plus Ministry, STP, Primus  & Mars Volta

Cars, trucks, beers, guns!  It's the Garage Hour - go figure.  This week, we pried ourselves out of the garage to put together another one of our adventure episodes, sitting down for an hour of sipping and salacious talk with the folks from Helm's Brewing, most notably GM Matt Johnson.  There's a good chat about the business of craft/micro/up-and-coming brewing, and where San Diego's excellent beer scene stands in relation to the rest of the world's beer (definitely not on the bottom rung).

We've also got a discussion of pros and cons to consider when picking up a .22-cal rifle for plinking duty, a visit with Osama bin Laden's reading list (lots of porn to go with his leftist and terrorist topics), and we briefly (far too briefly) visit with the pending epic fail that is state-mandated mileage taxes and what you can do to stop it (or how low-information fools let it happen).  Along with those goodies are rock/roll in the form of big-time weirdness from Mars Volta, stuff we're missing (Pixies annd The Smiths), and plane-Jane goodness like Primus, Ministry and the Stone Temple Pilot's kickoff, Core.  

On-air for this one with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and Matt from Helm's were .45 Phil, Chef Jeff, Rick McElroy, Kurtis from JBA Speed Shop and Majid from GSR. Download us immediately.

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